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Donald J. Trump
Right now, we're paying the highest tax rate in the world. We want to bring that to around 15 percent. That would make us competitive with China and other
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Sep 22 2017
The latest person who has talked about Republican Party is Donald J. Trump: “Right now, we're paying the highest tax rate in the world. We want to bring that to around 15 percent. That would make us competitive with China and other countries.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Donald J. Trump and all the other people that have spoken about Republican Party. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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John McCain

As I have repeatedly stressed, health care reform legislation ought to be the product of regular order in the Senate. Committees of jurisdiction should mark up legislation with input from all committee members, and send their bill to the floor for debate and amendment. That is the only way we might achieve bipartisan consensus on lasting reform, without which a policy that affects one-fifth of our economy and every single American family will be subject to reversal with every change of administration and congressional

Jimmy Kimmel

I guarantee [Trump] doesn't know anything about this Graham-Cassidy bill. He doesn't know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. He barely knows the difference between Melania and Ivanka. I feel like it's my duty to remind these people who are so concerned about my qualifications [that] the guy you voted for for president, his job qualification was … he fired Meatloaf on television. Oh, I get it. I don't understand because I'm a talk show host, right? Well, then help me out. Which part don't I understand?feedback

Roy S. Moore

I can't tell you what the president thinks. I can't tell you every move he makes, when he goes to the bathroom, when he doesn't – like my

Donald J. Trump

Alabama is sooo lucky to have a candidate like "Big" Luther Strange. Smart, tough on crime, borders & trade, loves Vets & Military. Tuesday!feedback

Jimmy Kimmel

Listen, lady. I don't know how many times I have to say it. I'm not pretending to be an expert. I'm asking why people like you aren't listening to actual experts like the American Medical

Toby Cosgrove - Cleveland Clinic

This has not gotten the chance to be widely vetted, nor do we know for sure exactly how the bill is continuing to

Roy S. Moore

The problem is President Trump's being cut off in his office. He's being redirected by people like McConnell, who do not support his agenda. God is the only source of our law, liberty and

Luther Strange

Many of the people that are supporting you look like the unemployment line at the White House – they're

Anna Heaton

If that's the record she wants to run 'against' I wish her the best of

Audrey Stock

I'm highly motivated. I'm taking names and numbers of people who voted for

Jeb Hensarling

We have these repetitive loss [of] properties. So for example, we have one property outside of Baton Rouge [Louisiana] that has a modest home worth about $60,000 that's flooded over 40 times. The taxpayers have paid almost half a million dollars for it. At some point, God is telling you to move. If all we do is force federal taxpayers to build the same home in the same fashion in the same location and expect a different result, we all know that is the classic definition of

Bill Cassidy

It was a personal attack, and I cannot help that. But all I can say is if you are in Texas, or if you are Maine, or Virginia, or Missouri, there will be resources in your state that you have not had that can provide you coverage, and we have protections for pre-existing

Kellyanne Conway

There's nothing like the hum of Air Force One touching down so that the president can lend direct and personal support to a candidate he's endorsed. We're already five for five in special elections this year, and those contests were in very disparate geographic and demographic districts where the common denominator ended up being the president and vice president getting

Luther Strange

We have laughed about it. He has told me, You're one of the few guys I'm dealing with here who hasn't asked me for something, and I appreciate that.' I don't want tickets to the Easter Egg Roll. Look, you and I have something in common. We're both new to Washington. You have a background of getting things done, so I'm going to support

Lindsey Graham

I wished he would've called Senator Cassidy to ask him if what I'm reading is true. Because you heard some liberal talking points (from Kimmel) that are absolute garbage. He bought it hook, line and sinker. He didn't give (Cassidy) the courtesy of hearing his side of the story. He went on national TV and called this man – who has worked for the underprivileged and health care all of his life – a liar. And I think that's inappropriate. I don't like the idea of calling this good man a liar without ever talking to him first. That really says more about Mr. Kimmel then it does Dr.

