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A smart overlay for your business news

Trooclick’s app is an add-on for Firefox. It works on your usual news websites.

It automatically shows you the glitches in the story you’re reading. A glitch is an inconsistency, an inaccuracy or an error in the story. IPO and M&A news come first but our goal is to check all topics.


Comparing dozens of stories in real time

Your automated app spots the key facts in the story for an efficient read. And tells you what others are saying on the subject.

With Trooclick you instantly know if everyone agrees.

Fact-checking against official data

Trooclick connects to trustworthy official databases.

It compares them with the facts in your story for you to know if you can trust it.


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Our secret sauce

Trooclick’s technology is a unique combination of text-analysis, artificial intelligence and semantic web.

It verifies news from hundreds of websites in real time.

We have a pending patent in the USA for our algorithm and the French
Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance) supports our technology.

Trooclick's technology

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