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Business Published: Feb 5, 2016
1 hour ago

State fires former head of DEQ drinking water unit

The former head of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality was fired Friday.
Rick Snyder
Governor of Michigan
Rick Snyder Keith Creagh
Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality
Keith Creagh Robert Kaplan
EPA Region
Robert Kaplan +3
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
1 hour ago

Parks Canada nixes controversial Mother Canada project

Parks Canada says the proposed Mother Canada memorial monument will not go forward on its land in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
Daniel Watson
Parks Canada Agency
Daniel Watson Meg Stokes
Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation
Meg Stokes Andy Calitz
Andy Calitz +1
Tech Published: Feb 5, 2016
1 hour ago

Arkansas student in 'Google Doodle ' competition

Millions of Google searchers could see the art work of a Westborough student as the new logo featured on its home page.
Mercy Yeo
Mercy Yeo Khalil Lake, Senior
Emerald High School
Khalil Lake, Senior Maggie Cook-Allen
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Maggie Cook-Allen +1
US Published: Feb 5, 2016
1 hour ago

Twitter Suspended 125, 000 ISIS-Related Accounts in Six Months

Twitter announced Friday it has suspended more than 125, 000 accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts.
Dick Costolo
Dick Costolo Faiza Patel
Faiza Patel Anne Kornblut
Anne Kornblut +5
US Published: Feb 5, 2016
2 hours ago

Doctor faces life sentence for over-prescribing painkillers

A doctor convicted of murder for prescribing "crazy, outrageous amounts" of painkillers that left three patients dead could get life in prison at her sentencing scheduled for Friday.
Tracy Green
Tracy Green Mark Nomady
Drug Enforcement Administration
Mark Nomady George G. Lomeli
Los Angeles Superior Court
George G. Lomeli +2
Business Published: Feb 5, 2016
2 hours ago

Investor group to buy Chicago Stock Exchange

The Chicago Stock Exchange said Friday that it has agreed to be acquired by an investor group led by China ` sChongqing Casin Enterprise Group.
John Kerin
Chicago Stock Exchange
John Kerin Shengju Lu
Casin Group
Shengju Lu Sayena Mostowfi
TABB Group
Sayena Mostowfi +5
Business Published: Feb 5, 2016
2 hours ago

Year of the Monkey brings success to small business

Hold on tight : Here comes the Year of the Monkey.
Yu Bin
State Council Development Research Center
Yu Bin Jacob Zuma
President, South Africa
Jacob Zuma Eswar Prasad
Cornell University
Eswar Prasad +55
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
2 hours ago

Dublin boxing weigh-in : Man shot dead, two men injured

One man has been killed and two others injured after a shooting at the Regency Hotel in Dublin, police have confirmed.
Enda Kenny
Ireland Government
Enda Kenny Kevin McAnena
BBC Radio
Kevin McAnena Mel Christle
Boxing Union of Ireland
Mel Christle +4
Business Published: Feb 5, 2016
3 hours ago

Sterling could fall 15-20 percent if Britain leaves EU

Most if not all financial research into the increasingly urgent issue of the UK's referendum on its place in Europe begins with the caveat : "while ` Brexit' is not our base case...".
Mark Carney
Bank of England
Mark Carney Viraj Patel
Viraj Patel John Hardy
Saxo Bank
John Hardy +2
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
3 hours ago

Canada lifts some sanctions against Iran

The Canadian government said on Friday it was lifting some sanctions against Iran, including the broad ban on financial services, imports and exports, making Canadian companies more competitive against rivals doing business in Iran.
Hassan Rouhani
President, Iran
Hassan Rouhani Justin Trudeau
Canada Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau Bob Corker
Republican party, US Senate
Bob Corker +8
US Published: Feb 5, 2016
3 hours ago