Stephen Colbert

Actually, grave-robbing is a big part of the new plan. It offers complete shovel coverage. But the GOP needs to move fast because, due to Senate rules that I refuse to learn, they're facing a September 30th deadline. It's a race against the clock. They've got 10 days to overhaul the healthcare system or everybody lives!feedback

Cory Gardner

It was a reminder to the conference. The race is a snapshot in time, so you don't want to put too much weight into it, but it's

Cory Gardner

It's important to have both [Trump and Pence] send a strong message. It's an environment question. If you're trying to read the tea leaves going forward, every race adds a

Richard C. Shelby

I told him, Luther has voted with you on a lot of things, and that matters if you're president – and I've seen quite a few presidents,' . We got into that and how the primary was important – very, very

Jimmy Kimmel

This guy, Bill Cassidy, just lied right to my face. By the way, before you post a nasty Facebook message saying I'm politicizing my son's health problems, I want you to know: I am politicizing my son's health problems. Coverage for all? No, In fact, it will kick about 30 million Americans off

Lindsey Graham

Instead of a Washington-knows-best approach like Obamacare, our legislation empowers those closest to the health care needs of their communities to provide solutions. Our bill takes money and power out of Washington and gives it back to patients and

Ron Johnson

CBO is CBO and they're saying they need weeks. I just reject that notion. And I think we can pretty well decide based on the information we

Edwin Park

A state could say, I'm going to take all this money to pay doctors for uncompensated care and not provide any health coverage. You can spend the money on a whole host of other services that have nothing to do with expanding insurance coverage. There is no mandate, no requirement for any financial assistance to purchase health

Edwin Park

In reality, however, nothing in those rules prevents the bill from permanently funding its block

Ted Cruz

The heart of the legislation takes the policymaking role of Washington and sends it to the

Edwin Park

You have a cut across the top and then within that smaller pot, money is moving across the

Billy Wynne

I don't think it's possible to overstate how disruptive this would

Larry Levitt

There are very few strings attached to the block grant

Bill Cassidy

I ask, does it pass the 'Jimmy Kimmel test'? Will a child born with congenital heart disease be able to get everything she or he would need in the first year of life? I want it to pass the 'Jimmy Kimmel test. More people will have

Lisa Murkowski

In fairness to my governor, in fairness to Alaskans, the numbers actually matter and so if it can be shown that Alaska is not going to be disadvantaged, we gain additional flexibility, then I can go back to Alaskans and I can say, OK, let's walk through this together,' . That's where it could be different. But I don't have that right now, so those that have asked, where are you, where are you,' it's not that I'm being evasive, it's that I'm being

John McCain

Why did -- why did Obamacare fail? Obamacare was rammed through with Democrats' votes only. Are we going to ram through our proposal with Democrats and the president? That's not the way to do

Mitch McConnell

Governors and state legislators of both parties would have both the opportunity and the responsibility to help make quality and affordable health care available to their citizens in a way that works for their own particular states. It's an intriguing idea and one that has a great deal of

Jimmy Kimmel

Young Billy made his first visit to our office today. He's juggling. He's translating Flaubert from French into English. No – he smiles. That's pretty much it. He is very interested in ceiling fans. He likes those a lot. I could get him to pay the same amount for Netflix just to watch ceiling

Jimmy Kimmel

And by the way, before you post the nasty Facebook message saying I'm politicizing my son's health problems, I want you to know I am politicizing my son's health problems–because I have to. My family has health insurance; we don't have to worry about this. But other people do. So you can shove your disgusting comments where your doctor won't be giving you a prostate exam once they take your healthcare benefits away. You have to do this. You can't just click 'like' on this video. Tell them this bill doesn't pass your

Richard C. Shelby

Four of our states are getting a disproportionate amount of money from health care now. Wouldn't cut

Bob Corker

I'm all for pro-growth tax reform but over a decade it needs to pay for itself per valid

Charles Grassley

I think we need that because we're going to have to operate within what can be signed by the

Michael Crapo

I don't know a number for an outer limit, but I believe we should have the largest number we can get with adequate dynamic

Charles Grassley

We are still in the process of negotiating

John McCain

I have amendments that I'd like to have considered. I'd like to have debate. I'd like to have the regular

John Kennedy

If you put a gun to my head today and said you have to vote yea or nay, I'd vote

Mark Hemingway - The Weekly Standard

We have to remember at the end of the day that something like 90 plus percent of the Republican Party voted for Donald Trump. I'm not sure that was the case at conservative magazines or among Beltway Republicans. I think it is important to remember one thing, though: the fact that there was a gulf between where these intellectual Republicans were, versus grassroots voters, could simply be a legitimate difference of principle in a lot of

Donald J. Trump

I will be in Huntsville, Alabama, on Saturday night to support Luther Strange for Senate. Big Luther' is a great guy who gets things done!feedback

