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Yifan Zhang
A lot of people who like this idea are already living with their roommates or their parents, so this is a better situation for them.feedback
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Sep 19 2017
“Casting a vote for the next chief executive of Uber was a big moment for me and I couldn't be happier to pass the torch to such an inspiring leader. I have to tell you I am scared. I've been here at Expedia for so long that I've forgotten what life is like outside this place. But the times of greatest learning for me have been when I've been through big changes, or taken on new roles–you have to move out of your comfort zone and develop muscles that you didn't know you had.” said Travis Kalanick speaking about Uber. It’s one of the 823 quotes about Uber you can find on this page. 473 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Arianna Huffington and Dara Khosrowshahi. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Tom Elvidge - Uber

Drivers tell us they love being their own boss, but have also told us how we can make the experience of driving with Uber even better. This latest set of improvements follows the changes we've already introduced this year - from discounted illness and injury cover to paid waiting time and in-app tipping. We will carry on listening to drivers and acting on their feedback.feedback

Daniel Mavimbela

The vehicle was alight after he had alighted from it. Another Taxify vehicle was set on fire at a different location. One of the vehicles was burned out completely, while the second on had slight damages.feedback

Sadiq Khan

You would appreciate I'm sure how inappropriate it would be, bearing in mind that this is quasi-judicial role that is played, for me as the Mayor of London and Chair of (transport regulator) TfL to give a running commentary. If for no other reason, because they would then challenge that in the courts and say that the outcome of the application had been pre-judged.feedback

Andy Boland - Uber

Our London corporate customers want the same premium car experience in other key markets.feedback

Jim Coulter

We're going into the era of the private markets. We're happy with our position in the company. It's been an interesting ride.feedback

Nino Hervias

We are not against competition, we are not against technology, but we want to compete fair and square.feedback

Issa Isac

I'm still driving a yellow taxi because I want them to come back. I don't want to see yellow cars disappear from the streets.feedback

Issa Isac

I see my future crashing down. I worry every day. Sometimes, I can't sleep thinking about it. Everything changed overnight.feedback

Dmitry Gudkov

It's a political Uber. Uber broke the taxi market, and this political Uber should destroy and create a new political system in the country. When power has a name, he ends up like (Mr) Nemtsov. So we will have 1,000 leaders across Moscow. They won't be able to censor all of them.feedback

Fred Jones - Uber

Air pollution is a growing problem and we're determined to play our part in tackling it with this bold plan. Londoners already know many cars on our app are hybrids, but we want to go much further and go all electric in the capital. Our scrappage scheme will also take polluting vehicles off the road and encourage Londoners to get into a shared car to connect with public transport instead.feedback

Chris Large

The speed of Uber's commitment to move away from diesel reflects the urgency of action to address our air pollution health crisis.feedback

Samantha Allenberg - Uber Technologies

We really need the government to do more here. The violence and intimidation is simply unacceptable.feedback

Thuan Pham

When I was 10 years old, I left Vietnam with my mother and younger brother, crammed with 470 other people without life jackets onto an old fishing boat to Malaysia. It was a perilous and terrifying four-day journey – with major storms threatening to sink us, and pirates with guns and knives who robbed us and could kill us as well. We were the lucky ones who survived the 50 percent odds of that sea crossing.feedback

Thuan Pham

Our community has always been about what brings people of every background together. We'll continue to stand by immigrants who want nothing more than to contribute to our country and pursue the American Dream.feedback

Brad Smith

For the 39 Dreamers that we know of who are our employees, our commitment is clear. If Congress fails to act, our company will exercise its legal rights properly to help protect our employees. If the government seeks to deport any one of them, we will provide and pay for their legal counsel. We will also file an amicus brief and explore whether we can directly intervene in any such case. In short, if Dreamers who are our employees are in court, we will be by their side.feedback

David Broockman

They look like Republican donors when we ask them these questions.feedback

Sam Shank - HotelTonight

We are like Lyft and Uber, born from the mobile-first era, and we can innovate much more quickly.feedback

Florian Leibert - Mesosphere

If you do some simple math and you put that into the AWS [Amazon Web Services] calculator, you come out with a yearly cost -- the lower end of that is $6-10 million that Uber would have to pay AWS for equivalent functionality. Even if you use the highest-end servers with our software, it would be half or a third of that.feedback