Court orders reconsideration of Maryland gun law ruling

A federal appeals court in Maryland has sided with a group of gun owners and businesses fighting Maryland's ban on assault weapons.
Carl Tobias
University of Richmond
Carl Tobias Adam Winkler
Adam Winkler Mark Graber
University of Maryland
Mark Graber +10
Business Published: Feb 5, 2016
3 hours ago

S Africa mine collapses, 100 missing

A building collapsed above a gold mine in South Africa on Friday, leaving about 87 people trapped.
Manzini Zungu
Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union
Manzini Zungu Jacques Ainslie
Hi-Tech Medical Service
Jacques Ainslie Mike McChesney
Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union
Mike McChesney +3
Business Published: Feb 5, 2016
3 hours ago

Age UK rejects energy fixing claim

The charity Age UK is facing further criticism - this time for selling insurance deals that may not be the best value for money.
Amber Rudd
Conservative party
Amber Rudd Sajid Javid
British Conservative Party
Sajid Javid Lisa Nandy
Labour Party, UK
Lisa Nandy +17
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
4 hours ago

Sakurajima volcano in Japan erupts

The well-known volcano erupted in southern Japan with a fiery blast that sent lava rolling down its slope.
Kazuhiro Ishihara
Kyoto University
Kazuhiro Ishihara Manabu Hashimoto
Manabu Hashimoto Masato Iguchi
Kyoto University's Sakurajima Volcano Research Center
Masato Iguchi +9
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
4 hours ago

Service for Italian student murdered in Egypt

Friends, family and diplomats held a memorial ceremony Friday at a Cairo church for an Italian student whose body was found this week nine days after he disappeared from the streets of the Egyptian capital.
Matteo Renzi
Italian Government
Matteo Renzi Paolo Gentiloni
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy
Paolo Gentiloni Sameh Shoukry
Foreign Ministry, Egypt
Sameh Shoukry +5
Business Published: Feb 5, 2016
4 hours ago

Agrees $470m US Mortgage Settlement

Banking giant HSBC has reached a $470 million settlement with the federal government and nearly all states over mortgage lending and foreclosure abuses that officials say contributed to the financial crisis.
Eric Schneiderman
Democratic Party
Eric Schneiderman Helen Kanovsky
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Helen Kanovsky Kathy Madison
HSBC Finance
Kathy Madison +3
Business Published: Feb 5, 2016
4 hours ago

India sets minimum import price for some steel products

The government on Friday imposed a minimum price on the import of some steel products to stem the tide of cheaper overseas purchases and bolster its distressed domestic steel sector.
Nirmala Sitharaman
India Commerce Minister
Nirmala Sitharaman Narendra Singh Tomar
India Steel and Mines Ministry
Narendra Singh Tomar Ravi Uppal MD
Jindal Steel & Power
Ravi Uppal MD +9
US Published: Feb 5, 2016
4 hours ago

Utah lawmaker : Pornography a public health crisis

A state senator in Utah wants to declare pornography a public health crisis, echoing an argument being made around the U.S. by conservative religious groups as porn becomes more accessible on smartphones and tablets.
Gary Herbert
Utah governor
Gary Herbert Todd Weiler
Republican Party, Utah
Todd Weiler Benjamin G. Edelman
Harvard Business School
Benjamin G. Edelman +15
Health Published: Feb 5, 2016
5 hours ago

Why rest is critical after a concussion

Doctors who order several days of rest after a person suffers a concussion are giving sound advice and new data from animal models explains why.
Mark P. Burns
Laboratory for Brain Injury and Dementia
Mark P. Burns Patrick Sweeney
Discovery Research
Patrick Sweeney David Okonkwo
Medical Center
David Okonkwo +2
Health Published: Feb 5, 2016
5 hours ago

Zika challenge similar to AIDS

Rio de Janeiro With the Zika virus sweeping across the Americas and the number of birth defects in Brazil on the rise, a top Brazilian researcher is comparing the Zika pandemic to the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.
Margaret Chan
World Health Organization
Margaret Chan Anne Schuchat
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Anne Schuchat Bill Nelson
Democratic Party, Florida
Bill Nelson +3
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