Mike Pence

I want to make sure that members of the Senate know the president and our entire administration supports Graham-Cassidy. We think the American people need this. I'm going to make the case: this is the moment, now is the time. We have 12

Chuck Schumer

It would be outrageous for our Republican colleagues to vote for this bill without knowing its effect on people. That, whatever your ideology, would be nothing short of a

Susan Collins

The Maine Hospital Association has calculated that Maine would receive $1 billion less in Medicaid and other federal healthcare spending in the next decade. That is obviously of great concern to

Julie Tarallo

Senator McCain continues to review the bill to assess its impact on the people of Arizona. As he has said before, Senator McCain believes health care reform should go through the regular order of hearings, open debate, and amendments from both sides of the

John McCain

We just need to have a regular process rather than, Hey I've got an idea, let's run this through the Senate and give them an up-or-down

John Thune

I just told Bill Cassidy he's a grave robber. This thing was six feet under, and I think he's revived it to the point where there's a lot of positive buzz and forward momentum. But it still comes down to, in the Senate, getting 50

Rand Paul

I think this is a game of Republicans taking money from Democratic states. What happens if Democrats take power back?feedback

Bill Cassidy

We're trying to set up good policy. Whether it's done now or later, the good policy will still be

Orrin Hatch

It's pretty hard to get excited about what he's doing. He's got a very broad jurisdiction but it isn't as broad as he sometimes thinks. That doesn't mean he can't do legislation that's outside of his jurisdiction – he can. But if he's doing it, it ought to at least be something he runs by

Mo Brooks

It is truly amazing the audacity, the ego of the special-interest groups and the political action committees as they try to buy this United States Senate race thinking that with impunity they can run over the people of the state of

Mara Gambineri

It's shocking that these trained medical professionals put patients' lives in needless jeopardy. The fact is that this facility never called 911. The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills is responsible for the health and safety of their

Ed Martin

2018 is going to be a wave election, and it is going to be an anti-incumbent wave election. Any Republican that is in office as an incumbent is on the

Ed Rollins

We are having discussions but no formal ties at this point. The more we can get going in the same direction, the better. We certainly have had some

Kathleen Parker

Trump may get more accomplished for the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton could have with a GOP-dominated

Aviva Aron-Dine

For example, a state that used a small portion of its block grant funding to provide even tiny subsidies to all individual market plans could then waive these protections for its entire individual market. Likewise, states that used block grant funding to offer or subsidize coverage for low-income people could offer plans with large gaps in benefits. States seeking waivers would have to explain how they 'intend' to maintain access to coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, but they wouldn't have to prove that their waivers would actually do

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The president is the leader of the Republican Party and was elected by Republicans. He beat out 16 other candidates to take that mantle on. And certainly I think one of the strongest voices. And so the idea that the Republican Party ideas are not represented in that room is just

Ed Rogers

Donald Trump is a political independent who got elected as a Republican. He has embraced plenty of Republican positions, but he has never asserted himself as party leader. To state the obvious, Trump’s presidency is creating fissures, not unity, within the Republican Party. It’s even fair to ask whether he wants to lead the Republican Party - or any party at

Donald J. Trump

I applaud the Senate for continuing to work toward a solution to relieve the disastrous Obamacare burden on the American people. My Administration has consistently worked to enact legislation that repeals and replaces Obamacare, and that can pass the Senate and make it to my desk. As I have continued to say, inaction is not an option, and I sincerely hope that Senators Graham and Cassidy have found a way to address the Obamacare

Lindsey Graham

This is the only thing standing between you and single-payer health

Ron Johnson

I chair the Homeland Security subcommittee. I'll hold a hearing

Lindsey Graham

It should have been our first bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, but it is now our last. To those in the Republican Party who feel like we have not fought as hard as we could, you're right. The president said, if you get 20 governors on board, he'll stand with them. Make some calls; help us get to

Larry Levitt

It's a massive devolution of federal money and responsibility to states, on a scale I don't think we've ever seen. Over time, it's less federal money than is being spent now on health care, but it's still a huge pot of money available to states with very few strings

Dan Holler

What has been proposed isn't actually repeal and replace. I'm not convinced that the solution here is to unveil another sweeping bill ahead of a tight deadline. That hasn't worked for anyone so