Kristy Tillman - Slack

One of the biggest lessons that we hope to model for several folks, including some of the young women of color who come to me, is the value of understanding your worth, standing up and demanding the best for yourself and not taking less.feedback

Kristy Tillman - Slack

I was really bothered by the large discrepancy in the amounts the other organizations were offered relative to the amount Black Girls Code was offered. I have no insight into Uber's decision-making process, and I realize what is reported in the press is not always the full story, but the optics of an organization that serves young Black girls being offered the least amount of money by an order of magnitude was upsetting, and I felt like they shouldn't be robbed twice – having to turn down the money and being offered the least amount.feedback

Kimberly Bryant - Uber

What I shared with the diversity team is I feel Uber issues are intersectional. So yes, there are issues with gender but there are also certain inequitable practices with people of color. So I think for me, I wanted to have seen a more equitable distribution of funds and a focus of more support for Oakland and the community who stepped to the table and had conversations with them when they decided to move here.feedback

Kimberly Bryant - Uber

Our first meeting with Uber was in late 2016. After that meeting we talked to them off and on for the first half of this year, especially when they hired a new diversity manager and really put together this pool of what they were going to donate to diversity and inclusion organizations.feedback

Kristy Tillman - Slack

Someone retweeted the news story on my Twitter timeline. I opened the link, read it and thought immediately that there was no way we should allow Black Girls Code to go without the $125,000.feedback

Steve Forbes

Members of Congress don't want to be Uber drivers. On the personal side, I don't think they'll get real reform. What I think you're going to get is an across-the-board tax cut and a doubling of exemptions.feedback

Thuan Pham

Immigrants often risk their lives for a chance at freedom and opportunity, and our country remains the world's beacon of freedom and opportunity. Immigrants have built and contributed to America since its very beginning, and are at the center of our social fabric and economic prosperity. My heart breaks to see so many people who are in the same situation today that I was in many years ago.feedback

Markus Villig - Taxify

Ride-sharing has been monopolised by Uber. Now it is getting clear that in most markets there will be major competitors.feedback

Markus Villig - Taxify

With only one main app there were poor conditions, but London is one of the biggest ride-sharing markets in the world and there is room for more competition.feedback

Markus Villig - Taxify

15 percent is enough to be a sustainable, profitable business in all markets. Taking a lower cut is much more sustainable than taking a higher one and having unhappy drivers.feedback

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

It is so tempting to think Lyft is gaining because people are taking a stand against Uber, but convenience usually trumps morality.feedback

Logan Green - Lyft

As we get service levels to parity and pickup times are equal, people prefer using Lyft. They like that we treat our drivers better. They like that we treat our customers better. And they like that we have a brand that sort of stands for taking care of people, where Uber has done a lot to build the opposite type of brand. We've always been the underdog in the race against Uber. We've taken a lot of ground. We still are.feedback

Kate Fortmueller

My students look at unions as a barrier to entry, rather than as a way to get into [production work].feedback

Gerald Horne

There is a global battle royale taking place involving Uber or Uber-like firms, seeking to a) unionize them, or b) move away from the Uber management concept that Uber drivers are independent contractors.feedback

Chris Martin

The Uber model is to ignore local government, subvert it, grow larger than can be controlled, and then afterwards ask for forgiveness and permission. We very specifically chose to do the opposite.feedback

Ben James - Kirkland & Ellis

It's certainly in their benefit to clean up as many outstanding legal issues as they can so investors don't factor that into the price they're willing to pay.feedback

Syed Manzar

Lyft is trying to take advantage (of the situation), but both are really the same. There is no difference.feedback

Whitlee Dean

They seem to be really responsive to the issue when you contact them as opposed to Uber.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

Uber is a company that is redefining the transportation industry on a global basis; to be part of that story is something that is interesting and would be a real privilege. Are there difficulties? Are there complexities? Are there challenges? Absolutely, but that's also what makes it fun. I am not in this to coast. I'm in it to get my hands dirty and build a team and do something that people will look back on with tons of satisfaction.feedback

