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Luis Garicano
I don't think any state in Europe or the United States would accept somebody preparing a unilateral declaration of independence without reacting against that. He is at least keeping the demons of nationalism under control, while the Catalan separatists are unleashing forces that they cannot control.feedback
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Sep 22 2017
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Hua Chunying

The Japanese side, in disregard of China's stern stance, goes so far as to follow some countries to impose unilateral sanctions on the Chinese enterprises and individuals. We are strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to this. The past has proven that pressure and sanction only will not fundamentally settle the issue. We believe that only by addressing the legitimate security concerns of all parties in a balanced way can the intricate and complicated Peninsula issue be peacefully resolved and the vicious cycle of more sanctions followed by more missile tests be fundamentally cut off.feedback

Hua Chunying

The present problem in Venezuela should be resolved by the Venezuelan government and people themselves. Outside interference or unilateral sanctions will make the situation even more complicated and will not help resolve the actual problem.feedback

Phil Berger

In my opinion, rewriting history is a fool's errand, and those trying to rewrite history unfortunately are likely taking a first step toward repeating it. Two years ago, the state Senate unanimously passed a bill that tried to reduce the politics in making these decisions. I believe many current members of the Senate would be hesitant to begin erasing our state and country's history by replacing that process with a unilateral removal of all monuments with no public discourse.feedback

Carol Folt

We are always concerned about safety on the campus and if we had the ability to immediately move the statue in the interest of public safety, we would. However, while we will continue to explore all options, the University currently does not have that unilateral authority or legal ability to do so. And the University must obey the law.feedback

Sergey Lavrov

I think unilateral sanctions ... are irresponsible actions that can hurt and undermine the balance achieved.feedback

James Brokenshire

This isn't just some sort of unilateral, one-way issue that I'm talking about here. When you look at the trade that the U.K. has with Ireland it's around £13.6 billion ($17.5 billion). But equally the trade from Ireland to the U.K. is around £9.1 billion. It is that flow of trade that we see in both directions which is why this matters for both of us.feedback

James Brokenshire

This isn't just some sort of unilateral, one-way issue that I'm talking about here. When you look at the trade that the UK has with Ireland, around £13.6bn, but equally the trade from Ireland to the UK, around £9.1bn. It is that flow of trade that we do see in both directions, which is why this matters for both of us. It is not international trade at all. It is actually about business operating in local markets, which is why we think there is a strong, compelling case to see that exemption.feedback

Moon Jae-in

War must never break out again on the Korean Peninsula. Only the Republic of Korea can make the decision for military action on the Korean Peninsula.feedback

Moon Jae-in

We cannot rely only on our ally for our security. When it comes to matters related to the Korean Peninsula, our country has to take the initiative in resolving them.feedback

Moon Jae-in

The past history of the North Korean nuclear problem showed that a clue to resolving the problem was found when sanctions were combined with dialogue.feedback

Ray Tenorio

We are happy that the rhetoric has calmed down, that he won't be pursuing his threats to fire missiles at Guam. The comments allay some of the concerns and the fears.feedback

Vera Jelinek

I think he enjoys a big stage. I don't think he's going to come out as 'America First' and isolationist. I think he's going to make an attempt to emphasize those things where there might be some unity.feedback

Lu Kang

We are resolutely opposed to any country implementing any unilateral sanctions outside the UN Security Council framework, especially those targeting Chinese enterprises and individuals. If Japan insists on doing this it will create major political obstacles for cooperation between China and Japan on the Korean Peninsula issue.feedback

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

The EU is fully committed to the Russia sanctions regime. However, G7 unity on sanctions and close coordination among allies are at the heart of ensuring the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements. This is a core objective that the EU and the US share. The US Bill could have unintended unilateral effects that impact the EU's energy security interests. This is why the Commission concluded today that if our concerns are not taken into account sufficiently, we stand ready to act appropriately within a matter of days. America first cannot mean that Europe's interests come last.feedback

Simon Cockerell

It's unfortunate because we criticise North Korea for being isolationist and now we're helping isolate them,'. That's not what soft power is about.feedback

William Reinsch

That's not good news, frankly, because I think what that will do inside the administration is encourage the hard liners to use it as an excuse to take some unilateral action.feedback

Benoît Dillet

This rejection of the ECJ as [a] mediator comes from the U.K. government's rhetorical and strategic call for 'taking back control'. If they manage to reach a compromise, then it would show the strength of EU institutions, since Theresa May has been unilateral on this issue for years.feedback

Axel Eggert

With no structural solutions for the underlying problem of global overcapacity in sight, the number of protectionist and even isolationist measures look set to increase. In particular, measures potentially stemming from the U.S. section 232 investigation may lead to a proliferation of disastrous global trade flow distortions.feedback