Bill Gates - Microsoft

We increased the amount of time we're spending talking with Congress, because things very much hang in the balance. I don't want to create the notion that there's real certainty here, but the idea that these investments can be defended by the Republican party is beneficial to American citizens. That's stronger than people might expect. The legislative view of [development aid] is stronger than you would expect if you just listened to the executive

Jim Cramer

There was a time when I used to ask each executive who came on the show what they would do with the money they'll get from a lower corporate tax rate. I don't even bother doing that any more. You know why? Because I don't want to waste your time. You've got other things to do. Doing it this way, going about it the way the White House is doing it right now, pretty much insures failure. The best is the enemy of the good. Memo to the GOP: stop trying to make tax reform perfect. Just get something passed. Let's get this

David Wasserman

It provided the early momentum in both cases, and it reshaped the narrative about whether the House was in play early on, and I think that's what it's doing right

Charlie Dent

Accomplishing the most basic fundamental tasks of governance is becoming far too difficult. It shouldn't be, but that's

Seth Meyers

Trump's hostility to to certain Republicans in Congress, like senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, have GOP leaders worried ahead of next year's midterms. Trump got one deal with Democrats to keep the government open to avoid financial chaos, and now all of a sudden there is a rush of praise from the media crowning him as America's first independent

John Cornyn

I think the president's going to need as many friendly faces around here as he can in order to get things done. I realize bipartisanship is good, but he shouldn't mistake a smile for support when it really counts, so I think it would be well advised to focus on growing the number of Republicans than diminishing

Doug Holtz-Eakin

I believe that language has become unhelpful and needs to go

Michael Cannon - Cato Institute

That's a frustration I have with a lot of conservatives saying it's not gonna happen. Look, pal, if you say it's not gonna happen then it won't because you're framing political reality right now, whether you know it or

Michael Cannon - Cato Institute

Incrementalism is easier than wholesale change. I think there are incremental steps you can take. The problem is that most of the incrementalism Republicans are discussing now is incrementalism in the wrong direction, incrementally more money being thrown at Obamacare, which is not gonna solve

Jim Capretta

Until there is some kind of bipartisan negotiation and agreement that builds more consensus, the instability we've witnessed will continue. The best way out is to try to force some kind of bipartisan negotiation to try to get the best deal [Republicans] can and call it a

Doug Holtz-Eakin

Insurance is a way of shifting around the national health care bill from people who incur to the people who pay it. The real issue is the underlying bill. It's actually the practice and the conduct of the delivery system that drives people crazy. It's not like the rest of the economy where consumer sovereignty still

Marie Fishpaw

We know what we don't want to see. We don't want to see any bailout of a program we believe is fundamentally

Dan Holler

There really wasn't a robust and serious conversation about what is the conservative or Republican solution to health care policy. There was really no consensus within the Republican Party on where to go forward. I'm not sure how realistic or plausible that is. My sense is Democrats sense they have an opportunity to push this debate closer to single payer than they ever have. I think they'll be loath to take their foot off the

Doug Holtz-Eakin

Health care reform is not a bill. It's a process. It'll be an ongoing

Michael Cannon - Cato Institute

They either keep trying to repeal Obamacare and they're closer than most people acknowledge. They were really only a few votes away. The other option is to try to fix Obamacare. If Republicans do that, they are going to be alienating a huge chunk of their political

Marie Fishpaw

There's no permanent victory. There's no permanent defeat. We have a very clear definition of the problem, and we're returning to the basics of where we agree. Did Republicans and conservatives make progress in thinking about health care, or are they playing the same record they've been playing since 2010? I think that's a good

Jennifer Rubin

Oh, puh-leez. President Trump is not an “independent,” as right-wing Republicans now would like to believe. (Didn’t they spend the campaign trying to convince fellow Republicans that he was really a conservative?) Trump ran for the GOP nomination, captured the party and now hypes every bad idea that the party’s most extreme elements have espoused — tax cuts for the rich, anti-immigrant hysteria, fear-mongering on crime, know-nothingism on climate change, anti-government animus, and bigotry toward the LGBT community (hence the totally unnecessary ban on transgender recruits to the military). Much as Republicans might like to disown him, they cannot. They remain responsible for nominating the most unfit person ever to hold the

Alex Isenstadt - Politico

Bannon has begun holding private meetings with insurgent challengers, vowing his support. He's coordinating with conservative mega-donor Robert Mercer, who is prepared to pour millions of dollars into attacks on GOP incumbents. Bannon has also installed a confidant at an outside group that is expected to target Republican lawmakers and push the Trump