Bill Hecht - Westfield Group

Westfield's shopping centers already have an incredible combination of fashion, food, services, and amenities – all in one place with digital enhancements such as product search, directional and frictionless parking. Now, we are thrilled to be able to partner with Uber to leverage modern technology in a way that makes it more convenient than ever to travel to and from any Westfield destination.feedback

Amy Friedlander Hoffman - Uber

Uber wants to make transportation seamless for everyone, everywhere - but we can't do it alone. Partners like Westfield play an important role in cities and how people move within them, so we're excited to work together on this first of its kind initiative aimed at delivering the best possible experience to our riders when they're going shopping, dining or catching a movie.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

This company has to change. What got us is here is not what's going to get us to the next level.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

We're a company now that is operating at a very fast cadence. We don't need to have homeruns in order to win. We can win with lots and lots of singles and doubles and we think that's a good place to be.feedback

Salil Pitroda - Uber

Khosrowshahi seems like a great choice, someone with both operational and financial acumen who has overseen the successful expansion of a respected major consumer internet brand. One hopes that he will have the support of all members of the board, investors, and employees.feedback

Dianne Feinstein

Women today are so lucky. They are accepted all across this land... as surgeons, farmers, in the Supreme Court. I applied for my first job in 1955 and I can tell you, it was 'women need not apply.' It's a great time to be a woman.feedback

Dianne Feinstein

Women have to develop a body of expertise. Figure out what you want to do for the next 50 years, get as much education as you can.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

His family is also really a crown jewel of our community. Many, many of his family, his cousins, have been contributing to our country, to America, in such amazing ways. And we are all very proud that he has accepted and joined to lead Uber into its next phase of growth.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

Benchmark needs to drop their lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit in the middle of a CEO search, in the middle of a major strategic investment round, is not prudent. That's not the way they should have acted. My role is really just to try to make sure that the voice of all shareholders and employees is heard – that no one is bullying their agenda, their choice of a CEO, or their selection of who should be the board members. Benchmark, I believe, has been pushing their agenda at the expense of those stakeholders. So it's important to be in the court.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

These guys, they showed up the week that Travis' mother passed away in a tragic accident. His father was in the hospital, dying. And they saved his life. That very week, when Travis agreed to take a leave of absence to mourn his mother.... they holed him up in a room, in that state, in that moment, that's not an honorable thing, in my opinion, to do. They pushed him to resign. I don't think that's an honorable way of doing business.feedback

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

You have to be honest and authentic and not hide. I think the leader today has to demonstrate both transparency and vulnerability, and with that comes truthfulness and humility.feedback

Hal Gregersen

I give an A+ to Zuckerberg for taking the time, and devoting the resources, to acknowledge a few of Facebook's blindspots – then do something about them. Being uncomfortable and vulnerable, as his letter acknowledged yesterday, is one of the most powerful paths to creating inclusion.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

I emigrated here when I was nine years old. My family had to flee Iran, ... the revolution, and we were very, very lucky to come to America and have opportunities presented to us. And that's ... one of the things that makes America great.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

The power of immigration, the power of the American dream, if you think about the American dream, it is the best brand out there. It's stronger than Apple and Microsoft and Google combined, times 10.feedback

Barry Diller

Prior to Dara leaving, Mark Okerstrom was his principal partner in operating the company – and therefore this transition is as natural as water flowing down a snow-packed mountain. There was no other candidate that the board considered. Under Mark's leadership, surrounded by his excellent and tenured executive team, I'm confident we'll continue to grow and prosper.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

I have to tell you I am scared. I've been here at Expedia for so long that I've forgotten what life is outside of this place. But the times of greatest learning for me have been when I've been through big changes, or taken on new roles – you have to move out of your comfort zone and develop muscles that you didn't know you had. I always tell people to look for a role where they, as an individual, can make a difference, at a company that is making a difference. I can look forward to Uber and know that I will make a difference, hopefully for the better.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

Casting a vote for the next chief executive of Uber was a big moment for me and I couldn't be happier to pass the torch to such an inspiring leader. I have to tell you I am scared. I've been here at Expedia for so long that I've forgotten what life is like outside this place. But the times of greatest learning for me have been when I've been through big changes, or taken on new roles–you have to move out of your comfort zone and develop muscles that you didn't know you had.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