Binali Yildirm

The Greek Cypriot leadership must seek a constructive approach rather than setting an obstacle for peace. We advise that they refrain from unilateral measures in the east Mediterranean. We want to remind once again that the hydrocarbon resources around Cyprus belongs to both sides.feedback

Anne Applebaum

In his Warsaw speech, the president offers support to Poland’s nationalist government in its isolationist and anti-democratic course.feedback

Vladimir Putin

The old economic models have all but exhausted their possibilities. Protectionism is becoming the norm, while unilateral, politically motivated restrictions on trade and investment, as well as technology transfer, are nothing but masked protectionism. We believe that these sanctions are not only doomed to fail but also run counter to the G20 principles of cooperation in the interests of all countries.feedback

Jack Reed

There is a serious, ongoing criminal investigation into this matter. And President Trump must refrain from any unilateral concessions to Russia.feedback

Cosette Creamer

I think there are more multilateral approaches and even unilateral responses that would be more appropriate. In other words, I'm concerned about using the use of the national security justification and the slippery slope that might send us down. I think using the national security justification was a smart legal strategy in terms of the deference that the WTO will likely give such a determination. But I also worry about what any WTO challenge to duties – if imposed – would mean for the authority and legitimacy of the WTO dispute resolution system.feedback

Andrej Plenkovic

The first and most important message from Croatian government regarding the arbitration decision is that we do not consider ourselves obliged by this ruling, we are not obliged to abide the ruling at all, and we will not apply the contents of this ruling. For us this arbitration has no legal value. But we stand ready to discuss this border issue with Slovenia. We don't expect them to make any unilateral moves in light of this ruling.feedback

Jane Golding

There is very little here about what Theresa May actually wants to achieve for us and how our rights should be protected, while all along she has said she couldn't offer a unilateral deal because she wanted to protect Britons in Europe, but the impact of this proposal would be negative for us.feedback

Charlie Daniels

These and other questions need to be answered before any kind of action, bilateral or unilateral is taken. Otherwise, we will be right back in the same old Middle Eastern boiling pot again and I think everybody, doves and hawks alike, have had enough of that.feedback

Steffen Seibert

It is strange that in the sanctioning of Russia's behaviour, with regards to the US elections for instance, that the European economy should become a target of American sanctions. That must not happen.feedback

Steffen Seibert

The U.S. Senate's decision raises exactly the same questions for her as it did for Mr Kern and Mr Gabriel. It is, putting it mildly, a peculiar move by the U.S. Senate.feedback

James Williams

The idea that, after 55 years of failure, going back to isolationist policies will produce any results is insane.feedback

Brigitte Zypries

If he does, we'll have to consider what we are going to do against it. I regret that the joint approach of Europe and the United States on Russia and sanctions has been undermined and abandoned in this way.feedback

Meleah Geertsma - Natural Resources Defense Council

In its haste to do favors for its polluter cronies, the Trump EPA has broken the law. The Trump administration does not have unlimited power to put people's health in jeopardy with unchecked, unilateral executive action like this. Stopping methane leaks is a no-brainer -- avoiding wasted gas, creating jobs, fighting climate change and cutting cancer-causing pollution all at once. We will not stand for this blatant polluter giveaway.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

As a matter of U.S. national security, the U.S. regards the threat from North Korea as a clear and present danger . We're working diplomatically, economically, we're trying to exhaust all possible alternatives to avert this race for a nuclear weapon in violation of … the United Nations' restrictions on North Korea's activities. We want to stop this. We consider it urgent. We oppose countries militarizing artificial islands and enforcing excessive maritime claims. We cannot and will not accept unilateral, coercive changes to the status quo.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

We oppose countries militarizing artificial islands and enforcing excessive maritime claims unsupported by international law. We cannot and will not accept unilateral, coercive changes to the status quo. While competition between the U.S. and China, the world's two largest economies is bound to occur, conflict is not inevitable. Our two countries can and do cooperate for mutual benefit. We will pledge to work closely with China where we share a common cause. We want to stop this. We consider it urgent. North Korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them is not new.feedback

Simon Jenkins

The president’s decision to withdraw from the climate agreement reflects his contempt for internationalism – and the rise of a newly isolationist US. So we do have a new US – for the present. In the jargon of Trumpology, the president has tossed a sop to his climate-change denying chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and disappointed his green daughter, Ivanka. Or at least he is withdrawing the US from the Paris climate accord in three years (Bannon) but “renegotiating” it (Ivanka).feedback