Steve Bannon

I'm worried about losing the House now because of this. If this goes all the way down to its logical conclusion, in February and March it will be a civil war inside the Republican Party. And to me, doing that in the springboard of primary season for 2018 is extremely

Steve Bannon

I'm worried about losing the House now because of this, because of DACA. And my fear is that with this six months down range, if we have another huge – if this goes all the way down to its logical conclusion, in February and March it will be a civil war inside the Republican Party that will be every bit as vitriolic as 2013. And to me, doing that in the springboard of primary season for 2018 is extremely unwise. There no path to citizenship, no path to a green card and no amnesty. Amnesty is non-negotiable. You couldn't be more dead wrong. America was built on her

Steve Bannon

I'm worried about losing the House now because of DACA. My fear is that with this six months down range…if this goes all the way down to its logical conclusion, in February and March, it will be a civil war inside the Republican Party that will be every bit as vitriolic as

Hillary Clinton

He is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party. His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly

Roger Stone

His nomination was the hostile takeover of the Republican Party. He is a threat to them. He has just demonstrated that he is entirely capable of outflanking and outmaneuvering

Donald J. Trump

The people of the United States want to see a coming together, at least to an extent, with different

Ben Sasse

What we're doing in this body today is not draining the swamp. What we're doing is running a whole bunch of hoses to the edge of the swamp, turning them on to the highest possible volume flow, and then turning our

Kellyanne Conway

This is simple. In the real world, progress is measured by how much you produce, not how much you pontificate. It turns out the swamp includes some people on Capitol Hill and not just on K

John McLaughlin - Central Intelligence Agency

Among these likely voters, they are more supportive of the president because he is trying to get things done. They are definitely sending a warning message to the Republican majority that they want to get things

Peter King - Homeland Security

I told him I thought it was great, and a gateway project to show there could be bipartisan progress. He doesn't want to be in an ideological straitjacket. I think this could be a new day for the Republican

Tom Davis

That makes Corey the undisputed frontrunner at this point. That wraps it up. I do think he'll be tough to beat in a primary or a convention. The Republican Party has moved from the country club to the

David Perdue

I think the health care vote shows we are very fractured – we lost three chairmen to that vote. So this is a question of, is the Republican Party going to govern? Or are we going to sit here and vote our own personal interest? Right now personal interest is outweighing the national interest, and sooner or later we have to come to grips with

Jeb Bush

After the storm, we can talk about politics. The key to the Republican Party is passing meaningful tax reform to create long-term sustained economic growth. They do that, they're back in the

Charlie Dent

I have done my best to make a meaningful, positive impact. As a member of the governing wing of the Republican Party, I've worked to instill stability, certainty and predictability in Washington. I've fought to fulfill the basic functions of Government, like keeping the lights on and preventing default. Regrettably, that has not been easy given the disruptive outside influences that profit from increased polarization and ideological rigidity that leads to dysfunction, disorder and

Charlie Dent

I promise to continue my role, both inside and soon outside of government, of giving voice to the sensible center and working to solve problems for the American people through smart policy – the product of negotiation, cooperation and inevitably,

Mark Walker

While some have advocated for a 'clean' debt limit increase, this would simply increase the borrowing authority of the government while irresponsibly ignoring the urgency of reforms. Worse yet is attaching the debt limit to legislation that continues the status quo or even worsens the trajectory on spending, such as the deal announced yesterday by the President and Congressional Leadership. The RSC Steering Committee opposes this

Paul Ryan

People are using their smartphones to apply for aid from FEMA even before the hurricanes land. The Treasury Secretary is worried about the nation's borrowing limit and cash flow with a new hurricane coming, and those are the concerns that trump everything else. We haven't done the whip count on this, so I don't know about [what] the vote count is. We thought we had more time to work on this before the hurricanes

Daniel W. Drezner

Think Trump's deal with Pelosi and Schumer on the debt ceiling was a great deal? Think

Steven Mnuchin

″Our objective is to get this done. I'm not worried about any GOP revolt at all. You know we've been meeting with them on the tax plan. We have an understanding on this tax

Rush Limbaugh

Now we find out the Republican caucus in the Senate is infected with essentially leftist members. Collins, Murkowski, Capito – these three female leftists in the Republican caucus are running the Senate, not Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell is not running the Senate. These three women are running the Senate. The conservative Republicans in the Senate are not running the Senate. Three liberal women who call themselves Republicans are running the