I am excited to welcome Dara Khosrowshahi as Uber's next CEO. With a deep passion for team building, Dara grew Expedia into one of the world's most successful travel and technology platforms. Casting a vote for the next chief executive of Uber was a big moment for me and I couldn't be happier to pass the torch to such an inspiring leader.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

When I was at Uber, they asked me if I knew my passenger rating.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

This has been one of the toughest decisions of my life. I've had the privilege to run Expedia for 12+ years now, and most of you who have been on this journey with me know it has not been easy going.feedback

Mark Okerstrom - Expedia

I think the way that this whole thing unfolded is not the way that most people would have planned it.feedback

Donald Wolfe

I think what we have here is a political battle that belongs in the boardroom and not the courtroom.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

I say we are going to IPO as late as humanly possible. It'll be one day before my employees and significant others come to my office with pitchforks and torches. We will IPO the day before that. Do you get it?feedback

Joe Sullivan - Uber

We've been building through the turmoil and challenges because we already had our mandate.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

I have to tell you that I'm scared… I've been here at Expedia for so long that I've forgotten what life is outside of this place.feedback

Henry Harteveldt - Atmosphere Research Group

If Uber can't be turned around, he'll wipe his hands and walk away, and say 'I tried to repair the Titanic, but the iceberg got the better of us.feedback

Noreen Farrell

No matter how well-intentioned, decency pledges won't cut it. In many respects it was viewed as a legal free-for-all.feedback

Pradeep Parameswaran

This partnership will provide a safety net for our driver partners who keep our cities moving. This is just the beginning, we'll continue to engage with our driver partners and work towards making driving for Uber, not just the most attractive opportunity but also the most preferred choice. These announcements are a reflection of our efforts to meaningfully impact and improve the driving experience. Today, we want to celebrate the more than 450,000 drivers across India, and the lengths they go to to make all of our cities move better.feedback

Noreen Farrell

Women are realizing that going to the next company doesn't mean that they won't suffer from sexual harassment. I'm trying to figure out why all these women are coming forward now.feedback

Susan Wu

There is such a massive imbalance of power that women in the industry often end up in distressing situations.feedback

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

He's relatively untested when it comes to some of the big issues facing the company.feedback

Mark Mahaney

Expedia's loss is Uber's gain. While execution under Khosrowshahi hasn't been flawless, it has been exceptionally good.feedback

Grace Poe

Based on what happened, it seems that it flexes its discretion as a whimsical regulator just for the sake of imposing regulations.feedback

Hadi Partovi

He'll need to do that with Travis Kalanick, clearly.feedback

Brad Gerstner - Altimeter Capital

When Expedia was struggling, he went in and became the lead operating executive. He uniquely possesses both operating capabilities as well as capital markets capabilities, which not a lot of global executives have. It's a nuance that Wall Street appreciates, but it's hard to understand. That's really pertinent to a company like Uber that's strategically competing on a global basis. They have to figure out how to compete in all those different markets -- and to partner, sell, or operate on a stand-alone basis.feedback

Paul Holland - Foundation Capital

It seems to me, from what I've read and what I've seen from other people covering this, that Dara is the type of person that's going to come in and institute a culture that's going to take away some of those distractions and probably put them on a more professional business path. And I think to that extent, as a major shareholder, whether it's Travis or anybody else, they should all be pretty excited about this. And I suspect folks will get behind him to drive the company, ultimately towards an IPO.feedback

Brad Gerstner - Altimeter Capital

He knows how to identify talent. He knows what a world-class executive looks like. He has the frame of reference to evaluate candidates who exist within Uber and also has the network to attract the talent needed to take the business to next level.feedback

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

This is a guy who could spend a decade working side-by-side, very successfully, with [IAC's] Barry Diller, who is no shrinking violet. I think that speaks legions for him.feedback

Barry Diller

As you probably know by now, Dara Khosrowshahi has been asked to lead Uber. ...If Dara does leave us, it will be to my great regret but also my blessing - he's devoted 12 great years to building this Company and if this is what he wants for his next adventure it will be with my best wishes.feedback

Micah Alpern - A.T. Kearney

He needs to talk to employees and executives about what's great about Uber and move on from the past.feedback