Mitch McConnell

When the previous administration signed America up for this unattainable mandate, we made it clear we would fight this unilateral action any way we could, and this day could not have happened soon enough. President Trump has once again put families and jobs ahead of leftwing ideology and should be commended for his action.feedback

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

In T.P.P., countries agreed to a whole bunch of rules for us because they were getting access to Japan, which they couldn't get on their own. The question now is how Mexico and Canada sell this at home – making these unilateral concessions to us – in exchange for nothing.feedback

Dhruva Jaishankar

New Delhi's objection is that OBOR is a unilateral, political and strategic initiative. The concern is that unviable terms of loans will create debt burdens, which will then translate into political and military influence. This directly compromises Indian security given the nature of its relations with many of its neighbors. Chinese investment in India, including in infrastructure, has increased manifold over the past couple of years and is now in the billions of dollars.feedback

Peter Hain

I fought the 1983 election as a Labour candidate, it's nothing like that. That was unilateral nuclear disarmament, this isn't. It's got practical policies that will chime with voters.feedback

Pope Francis

Demagogic forms of populism are on the rise. These certainly do not help to consolidate peace and stability. No incitement to violence will guarantee peace, and every unilateral action that does not promote constructive and shared processes is in reality a gift to the proponents of radicalism.feedback

Jeremy Corbyn

We don't need unilateral action, we need to work through the UN, but above all we need to bend ourselves totally to getting a political settlement in Syria and allow the inspectors space to work, allow them to make sure we know who did that terrible chemical weapons attack and also recognise that the inspectors there are already destroying any stocks of chemical weapons that they find. If the president does ask for that, we're now into a period where there's virtually a caretaker government.feedback

Sergey Lavrov

I really hope that the kind of unilateral action we recently saw in Syria won't happen (in North Korea) and that the USA will follow the line which President Trump repeatedly set out during his pre-election campaign.feedback

Sergey Lavrov

I hope that there will be no more unilateral actions like the one we have recently seen in Syria while the United States will pursue the course which President [Donald] Trump has announced during his election campaign. If the US vice president meant that Washington could unilaterally use military force, then it is a risky road. I can't say that Obama's presidency was 'an era of strategic patience' because the United States took quite tough steps against North Korea in order to hamper the development of industries important for missile and nuclear programs.feedback

David Ader - CRT Capital Group

This is a man who was an isolationist–America first, who now seems to be more aggressive on the geopolitics front. We had the risk-on euphoria because either taxes were going to be lower and growth was going to increase… now we have to deal with the postponement of the fiscal stimulus to pave way for some health care reform, which is a huge uncertainty.feedback

Lu Kang

China has always opposed the frequent use of unilateral sanctions in international affairs, and we especially oppose those sanctions that undermine China's interests. China always decides its own stance and policy based on the merit of the matter itself.feedback

Charles Grant

We have learned that Trump is not so isolationist as many Europeans feared he would be – he appears to care about victims of a gas attack in Syria. We have learned that he understands that U.S. influence had suffered from the perception – which grew under Obama – that it was a power weakened by its reluctance to use force.feedback

Jin Qiangyi

The North's nuclear capacity has reached such a level that any unilateral action from the U.S. would be extremely difficult. The Americans have been saying a lot recently about attacking North Korea, but it is us who will be suffering from the consequences.feedback

Kirsten Gillibrand

These attacks demand a firm response from the U.S. and the world community. However, unilateral military action by the U.S. in a Middle East conflict causes grave concern, given the lack of any Authorization for Use of Military Force from Congress and the absence of any long-term plan or strategy to address any consequences from such unilateral action.feedback

Armanatha Nasir

At the same time, Indonesia is concerned with unilateral actions by any parties, including the use of Tomahawk missiles, in responding to the chemical weapon attack tragedy in Syria. Military actions, undertaken without prior authorisation of the UN Security Council, are not in line with international legal principles in the peaceful settlement of disputes, as stipulated in the UN Charter.feedback

Armanatha Nasir

At the same time, Indonesia is concerned with unilateral actions by any parties, including the use of Tomahawk missiles, in responding to the chemical weapon attack tragedy in Syria. Military actions, undertaken without prior authorisation of the U.N. Security Council, are not in line with international legal principles in the peaceful settlement of disputes, as stipulated in the U.N. Charter. Indonesia is a party to the convention on chemical weapons. Of course, Indonesia rejects the use of chemical weapons by anybody for whatever purpose.feedback