Steve Forbes

Pay for it with economic growth. That's the only way to pay for it. Just go back 10 years, if we had normal growth rates of let's say 3 or 3½ percent … there would be no deficit

Steve Forbes

Members of Congress don't want to be Uber drivers. On the personal side, I don't think they'll get real reform. What I think you're going to get is an across-the-board tax cut and a doubling of

William J. Howell

I think Ed's plan does a good job of balancing these issues. The correctional part probably could use some

Simon Rosenberg

Donald Trump has invited Barack Obama into the arena. No president has trashed a former president more than Trump has trashed Obama – personally and in terms of his legacy. It's been direct, persistent and out of

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

If Congress doesn't want to do the job they were elected to do, maybe they should get out of the way and let someone else do

Dave Brat

We wouldn't do a clean debt-ceiling increase under a Democratic president. Why would you do that under a Republican president?feedback

Mitch McConnell

They are my immediate priorities as well. In the case of the debt limit, we need to act quickly given the new uncertainty from the large costs of storm

Elijah Cummings

Congress is under no obligation to enact President Trump's proposals, and I hope more sensible minds in Congress will understand the need for Republicans and Democrats to work together to fund agencies at the levels they need to carry out their critical missions. Republicans have been very clear that they will try to cut the pensions and take away the workplace protections of federal workers, such as veterans and disaster relief workers who are right now saving lives in

Elijah Cummings

Democrats will continue to fight to ensure that federal workers receive the pay and benefits they deserve and to protect our civil service from political pressure and

John McCain

I strongly believe that children who were illegally brought into this country through no fault of their own should not be forced to return to a country they do not know. The 800,000 innocent young people granted deferred action under DACA over the last several years are pursuing degrees, starting careers, and contributing to our communities in important ways. While I disagreed with President Obama's unilateral action on this issue, I believe that rescinding DACA at this time is an unacceptable reversal of the promises and opportunities that have been conferred to these

Barry Bennett

Every member of Congress has a project in their district that will be in the infrastructure bill and every member has tons of businesses who want globally competitive rates. The president will play almost no role in their votes. These issues are proven provincial, nothing

Alex Conant

Members are going to come back from recess less inclined than ever before to work with Donald Trump. It's always been an awkward relationship, and he seems intent on making it a poisonous one,

Tom Cole

You don't want to look like you're blackmailing people into voting for a debt-ceiling bill or [a spending] bill by using Harvey. If it's part of a larger agreement and everybody's fine with that, well, then that's okay. But don't try to exploit a disaster for political purposes. I think it always gets you in

Chuck Schumer

The to-do list this September is long. We look forward to seeing a plan from our Republican colleagues that can earn bipartisan support and get done all that we need to get done this

Mark Meadows

If they accomplish all of that, I think they'll get an A-plus for the month, and have avoided a disastrous September. Actually, even if they can get through September with a C grade, October and November will certainly be a little bit easier

Mark Walker

To expect that we're just going to roll over for six or seven years in a row - if you're running as someone who's concerned about how taxpayers' dollars are spent, at some point, there has to be a long-term game

Mark Meadows

I find it interesting that the secretary has long called for a clean debt ceiling and now suggests that we attach something to the debt ceiling vote. There should be a clean bill; it's called the Hurricane Harvey relief

Larry Sabato

Notice that Trump has never dropped his favorite devil figures. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may be history, but they are regularly trotted out by Trump and other Republicans–and amazingly, the GOP base's hatred for them is still red-hot. The subliminal message is: Sure, Trump and Congress haven't been up to snuff, but think how awful it used to be under Obama, and how miserable it might be now if Hillary were in the White House. Oldies but goodies for a party and a Trump base that revels in bashing old, defeated

Sidney Blumenthal

Trump still holds his base which is still a majority of the Republican party and because of that he's able to terrorise Congressional Republicans. The consequences are that he's further destabilizing the

Lanhee Chen

Healthcare expressed the sincere policy differences between Republicans and exposed the delicate coalition that is the modern Republican party. As Paul Ryan said, governing is

David Bier

That's a really substantial hit that you're forcing employers to incur as a result of ending

Rick Scott

I do not favor punishing children for the actions of their parents. These kids must be allowed to pursue the American Dream, and Congress must act on this immediately. I want to be very clear: I oppose illegal immigration, and everything else that is illegal. We must secure our borders and the federal government is irresponsible in not doing so. Every single bit of immigration policy becomes much simpler once we secure our borders and put an end to illegal