Stephen Kaufer - TripAdvisor

Dara did a great job letting me continue to operate 'tiny TripAdvisor' within the larger Expedia, and came to my rescue a couple of times when some other part of Expedia was trying to dictate what my business unit should do.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

That really rung a bell for me, where I was just telling people what to do but I wasn't laying the vision of here's where we've got to go. That really shifted my view of what a CEO has to do. A CEO of a multinational global company can't say what to do. You've got to plant the flag. Taking big risks combined with having a team you believe in and that believes just as much in you as a leader make for long-term wins even in a game of inches.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

I emigrated here when I was 9 years old, my family had to flee Iran. And we were very, very lucky to come to America and have the opportunities presented to us, and that's one of the things that makes America great. The power of immigration, the American dream – if you think about the power of the American dream – it is the best brand out there. It's stronger than Apple, and Microsoft and Google combined, times 10x.feedback

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

The American dream is you come here, you believe in democracy, you believe in the Constitution, you work hard, you can make it. That's what makes this country great, and I think the president should be for that, not against it.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

Dara's experience and his proven track record of success make him the right choice to lead Uber.feedback

Barry Diller

Dara Khosrowshahi has been asked to lead Uber. Nothing has been yet finalized, but having extensively discussed this with Dara, I believe it is his intention to accept. I know Dara would like to communicate now with all of you but I've asked him not to until this is fully resolved.feedback

Ben Thompson

In fact, what makes Uber so valuable – and still so attractive, despite all of the recent troubles – is its position with riders. The more riders Uber has, the more drivers it will attract, even if the economics are worse relative to other services: driving at a worse rate is better than not driving at a better one.feedback

Melissa Hannigan - Egencia

What we found is that many job adverts have a masculine bias to them. Words like 'manage' attract more male candidates whereas 'lead' attracts more females. Just like with blind resumes, we tested this across certain areas of the business and saw positive results and have now rolled it out company-wide.feedback

Aileen Lizada

The lifting of suspension will depend on the payment of fine and remittance of financial assistance.feedback

Brad Smith

The research suggests about 34 percent of people are working in this gig economy as a freelancer. They're driving for Uber or Lyft, they're running tasks for TaskRabbit, they're delivering for DoorDash. And today, they have to separate their personal from their business expense[s], then they have to be able to file using the right tax form, and the government considers them a small business.feedback

Sam Culbert

They're now going to hire a CEO who probably has issues yet to be discovered. Everyone has flaws and imperfections.feedback

Rebecca Lindland - Kelley Blue Book

They would basically have to start from scratch on starting autonomous tech which is what Google [Waymo] has been working on for the better part of seven years.feedback

John Zimmer - Lyft

There's nothing to celebrate in this situation. But it does shine a light on the importance of values and ethics.feedback

Davor Tremac - Uber

We have people out on their sailboats arranging for UberBOAT to pick up their friends at the airport and bring them out to the boat. On the road, if it's raining, our demand spikes. On the water, you basically have to shut down.feedback

Shane Green

[Company] values are how you act and interact. The Uber scandal became big because they had weak leadership and it's been two to three months where nothing major has been done.feedback

Geoffrey Cain

In the trial you come away with the impression that he is incompetent, or at least he didn't know his own company. Either way his image is taking a hit, and people are starting to see he's not that good under pressure. He doesn't speak that fluidly, he tends to pace around and look at the floor, or look nervous. He doesn't come off as a profound and visionary leader like his father was.feedback

Ellen Pao

Only one woman in the firm's 40-year history had ever been promoted to senior partner. Over the past year, despite the ongoing public exposure of the ways both the president and tech companies like Uber discourage diversity and inclusion, we've seen results that give us hope.feedback

Henry Gomez - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

She has entirely ruled it out. Her July 27 statement was unequivocal. Nothing has changed.feedback

Matthew Glotzbach - Quizlet

The Bay Area is such a competitive market. There's Google, Facebook, Snap and Uber here, all hungry for talent. Especially when it comes to software engineering, design and product management.feedback

Bruce Schaller

They have room to raise prices. There is no question to me as to whether this can be a profitable business.feedback

Arun Sundararajan

In many ways they are better suited choosing an executive that is not drafted from the Silicon Valley, social media software world, but someone who has experience dealing with a global business that is diversified.feedback