Simon Jenkins

From Reagan in 1982 to Bush in 2001, there is an ignominious history of US presidents meddling in Middle Eastern affairs. It never works. There is nothing in the world more dangerous than an American president watching television. Donald Trump last night followed Ronald Reagan in 1982 and George Bush in 2001 as an isolationist turned interventionist in the Middle East. His past pragmatism towards Syria’s Assad regime and its Russian backers underwent a 180-degree turn as 59 American missiles rained down on a Syrian airbase. Welcome back to mission creep.feedback

Bahram Qasemi

Iran ... condemns use of chemical weapons ... but at the same time believes it is dangerous, destructive and a violation of international laws to use it as an excuse to take unilateral actions. Iran strongly condemns any such unilateral strikes... Such measures will strengthen terrorists in Syria ... and will complicate the situation in Syria and the region.feedback

Daniel Baer

The silence of Trump and his team (last weekend) was exactly what Putin wanted – his investment in Trump's election paying dividends in the form of what (former Hillary Clinton adviser) Jake Sullivan … called Trump's 'unilateral moral disarmament.feedback

Han Min-Koo

Under the grim security circumstances, a robust response, posture and watertight coordination against North Korea are more important than ever.feedback

Theresa May

I think what is crucial - and where we have been working, and will continue to work through the United Nations Security Council, through resolutions which we have supported there, and with the United States - is to encourage China to look at this issue of North Korea and to play a more significant role in terms of North Korea. I think that's where our attention should focus.feedback

John Nilsson-Wright - Chatham House

In the best scenario, when you think back to the 1990s when the Clinton administration was talking about this, we were looking at upwards of one million casualties, and massive economic dislocation.feedback

Anthony Ruggiero

Waiting for China to pressure North Korea didn't work for Bush, it didn't work for Obama and it won't work for Trump. We just don't have the same priorities. Trump needs to unleash the Treasury Department to investigate Chinese companies and banks, tell them it's not going to be allowed and fine them.feedback

Scott Kennedy

I expect Xi to try and box Trump in. He'll appear as magnanimous as possible, stress the mutual benefits from the relationship, and see if he can get Trump to reaffirm such a message. If Trump later starts using strong unilateral measures against China, Xi can accuse Trump of breaking his word and justify retaliation.feedback

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

The secretary-general has consistently stressed that there is no Plan B for Israelis and Palestinians to live together in peace and security. He condemns all unilateral actions that, like the present one, which threaten peace and undermine the two-state solution.feedback

Sheryl Kunickis

This is a welcome decision grounded in evidence and science. It means that this important pest management tool will remain available to growers, helping to ensure an abundant and affordable food supply for this nation and the world. This frees American farmers from significant trade disruptions that could have been caused by an unnecessary, unilateral revocation of chlorpyrifos tolerances in the United States.feedback

Gary Ross

China's continued construction in the South China Sea is part of a growing body of evidence that they continue to take unilateral actions which are increasing tensions in the region and are counterproductive to the peaceful resolution of disputes.feedback

Rob Knake

The idea that there's an operational need for the CIA to target Apple and Google overseas shouldn't surprise anybody, given the pervasiveness of the Android and iPhone. The policy is not unilateral disarmament of the United States.feedback

Guy Shone

Global events like Brexit and the Trump travel ban have caused economic turbulence. The travel ban caused a very big bump to the Bloomberg U.S. Airlines Index – dropping more in a day than it had in many months. Airline stocks have, like many other firms, been hit by concern about any signs that isolationist statements might make it into real policies. Firms with deeper pockets and better relationships may be better able to offset fuel cost rises with more efficient engines, materials and even using additive manufacturing techniques like 3D printing to dramatically reduce overall costs.feedback

George W. Bush

I don't want to make the president's job worse. Vacuums can be created when U.S. presence recedes and that vacuum is generally filed with people who don't share the ideology, the same sense of human rights and human dignity and freedom that we do.feedback

Ned Yost

Most of this stuff that they were talking about I don't think it would have been a major adjustment for us.feedback

Tony Clark

My understanding is that MLB wants to continue with the replay changes (2-minute limit) and the no-pitch intentional walks and the pace of game warning/fine adjustments.feedback

Rob Manfred

I have great respect for the labor relations process, and I have a pretty good track record for getting things done with the MLBPA. I have to admit, however, that I am disappointed that we could not even get the MLBPA to agree to modest rule changes like limits on trips to the mound that have little effect on the competitive character of the game. There's a variety of changes that can be undertaken. I'm committed to the idea that we have a set of proposals out there and we continue to discuss those proposals in private.feedback

Fidel Ramos

It is starting to become like that. Based on the guidance from the very top, there could be positive change (in) the way we do things in this country. Police work, which is a little different from military operations, does follow its basic rule of engagement, which is you shoot to disable, but not to kill. The way it is, there is a lack of consultation. Not just with his active commanders, maybe not even with the Cabinet members concerned, but also with the rest of the citizenry.feedback