Jeff Klingelhofer

You've got a political environment that is very contentious, not just left versus right but within the Republican Party

G. Brint Ryan

The fee is not important – what's important is the net result. This is not a deal to sponsor Donald Trump Jr. This is an effort to raise as much money as possible for scholarships. We have gotten a lot of feedback on social media, but my view is we are trying to find speakers that are relevant, that are timely, that are in the middle of important current events. He's in the middle in a lot of stuff, whether you love him or hate him. People are going to come out and hear him

Kelley Reese

As a public university that supports the expression of differing points of view as part of the learning process, UNT welcomes speakers who represent all viewpoints, including conservative, liberal and progressive political ideology as well as all positions in

Terry McAuliffe

I would agree with Valerie. Let's go ahead and put some context to these things and move forward. This is going to be a debate that's going on for a long

Terry McAuliffe

Listen, if I'm the mayor of Richmond or I'm on the City Council, I'm faced with a tough decision. Do I spend -- I don't know, $5 (million) or $10 million - taking something down when I got schools -- I'll tell you my first priority has got to be schools, because I got to get people employed. Let's go ahead and put some context to these things and move

David Turner

There's been a focus on this issue that I think is disproportionate to what voters have voiced concern about in terms of issues that are important in

David Turner

There are obviously political consequences of every decision. but this is a conviction for him that it's the right thing to do. Charlottesville spurred a conversation about these monuments and what their role was in the public sphere. After Charlottesville happened, I think every official probably had a reckoning over what does it mean that they've become rallying points for neo-Nazis and white

Brian Coy

You can support the relocation of these things but also recognize there are many other urgent priorities that these governments have. He agrees his first responsibility is to the living and

Kimberley Strassel - The Wall Street Journal

The GOP should learn from how Trump is selling supply-side tax

James Choi

The evidence suggests that there will be relatively little impact on 401(k) participation and contribution rates if we switched to a Roth-only system. In large part, people don't understand how 401(k) taxation

Andy Biggs

Some people may like paying upfront with the tax-free withdrawals, while others might like the tax savings today. But this isn't as big a deal as something like automatically enrolling people in 401(k)s. That's a major effect, while the tax treatment is more around the

Fredy Burgos

Cultural Marxists have promoted the idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracially marry or adopt non-white children. Cultural Marxism is a racist, anti-white, anti-God

Kristen Soltis Anderson

There are still enough good people inside … that I agree with that I am still staying. But I am significantly less convinced that I am going to succeed in this effort. [That's] because at the same moment somebody like me is becoming very disheartened, there are voters who are thinking 'This is the Republican Party I have been waiting for.' If I pack up my toys and go home, there are people in red MAGA hats who would be saying, Don't let the door hit you on your way

Josh Protas

No one is suggesting that people who don't want to work should get benefits. There are stereotypes about SNAP recipients and myths about the program … that are very harmful to people in need who could take advantage of

Kevin Brady

I've continued to work with the speaker on our end of the tax reform issue. At this point, I haven't seen anything that knocks us off this timetable for this

Michael Steele

In 2009, I declared the Southern Strategy of the GOP was dead. It was over. I am sad to say that in the course of the 2016 campaign, that strategy was revived. And now this seminal moment faces this party, where you're either going to kill this bastard right off the top, just get rid of the Southern Strategy or you're going to own it in

Ronna McDaniel

White supremacy, neo-Nazi, KKK and hate speech and bigotry are not welcome and [do] not have a home in the Republican Party. This isn't a partisan issue. This is an American

Xochitl Hinojosa

The Republican Party, led by President Trump, has cultivated a culture of hate through their rhetoric and policies. A vote on a resolution doesn't fix the systemic problems within the Republican party. When will they take responsibility, denounce racism and stop pursuing divisive policies like voter identification laws and extreme immigration reforms?feedback

Roger Stone

The Trump brand and the Republican brand are two different things. What happened the last time the establishment tried to face him down? They got

Mitch McConnell

I'm often asked 'What is being the majority leader of the Senate like?'. The best answer I've been able to think of is it's a little bit like being a groundskeeper at a cemetery. Everybody's under you but nobody's listening. That's what you get with

Paul Ryan

We pa our debts in this country, we will continue to do so. So, I'm not worried that it's going to get done because it's going to get