David Kass

He may be perceived as someone with broad managerial experience to turn Uber around.feedback

Michael Farr

You're not hiring Mark Zuckerberg and just wowing the hell out of everybody, it's a different kind of choice.feedback

Michael Farr

In many ways Immelt is a great headline kind of a choice, and in many ways I don't get it.feedback

David Kass

His presence would convey a quality image and help improve its perception by the investment community when they go to the public markets in an IPO.feedback

Jim Cramer

Maybe he brings a steady hand, and that is what's needed but I don't get it. You go from a company that's a colossus to a company that's a colossally crazed company and maybe Jeff wants that challenge.feedback

Jason Calacanis

If those two companies were together, they would beat everybody at transportation. They're on a collision course for sure.feedback

Jason Calacanis

I'd like to see the best drivers have an equity stake in the company.feedback

Jason Calacanis

We need to get back to that sense of camaraderie and resolve these issues for the employees and the stakeholders in Uber. We need the founder involved. Banishing the founder is a mistake.feedback

Sam Cinquegrani

The message for all retailers, especially grocers, is simple: Engage with your customers in the manner they want and expect, whether in the digital realm or through traditional channels, or be prepared to lose market share to those that do.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life I have accepted the investor's' request to step aside so that Uver can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight.feedback

Kerry Brown

Our high-end services, our Uber Suites, are booked almost every weekend, because there's always that client who wants to make sure their dog gets the very best they can ask for. Summertime is crazy busy for us, mostly on weekends, but during the week as well. We treat dogs like we are their family. We want them to get the very best, and know our clients expect to have their dogs treated just as well as their children are treated.feedback

Ben Perkins - Deloitte

We are now at the stage where we have access to services instantly, stream videos and music and access news instantly, so the next step consumers crave is being able to have the products and goods when they want it. There is a real change in consumer behaviours and expectations. If you look at the impact Uber has had across the marketplace and not just the disruption to taxis, it has introduced more customers to an instant on-demand service. As this has become normalised, it has helped drive the rise of instant consumerism.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

The board met on August 11 and the six members not involved in the litigation unanimously issued a statement that the board was 'disappointed' in Benchmark's lawsuit and confirming that it was destructive to the company. Thus, contrary to Benchmark's suggestion that its lawsuit is 'in the best interests of Uber,' every other member of the board disagrees.feedback

Hans Tung - GGV Capital

We've come to the point where China has finally caught up with the U.S. in the internet space.feedback

Denny Chin

While it may be the case that many users will not bother reading the additional terms, that is the choice the user makes. The user is still on inquiry notice.feedback

James Hackett

It's about aligning the technology to what the market wants it to do–is it a new station wagon or is it an Uber vehicle? We have work to do.feedback

Bart Friedman - Cahill Gordon & Reindel

If they didn't know, they created this monster by looking the other way.feedback

Martin Delgra

This is not a fight. We're trying to work together here to address public transport issues.feedback

Tyler Wade

I'm a guy that likes to feel comfortable, and I feel like an Uber makes me less stressed.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

Based on a conversation with a representative of Lowercase Capital [another Uber investor], we have learned that Benchmark also desires to remove Arianna Huffington from the Board of Directors and have made quite derogatory remarks about her. The Lowercase Capital representative also said he coordinated with Ryan Graves on writing his announcement of his departure from his operating role at Uber and released it the same day of the Benchmark lawsuit.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

Benchmark has threatened to block investments that could bolster Uber's competitive position in global markets by bargaining over board seats and its own control.feedback

Grace Poe

With the welfare of our drivers and riders in mind, Uber's offer is very generous. Why? Because they are owning up to their mistake.feedback

Dane Anderson - Forrester Research

If I were working there, I would launch a campaign trying to grab as much (market share) as I could as quickly as possible. They have money to put in.feedback

Maureen Ohlhausen - Federal Trade Commission

Going forward, our order requires a culture of privacy and sensitivity for Uber. It's going to make them take privacy into account every day in order to comply with our provisions.feedback