Alastair Newton

Just a couple of weeks ago, Washington imposed additional unilateral sanctions on Iran for a similar missile test, so we have to assume that Trump will do something.feedback

Angela Merkel

We have to see what the U.S. administration does and then we have to decide whether to react or not to react. I have often said that I support multilateralism and mutual trade agreements. I believe the world mastered the financial and banking crisis because we reacted together in the G20. It's in the German interest to ideally strengthen the similarities that both sides share from our side, from the cooperation of intelligence agencies to issues of defence.feedback

Matt King - Citi

When it comes to multinational corporates with the ability to issue offshore, the unilateral removal of deductibility in the US seems likely to have a very clear effect: companies would have an incentive to pay down domestic bonds and loans and issue from their offshore affiliates instead.feedback

David Scowsill - World Travel & Tourism Council

The U.S. has suffered in the past from similar isolationist policies. We urge the Trump Administration to reconsider this ban.feedback

David Scowsill - World Travel & Tourism Council

Many travellers have been unnecessarily disrupted, due to the unclear nature of the executive order, coupled with a lack of prior consultation and poor communication to airlines and border officials. Preventing 'aliens' from entering the US for legitimate business or leisure purposes is misguided and counter-productive for the American economy. Our sector is responsible for the livelihoods of millions worldwide. The US has suffered in the past from similar isolationist policies. We urge the Trump administration to reconsider this ban.feedback

Vaibhav Saghal

The risk of cross border military incidents has increased since an attack on an Indian army base in Kashmir in September 2016, and could rise further should the U.S. take a more isolationist stance in South Asia.feedback

Jane Foley - Rabobank International

What we've seen this year is more of a focus on the isolationist, protectionist policies of Trump. The market had chosen to ignore those last year, but now focus has swung back ... Protectionism is usually detrimental to growth.feedback

Adam Reynolds - Saxo Capital Markets

I think reducing trade is dollar negative in the long run. And I think that isolationist policy is not a good thing for the dollar.feedback

C. Raja Mohan

India must not only prepare for a more protectionist America, but also prepare of a United States that does not plan to mess around with other people's affairs or squander blood and treasure in the name of promoting democratic values.feedback

Michael Sapin

Each government is obviously free to have fiscal, competitiveness and corporate policies. But on financial regulation issues, there is international cooperation.feedback

Jean-Marc Ayrault

When you are president of the United States, … you can't have such an entrenched, unilateral position. You have to seek to contribute to creating the conditions for peace.feedback

Federica Mogherini - European Union

I believe that it is very important for us all to refrain from unilateral actions, especially those that have serious consequences in large sectors of public opinion in large parts of the world.feedback

Lu Kang

Beijing strongly supports the U.N. Security Council sanctions. But we have never accepted and never approved any other countries using so-called unilateral sanctions.feedback

Miles Celic - TheCityUK

The best Brexit deal will be one which is mutually beneficial to the UK, the EU and globally and which allows for a clear and predictable shift from current business conditions to whatever new arrangement is agreed.feedback

Julie Bishop

The building of artificial islands and the possible militarisation is creating an environment of tension and mistrust between claimants and other regional states. We urge claimants to refrain from coercive behaviour and unilateral actions designed to change the status quo in disputed areas. This is not in the interest of any state and will lead to reputation and other costs for claimants engaging in such behaviour.feedback

Hermogenes Esperon Jr.

It is our position not to have fishing activities inside the triangle. The president has decided to declare that as a sanctuary. That is a unilateral action from government.feedback

Stephen Roach

This is an area where (Trump) is going to back down… somewhat, not completely. It's a two-way relationship, the United States depends on China and China depends on the U.S. so if the U.S. goes toward unilateral tariffs or this absurd currency manipulation charge, we can expect retaliation from China.feedback

Steven Aftergood

The range of unilateral presidential authority is astonishingly broad. If you look at the presidential policy directives issued by Obama, they cover topics as diverse as biological weapons, nuclear weapons policy, intelligence surveillance policy, cyber operations, maritime security, arms-transfer policy, and on and on. And because it is based on presidential authority, it can also be revised and reshaped by a new president.feedback

Mark McFarland

The RMB internationalization drive may receive a boost if the U.S. becomes more isolationist and China's political standing increases.feedback

Stephen O'Brien

Brien said no patients and family members were evacuated during the three-day Russian unilateral ceasefire last week which ended on Saturday with a resumption of air strikes and a surge in ground fighting.feedback