Mark Walker

Republicans control the House, Senate, and White House. Any legislation signed into law needs to reflect unified

Tom Cole

It doesn't help at this point, with a September coming up that is very consequential, to be throwing rocks at one another. You don't, I think, do a lot of good by torching your teammates, particularly by name,

Barry Bennett

This is where the base already was. They hate Washington. They don't need the president to tell them that Congress isn't doing its job. They already understand

Jeff Flake

I don't know. I think that certainly depends on him. I think he could govern in a way that he wouldn't. But, I think that the way that – the direction he's headed right now, just kinda drilling down on the base rather than trying to expand the base – you know, I think he's inviting

Marc A. Thiessen

Why is the president trying to weaken Jeff Flake and Dean Heller?feedback

Charlie Spiering

Obama 2009: 'The days of providing a blank check are over.' Trump 2017: 'Our support is not a blank

Mitch McConnell

I commend the President and his national security team for a thoughtful review of our engagement in the

Jared Bernstein

You need a president who's got more interest and credibility than Trump has on the issue. It's a little remarkable at this point that they don't have a

Tim Pawlenty - Financial Services

Congress gets things done when there's a legal deadline or there's a political imperative or crisis. If they don't do it between now and the 2018 elections they're going to be in big

Russell Slifer

The recognition that having a GOP majority in Congress and in the White House certainly put the unions on notice that they don't necessarily enjoy the same support from Republicans as they have from

John Oliver

Wow. When you become CEO of Campbell's Soup, you don't not expect to bhave to start your public statements with the words, Racism and murder are unequivocally reprehensible.' You expect to start them by saying, Yes, we're very sorry, but again: You're the one eating clam chowder from a

John Oliver

In the words of the poet Beyoncé and the other ones, , Say his name, say his name. He's not Voldemort! He's just a terrifying entity who viciously attacks his enemies and judges people based on their birthright. You know what, I hear it now. I do hear it

Benjy Sarlin - NBC News

If Democrats are planning to ride an anti-Trump wave to a takeover of the House in 2018, they can't just rely on seats where voters resisted Donald Trump in 2016. They also face the major task of winning back those rural and blue-collar whites who defected to the president. That path runs through places like Dubuque County, Iowa, where a 28-year-old Democratic state representative, Abby Finkenauer, is running for Congress against a GOP incumbent, Rep. Rod

Barack Obama

This effort must be based on performance. The days of providing a blank check are

Steve Bannon

What we need to do is bitchslap the Republican party, and if we have to we'll take it

Hugh Hewitt

If the White House can match its recent staff changes with a smart policy push, the coalition between it and the Capitol Hill GOP could come together

Bob Corker

This week was unbelievably horrible. It was a tragic week. But I don't think [Trump]

Al Franken

I've known for weeks that Trump is a terrible president. There are a number of Republican senators who have been saying from the beginning that they have a lot of doubts about him but won't go public with that because he still has 80-some percent of his base behind him, and that's their base. So politically, they're unwilling to go public. And there some people who said 'There's nothing good about neo-Nazis, etc.' but wouldn't blame

Al Franken

Is that going to make a difference? The problem with this administration is Trump, and it's going to continue. We've heard this. When [Chief of Staff John] Kelly comes in, everything will be fine.' And boom, he threatens nuclear

Terry Haines - Evercore ISI

Even though congressional Republicans are going to stay a bit farther away from Trump than they had before, and this was never really a marriage to begin with, they're still going to come together on things that matter, starting with tax

Greg Valliere

Fearful of losing their party, and losing the 2018 election, Republicans on Capitol Hill are nearing a consensus: it's time to go it alone, ignoring the dysfunctional White House and proceeding on legislation without input from President Trump. It's their only hope, and it could produce

Foster Friess - Friess Associates

I love Donald Trump. He's become a victim. And he's being bullied. And that's why Americans are flocking to him, because they hate [seeing] people ...

Kristen Soltis Anderson

Given a lot of the data I've seen since the start of the Trump presidency, I wouldn't blame a young person who is just becoming interested in politics who thinks the GOP … is comfortable with white supremacists. Not just because of perceptions of what Trump believes, but because of the accurate perception that a majority of Republican voters stand with him, even on his most controversial

Andrew Baumann - Global Strategy Group

The truth is, I bet that Millennials have not paid that much attention to the policy stuff he's done. But I think Charlottesville is a whole different thing. This is a watershed

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