Maureen Ohlhausen - Federal Trade Commission

Uber failed consumers in two key ways: First, by misrepresenting the extent to which it monitored its employees' access to personal information about users and drivers, and second by misrepresenting that it took reasonable steps to secure that data. This case shows that, even if you're a fast growing company, you can't leave consumers behind: You must honor your privacy and security promises.feedback

Roger McNamee

I understand the Benchmark position. I think they know Kalanick better than a lot of the other board members do. Somebody maybe give them a proposal that looks like its worth $70 billion. But I will bet you anything that when the dust settles, when you unwrap the layers, it's worth way, way, way less than that. This company is not worth anything like that price...the market will make that decision.feedback

Roger McNamee

It made them appear to be incredibly successful – they raised a lot of money. Now it appears that, Oh, wait a minute. All of that was at least not acceptable. And some of it may actually have been really, really bad.feedback

Jo Bertram - Uber

Over the last 12 months we've hosted hundreds of events and spoken to thousands of drivers on the phone, in the office and at roundtable discussions. While drivers have told us they love the freedom of being their own boss, we've also clearly heard that we need to make improvements. That's why - from two minutes after the driver arrives at the pick-up point - riders will pay 20p for every further minute they keep their driver waiting.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

Like many shareholders, I am disappointed and baffled by Benchmark's hostile actions, which clearly are not in the best interests of Uber and its employees on whose behalf they claim to be acting. Since 2009, building Uber into a great company has been my passion and obsession. I continue to work tirelessly with the board to identify and hire the best CEO to guide Uber into its next phase of growth and ensure its continued success.feedback

Neil Billany

Had Uber notified police after the first offence, it would be right to assume the second would have been prevented. F irstly it seems they are deciding what to report (less serious matters/less damaging to reputation over serious offenses) and secondly by not reporting to police promptly they are allowing situations to develop that clearly affect the safety and security of the public.feedback

Jo Bertram - Uber

Drivers' time is valuable and every minute spent waiting for a rider means less time driving and making money.feedback

Neil Billany

Had Uber notified police after the first offence, it would be right to assume the second would have been prevented. The victims complained to Uber and were left 'strongly under the impression' it would tell police, but it did not do so.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

While I publicly asked you to resign from the Uber board in light of the overall circumstances, I do have tremendous appreciation for your role in helping the company's development in the past.feedback

Neil Billany

The two public order offences mentioned above are subject to a six-month prosecution time limit so subsequently both were taken no further as by the time we became aware of the offence we had no power to proceed, despite both having clear evidence of an offence taking place.feedback

Ryan Graves - Uber

In some ways my focus going forward will not actually change very much – it remains all about people, and it's clear to me the stability of our board of directors, the selection of our new CEO, and the empowerment of our management team is what is needed most.feedback

Garrett Camp - Uber Technologies

Our CEO search is the board's top priority. It's time for a new chapter and the right leader for our next phase of growth. Despite rumors I'm sure you've seen in the news, Travis is not returning as CEO. We are committed to hiring a new world-class CEO to lead Uber.feedback

Hazem Awad

Any entrepreneur would naturally feel nervous about working with Benchmark, at least for the time being. Because in the back of their mind (mine included) will always be the question of, What will happen if things get that bad?feedback

Gabriel Puliatti

I personally was very shocked by the timeline of affairs during the week (of) Travis's resignation. I empathized a lot with Travis then.feedback

Michael Boswell

I can't help but wonder how recent events will impact founders' views towards raising capital from Benchmark. This shit is ruthless.feedback

Ben Narasin - Canvas Ventures

The combination of this lawsuit and his co-founder's statement that he's not coming back are pretty strong statements. Put a fork in it. He [Kalanick] is done.feedback

Sundar Pichai - Google

Over the past two days, I have had the chance to meet with so many people here, and I have read each of your emails carefully. The vast majority of you are very supportive of our decision. A smaller percentage of you wish we would do more. And some are worried that you cannot speak out at work freely. All of your voices and opinions matter ... and I want to hear them.feedback

Erik Gordon

Even if you assume that Kalanick acted outrageously improperly, where was Benchmark when he was acting out? If I had to defend Kalanick, I would ask, Did Benchmark fight tooth and nail against Kalanick's conduct, or were they willing to put up with it as long as the company's valuation, and the value of their investment in it, skyrocketed?feedback