Jens Laerke - U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

When the weapons fall silent, we need all weapons to fall silent. We need assurances from all parties to the conflict, not just a unilateral announcement that this will happen. We need everybody to give us those assurances before it is immediately useful for us to do anything meaningful.feedback

Sergei Rudskoy

Given the situation, a unilateral ceasefire makes no sense, since Jabhat al-Nusra and groups allied to it will once again be given a breakther, will regroup and restore their military capability.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

Earlier this month, flares were newly witnessed at two of the gas exploration platforms China had installed in the East China Sea. It is extremely regrettable that China, despite our multiple representations, is carrying on with unilateral development in an area where no maritime border has been set. We protested to China through diplomatic channels right away.feedback

Viktor Poznikhir

The illusion of invulnerability and impunity under the missile defense umbrella would encourage Washington to take unilateral steps in dealing with global and regional issues. That can objectively lead to lowering the threshold of nuclear weapons use to pre-empt the enemy's action.feedback

Cai Jun

The United States' blind development of anti-missile systems that exceed demand and its search for absolute unilateral military superiority inevitably damage global strategic equilibrium and gravely harm major powers' strategic trust. China and Russia are in close communication on next year's exercises.feedback

Ian Bremmer - Eurasia Group

The geopolitical recession is really just picking up steam. And that's about a lack of global leadership. It's unilateralism from the U.S. and everyone else and it's also the delegitimization of a lot of development governments – the anti-establishment tendencies that we're seeing in the U.S., we're seeing in Europe – it's making it a lot harder for organizations like the IMF to do their jobs.feedback

Alain Juppé

I don't know Mr Trump, but there's a question mark and a big worry. His total ignorance of Europe, his disdain for France, his isolationist and protectionist points of view, his outrageous simplifications, his constant changes of tack, are a real concern. But it is for the people of the United States to choose.feedback

Chang Yong-seok

Rather than being efficient, unilateral actions put psychological pressure on the North. But like criminal gangs, North Korea won't cringe much under psychological pressure.feedback

Sergey Lavrov

We will keep working to reestablish the ceasefire. There have been attempts on the part of some of our colleagues to suggest that the government should take unilateral steps, but we insist that the opposition should also take the necessary steps and we have support of others on that.feedback

Sergey Lavrov

Otherwise nothing will happen, There will not be any unilateral pauses.feedback

Sung Kim

In addition to action in the Security Council, both the US and Japan, together with the Republic of Korea, will be looking at unilateral measures, as well as bilateral measures, as well as possible trilateral cooperation. We will be working very closely in the Security Council and beyond to come up with the strongest possible measure against North Korea's latest actions.feedback

Sung Kim

In addition to action in the Security Council, both the U.S. and Japan, together with the Republic of Korea, will be looking at unilateral measures, as well as bilateral measures, as well as possible trilateral cooperation.feedback

Sung Kim

We will be working together very closely in the Security Council and beyond to come up the strongest possible measure against North Korea's latest action. In addition to sanctions in the Security Council, both the U.S. and Japan, together with the ROK (South Korea), we will be looking at unilateral measures.feedback

Roberto Azevêdo

In general, protectionist measures, especially unilateral measures, they're not helpful. Protectionism is contagious. That's the reality. One thinks that one is winning when we slap tariffs or introduce barriers to imports from another country and we think we win.feedback

Hillary Clinton

Getting countries working together was my job every day as your secretary of state. It's more than a photo op. It takes consistency and reliability. And it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. That is not how it works.feedback

Josh Earnest

We are concerned about a unilateral approach. The move "threatens to undermine progress that we have made collaboratively with the Europeans to make the international taxation system fair. When I say fair, I mean fair primarly to taxpayers but also fair to companies that are trying to do business around the world that ultimately benefits the economies.feedback

Anup Ghosh

A policy of hack-back would allow the DNC or any private firm to take unilateral actions against Russian intelligence, possibly starting a cyberwar. The only thing we know for certain is what we don't know: who is behind the attacks provable in a court of law.feedback

Patrick Minford

The only actual option that seems to be available that would satisfy voters' demands is this unilateral free trade option.feedback

Patrick Minford

When you look at policy there's kind of two possible outcomes here – there is worst case as we see it, EU-lite', and the best case is where we go to unilateral free trade.feedback

Takuji Okubo

The Japanese yen is appreciating from an extremely weak level and the yen has to appreciate much further before Japan could gain an implicit approval from other G7 countries. Past episodes of intervention suggest a unilateral intervention without implicit approval from other G7 tends to be ineffective.feedback