Sonu Nigam on suspension of Jet Airways crew

Passengers of a chartered flight were pleasantly surprised when Sonu Nigam gave an impromptu performance on the plane's address system recently.
Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam Mahesh Sharma
Government of India
Mahesh Sharma Manish Kalghatgi
Jet Airways
Manish Kalghatgi +3
US Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

Crane collapses in New York City

A crane has collapsed in lower Manhattan.
Bill de Blasio
Democratic Party, US
Bill de Blasio Bob Ganley
Sergeant's Benevolent Association
Bob Ganley Edward Mullins
Sergeants Benevolent Association
Edward Mullins +12
US Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

9-year-old jumps from home engulfed in fire

Timing helped save a life when New Jersey cops were able to catch a 9-year-old girl who jumped from the balcony of her burning condo home.
Brendan Mullin
Mahwah Police Department
Brendan Mullin James Batelli
James Batelli Jeffrey Dino
Mahwah Police Department
Jeffrey Dino +7
Health Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

Facebook post on hair tourniquet brings Wichita family lots of attention

Scott and Jessica Walker of Wichita, Kansas want to warn other parents about the dangerous hair tourniquet.
Scott Walker
Republican Party, US
Scott Walker Amy Seery
School of Medicine
Amy Seery Lolita McDavid
Child Protection
Lolita McDavid
US Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

Pair wanted in crime spree last seen in Georgia, police say

Authorities say a Missouri couple suspected in several Alabama robberies and kidnappings have been spotted in central Georgia, where police have accused them in another crime.
Kevin York
Vestavia Hills Police Department
Kevin York Martin Keely
Martin Keely Kevin Hart
Tuscaloosa police
Kevin Hart +7
Politics Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

Finally! Knives out as Sanders and Clinton face off in debate

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a tug-of-war over who's the best standard-bearer for progressive values as they road test lines of argument for the first one-on-one debate of the Democratic campaign.
Hillary Clinton
Democratic Party, US
Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders
Democratic Party, US
Bernie Sanders Donald J. Trump
Republican Party
Donald J. Trump +62
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

Three killed in Somalia car bomb targeting airport official

Three people were killed Friday in a car bomb targeting an airport official in Somalia's capital as investigators probe an airplane blast experts fear was also a bomb.
Abdiwahid Omar
Civil Aviation Authority
Abdiwahid Omar Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin
Daallo Airlines
Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin Vladimir Vodopivec
Vladimir Vodopivec +3
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

Salman Khan's hearing postponed to Feb. 12

The Maharashtra government has challenged the verdict in Salman Khan 2002 hit-and-run case in the Supreme Court, calling the decision taken by the Bombay High Court as travesty of justice.
Barack Obama
USA Presidency
Barack Obama Sonia Gandhi
Indian Congress
Sonia Gandhi Kapil Sibal
Salman Khan
Kapil Sibal +9
US Published: Feb 5, 2016
6 hours ago

Committee pulls proposed amendment to public school revenue limits that could cost schools $22 million

An Assembly committee Thursday abruptly scrapped a vote on a proposal to reduce the amount of money public school districts can raise to offset the loss of state aid for taxpayer-funded private school vouchers.
Ted Cruz
Republican Party, Texas
Ted Cruz Robin Vos
Assembly Speaker
Robin Vos Dan Rossmiller
Wisconsin Association of School Boards
Dan Rossmiller +11
World Published: Feb 5, 2016
7 hours ago

Local residents open main blocked India-Nepal border point

Residents and traders in southern Nepal on Friday dismantled tents and roadblocks set up by protesters at a key border crossing, allowing trucks to cross freely from neighbouring India for the first time in four months.
Sushil Sharma
Birgunj Customs Office
Sushil Sharma Raju Babu Shrestha
local police
Raju Babu Shrestha Rajendra Mahato
Sadbhawana Party
Rajendra Mahato +6