Julian Brigden

So the question is: How much more volatility do we need to see before funds start to disgorge assets mechanically?feedback

Ryan Graves - Uber

In some ways my focus going forward will not actually change very much. It's clear to me the stability of our board of directors, the selection of our new CEO, and the empowerment of our management team is what is needed most.feedback

Ryan Graves - Uber

There is another lesson I've learned that we should have applied much earlier. We should have taken more time to reflect on our mistakes and make changes together. There always seemed to be another goal, another target, another business or city to launch.feedback

Tom Currier

We're taking these 300-500 mile trips and turning them into an experience where you're basically checking into a hotel in one city and then checking out of a hotel in another city. And when you combine our service with Uber and Lyft in our destination cities, you're replacing the need for having a car entirely.feedback

Ryan Graves - Uber

It's really important to me that this transition doesn't take away from the importance of the onboarding process of our new CEO, whoever that might be.feedback

Jason Bellet

If you compare Eko to Uber, it looks like we're moving at a snail's pace. But if you look at health care as a whole, we're actually making quite a splash.feedback

Mudassir Sheikha - Careem

DiDi Chuxing brings leading edge AI capabilities, insight and expertise to our organisation as we enter our next phase of growth. This evolution in our long relationship will enable Careem to more effectively pursue growth opportunities through continued innovation and sustainability. DiDi's investment is yet another endorsement of the significant regional opportunity to leap-frog traditional infrastructure and improve the lives of people in our communities.feedback

Jocelyn DeGance Graham

It's really corrosive to the strides we're making in diversity.feedback

Jocelyn DeGance Graham

As organizations become more diverse and women are better represented, it's going to make something that is already good - the tech industry - and even better place.feedback

Kara Swisher

It's interesting because I think one of the issues around Silicon Valley is it's supposed to be this tolerant and open-minded place and - just like the rest of the world - there's problems with sexism. There's problems with racism. There's all kinds of problems that had been not paid attention to.feedback

Susan Fowler

I can't help laughing at this Googler's misogynist manifesto because it reminds me of what one female Uber HR rep told me. She told me that, in her experience, there were more Asian women in accounting because Asian women are just really good with numbers. Likewise, she said, there were more white men in engineering because white men were simply more suited for engineering than others!feedback

Danielle Brown

It's sad. It feels like a step back when we have seen so many steps forward but it is highlighting the view of an individual and group of people that gives us the opportunity to address this view directly, because it is being stated so directly.feedback

Cate Huston - Google

I am just kind of tired of it. These things keep happening and the details change but the substantive portion of it is that women shouldn't be engineers are we aren't welcome. I think it exists everywhere, right? There are people who want things to change and there are people who want things to stay the same. And the people who want things to stay the same are invested in justifying why things are the way they are.feedback

Masayoshi Son

So whether we decide to partner and invest into Uber or Lyft, I don't know what would be the end result, but we are definitely interested. The autonomous car is definitely coming. And when that stage comes, this ride sharing business be comes even more important. That's my opinion.feedback

Garrett Camp - Uber Technologies

Uber must evolve and mature as we improve our culture and practices, to achieve our mission of bringing mobility to everyone. We are dedicated to making Uber successful and keeping everyone informed of our progress.feedback

Garrett Camp - Uber Technologies

Our CEO search is the board's top priority. It's time for a new chapter and the right leader for our next phase of growth. Despite rumors I'm sure you've seen in the news, Travis is not returning as CEO. we are committed to hiriring a new world class CEO to lead Uber.feedback

Masayoshi Son

Presently there are multiple business consolidation parties that can be assumed, and negotiation has been ongoing.feedback

Masayoshi Son

We are interested in discussing with Uber, we are also interested in discussing with Lyft. We have not decided which way. But the U.S. is a very big market. It's the most important market, so we are definitely very much interested. Sprint's earnings are improving as planned and the company could conceivably go it alone. But, in order for the company to grow further, we are considering multiple consolidation options. The negotiations are proceeding apace and we should be able to arrive at a decision soon.feedback

Danielle Brown

Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture we continue to cultivate. We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company, and we'll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. As Ari Balogh said in his internal G+ post, Building an open, inclusive environment is core to who we are, and the right thing to do.' Nuff said.feedback