Jonathan Greenblatt

For many Americans, the term 'America First' will always be associated with and tainted by this history. In a political season that already has prompted a national conversation about civility and tolerance, choosing a call to action historically associated with incivility and intolerance seems ill-advised.feedback

John Kerry

We have taken no position on any of the claims. The only position we have taken is, let's not resolve this by unilateral action. Let's resolve this by rule of law, by negotiation, by diplomacy.feedback

Shinzo Abe

As for the South China Sea, we share serious concerns over unilateral actions that raise tensions, such as large-scale reclamation, the building of facilities and militarization. It is a significant achievement that we have agreed to cooperate to secure rule-based, free, safe seas.feedback

Andrew Mackenzie - BHP Billiton

The in and out campaigns are really about unilateralism versus internationalism. Most businesses support the EU and internationalism.feedback

Ted Cruz

The way to respond to terrorist attacks is not weakness. It's not unilateral and preemptive surrender. Abandoning Europe, withdrawing from NATO, as Trump suggests, is preemptive surrender.feedback

Jesse Jackson

Africans trading with other African countries is a big deal; and agriculture is a growing industry in this country and for the world. Also even as the US becomes more isolationist, Africa must be on the trading list because Africa has surplus trade. It's the most resourceful continent in the whole world.feedback

Ed Royce

These unilateral actions will further prop up a communist regime in Cuba that has a long record of brutal human rights abuses. Instead of ignoring the law to hand more one-sided concessions to an oppressive regime, President Obama should be working with Congress to stand with the Cuban people who long for freedom.feedback

Nikoleta Drougka

We are facing the imminent danger of a humanitarian crisis. Because people keep coming to Greece. We keep rescuing people from the sea around the islands. And at the same time, after unilateral and unannounced decisions by certain EU members, borders are now closed. We believe that urgent help from the EU is needed. Also an urgent process of resettlement needs to be orchestrated by the EU.feedback

Mark Toner

We will also encourage a serious review of the incident and press for an appropriate response. We also continue to aggressively apply our unilateral tools to counter threats from Iran's missile program.feedback

Ioannis Mouzalas

Will try to discuss how to respond to a humanitarian crisis in Greece that they themselves are intent on creating. Greece will not accept unilateral actions. Greece, too, can take unilateral action.feedback

Halit Cevik

Turkey will not be going into Syria with the boots on the ground if it is not a collective action, either by the Security Council resolution or by the international coalition that we are a part of.feedback

Mark Toner

We also continue to aggressively apply our unilateral tools to counter threats from Iran's missile programme.feedback

Wang Yi

The Philippines did not inform the Chinese side in advance, nor did it seek China's consent and has initiated unilateral arbitration forcefully.feedback

Ihab Bseiso

The Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah has been calling for a reshuffle of the government for the last few months, particularly after the war in Gaza, which really needed a reshuffle to expand the government to meet all the needs for the people, particularly our people in Gaza Strip after the Israeli war.feedback

Robert Menendez

I have deep concerns that the more these talks progress, the more the administration continues to entertain unilateral concessions without – in return – getting agreement on fundamental issues that are in our national interest and those of the Cuban people.feedback

Alexis Tsipras

Some have the nerve to talk about unilateral actions, and some in here have also repeated it. If they are doing it to frighten us, the answer is simple, they are not frightening us and this does not discourage us.feedback

Vanis Varoufakis

The Greeks now have to implement what they have committed themselves to – and refrain from unilateral changes, without coordinating them with the troika.feedback

Patrick Cronin - Center for a New American Security

We have to make the Chinese leadership understand that unilateral change and the rule of force is not acceptable.feedback

Ali Asghar Soltanieh

We still hope that the right decision is made and our European friends and Russians and others spare no effort to find a peaceful settlement of this issue and do not let (the) unilateral policy of the United States take multilateral diplomacy as a hostage.feedback

John Kerry

We are not approaching this with any particular view towards China, except to say when China makes a unilateral move we will state our position.feedback

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Of course as we move forward there has to be a removal of sanctions and in the end game there has to be a total lifting of all sanctions and both bilateral sanctions, unilateral sanctions as well as multilateral sanctions and UN sanctions.feedback

Shimon Peres

Well, I think the declaration of the announcement of planning was a reaction to the fact that the Palestinians went one-sidedly to the United Nations. So I agree, this is a little on the provocative side, but Israel looks upon the unilateral approach to the United Nations as a sort of provocation. We have to stop provocation, I agree. If you don't stop, I mean, it will be an exchange of provocation and that is unnecessary.feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

Unilateral steps by them will be answered with unilateral steps by us. We are willing to continue negotiations but not at any [unreasonable] price.feedback

Mahmoud Abbas

We will ask the states of the United Nations to recognise our state. In doing this, we do not aim to isolate Israel or deprive it of legitimacy. Work on these negotiations is not unilateral, but the continued construction of settlements is a unilateral action by the Israeli government.feedback

Kiril Gevorgian

The regime established by the resolution safeguards the territorial integrity of Serbia, and precludes any unilateral action in Kosovo, either by its Albanian community or by Belgrade.feedback

Alexander Stubb

With Iran, time is running out really fast. I have said it before: we should now work on real sanctions through the Security Council. Failing that, we should move to unilateral EU sanctions. I think everyone is fed up with the Iranian government.feedback

Samantha Power - United Nations

Therefore, any further unilateral intervention by Russia into Ukrainian territory, including one under the guise of providing humanitarian aid, would be completely unacceptable and deeply alarming. And it would be viewed as an invasion of Ukraine.feedback

Vuk Jeremic

We expect that the overwhelming opinion of the international community is going to be such that unilateralism has not won the day, that you can't unilaterally resolve the problems of the world, you cannot impose solutions from the outside. You basically need to sit down and negotiate until a compromise is found.feedback

Bernard Kouchner

The Kosovars must understand that they are not alone in this. The Serbs are also involved. But Belgrade needs to understand that concessions must be granted. All wars finish with peace and peace must be negotiated, however hard that may seem. This is how the EU itself came about.feedback

András Osztovits

The Supreme Court declared that using different exchange rates in this kind of contract is unfair. Regarding the unilateral contract changes, the court established a legality test. We think that based on the cases we've already seen and examined, most of the contracts the banks offered will not meet the necessary requirements.feedback

Nabil Shaath

Israeli interests over religion, security, water and territory are concentrated in the West Bank, not in Gaza. Sharon achieved that by the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, then separating it from the West Bank, geographically and by siege. This enabled the coup in Gaza in 2007, which led to additional separation: politically. During his rule, he imposed a blockade on President Yasser Arafat. He kept up his calls to get rid of Arafat. This confirms that he had a role in killing Arafat, and we are still looking at the conditions of the siege and investigating the murder of President Abu Ammar.feedback

Petros Molyviatis

I pointed out to the ambassador the many negative repercussions this unilateral decision will have.feedback

Moussa Koussa

We decided on an immediate ceasefire and on an immediate stop to all military operations across the country. Libya was surprised about the resolution, which permits military action against the Libyan people.feedback

Kim Hyung-suk

North Korea's unilateral decision to push ahead with this measure cannot be justified in any way and North Korea will be held responsible for all consequences.feedback

Boris Tadic

Nobody has the right to destabilise Serbia and the Balkans by hasty and unilateral decisions which would have unforeseeable consequences for other regions, fraught with problems of ethnic separatism as well.feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

There is no substitute to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and any unilateral path will only unravel the framework of agreements between us and will only bring unilateral steps from Israel's side.feedback

Rostam Qasemi

The West's sanctions and unilateral pressure have not had any influence on crude oil production. Iran, which was a petroleum importer once, has turned into a petroleum exporter now, and is marketing for its petroleum and other oil products.feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

Today we are building and we will continue building in Jerusalem and anywhere which is on Israel's strategic map. The Palestinian Authority's unilateral step at the UN General Assembly constitutes a blunt violation of the agreements that have been signed with the state of Israel. Therefore, the state of Israel rejects the General Assembly's resolution.feedback

Shimon Peres

I think it's first of all a problem for the Palestinian people, not for Israel, because Hamas is for unilateral war, not for unilateral peace or for withdrawal. We shall not change our position but if Hamas doesn't want peace, doesn't want negotiations and wants to continue with their terrorist activity, I don't think they will have any support from outside or from Israel.feedback

Hillary Clinton

Until we have tested within the timeframe set forth by the president where we think this engagement is going, I'm not sure that adding new unilateral sanctions is really that helpful.feedback

Hanan Ashrawi

Within the three major parties there is a consensus, a Zionist consensus, and of course a continuation of the land grab, the occupation, the oppression and even when we look at the largest party – Kadima – we know it is the party that has institutionalised unilateralism.feedback

Mahmoud Abbas

He will form the government and we hope he will change his policy from unilateral steps to negotiating steps.feedback

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

The tax agreement is unilateral – you cannot just cut budgets. We also need to set goals and investment strategies, because otherwise we won't create growth and jobs.feedback

Stephen Harper

Under the current circumstances in the oil and gas sector, it would be crazy, it would be crazy economic policy to do unilateral penalties on that sector. We're clearly not going to do it.feedback

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