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Gene Paul
We're seeing the growth of these very large dairies that have good cows, they have good technology and they just keep producing more and more milk. Production just continues to increase, and there's no brakes on it. And cooperatives are almost encouraging production by paying volume
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Sep 22 2017
NAFTA has been commented on by 286 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about NAFTA are: Wilbur Ross, Donald J. Trump, Robert Lighthizer and Ildefonso Guajardo. For instance, the most recent quote from Wilbur Ross is: “If you get much into 2018, the political calendar will overwhelm the trade calendar.”.
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All quotes about NAFTA

Robert Lighthizer

Yeah, well, we're moving at warp speed but we don't know whether we're going to get to a conclusion, that's the problem. We're running very quickly

Dennis Darby

Is this the most important trade agreement for Canada? Damn right it

Patrick Leblond

For many companies, why should they go beyond North America? It's just there, it's a big market, it's easy and why try to go to Europe or Asia? It's a lot of work and it's

Hubert Joly - Best Buy

My view is that the savings, the tax savings, will be reinvested in jobs, in investments, and get the country moving forward, and create opportunities for a wide variety of

Hubert Joly - Best Buy

We need to find a permanent solution for ['the dreamers']. Also from an economic standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. These are hard-working people who contribute to the economy. I'm really hopeful that people will find a permanent solution to this, to this issue. We need to do

Wilbur Ross

The political calendar is such that if we don't get a deal more or less by the end of the year... it will get harder and

Jerry Dias - Unifor

These workers are standing up for good jobs. Not just for themselves, but for the entire community. The whole argument that opening up markets is somehow going to benefit working-class people – Nafta has shown that isn't

Carlos Ghosn - Renault

But I think everybody has an interest in NAFTA, this is something which has been done in function, in the interests of the United States, of Mexico and Canada. So I'm very personally confident that even if there are some changes on NAFTA, it will stay, because it's in the best interest of the three

Adrian Cisneros Aguilar

The idea behind Mexico's current diversification efforts, including going to China, is that, in the event President Donald Trump eventually backs out of NAFTA, we have to be ready to start implementation of plan B, and plan B is

Chrystia Freeland

I am here to say that all three partners are absolutely committed to getting this

Robert Lighthizer

I don't think it makes it any harder at all. It just shows that it

Jerry Dias - Unifor

If labour standards aren't a part of a trade deal, then there shouldn't be a trade deal. Mexico can't interfere in the labour market issue in the United States and Canada. We ask the same: that they don't interfere in these

Alejandro Gómez-Strozzi

It is hard to reconcile the political language of the U.S. leaders and their aggressiveness and their sense of being abused by Mexico in the relationship. Nafta needs some improvement, but not in the light that is being portrayed by the U.S.

Robert Lighthizer

I am pleased to report that we have found mutual agreement on many important issues. Our work continues at a record

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

I think they might be tougher than the Trump administration thought. Trade negotiations are always

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

As you're thinking about the timetable, you need to make sure you have enough time to consult with Congress, consult with stakeholders and find creative solutions to new

Enrique Dussel Peters

It is a very fashionable discussion in Mexico that we should diversify trade since we are having problems with the United States, or more specifically with Trump. And China has become the most fashionable to talk

Enrique Pena Nieto

The negotiating team has precise instructions to participate in this process with seriousness, good faith and a constructive spirit, always putting first the interest of Mexico while reaching for a result where all three countries

Enrique Pena Nieto

The relationship with the new government of the United States, as with any other nation, needs to be based on irrevocable principles: sovereignty, defense of national interests and the protection of our fellow nationals. To all of you young dreamers, my greatest recognition, admiration and

Robert Lighthizer

I want to be clear that [President Donald Trump] is not interested in a mere tweaking of a few provisions and a couple of updated chapters. We feel that NAFTA has fundamentally failed many, many Americans and needs major

Ildefonso Guajardo

NAFTA will continue to regulate the relationship between Mexico and Canada. The one that could take that decision, depending on how we get on with the negotiation, is our neighbor the United States. Neither Canada nor Mexico will announce their departure (from NAFTA) because we want to keep being regulated by

Justin Trudeau

There are always going to be words thrown about here and there but ... we will continue to work seriously and respectfully to improve NAFTA to benefit not just Canadians but our American and Mexican friends as

Donald J. Trump

With Mexico being one of the highest crime Nations in the world, we must have THE WALL. Mexico will pay for it through reimbursement/other. We are in the NAFTA (worst trade deal ever made) renegotiation process with Mexico & Canada. Both being very difficult, may have to terminate?feedback

Wendy Cutler

I think his tweets and statements are just complicating what's already a difficult negotiation. I think it will embolden the naysayers in Canada and Mexico who don't want to move in certain areas by telling the negotiators, don't move on these issues because the president has already said he probably won't sign off on this

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

It's not convenient to pursue a deal under pressure. Any unfair trade deal can be revised by the Mexican

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

We will audit contracts, see how they were made and ensure that there was no corruption involved. We will not accept disadvantageous contracts where Mexico is stripped of its income. I favor foreign investment, but I won't allow Mexico's interests to be

Luis Videgaray

No. We think the negotiation already has a process. We don't think it would be the right path or a viable path to terminate the agreement just when we're in

Donald J. Trump

We're working right now on Nafta – the horrible, terrible Nafta deal that took so much business out of your state and out of your cities and towns, and we're working on it. Let's see what happens. We got to change this deal. And hopefully we can renegotiate it. But if we can't, we'll terminate it and we'll start all over again with a real

Ildefonso Guajardo

This is not going to be easy. The start of the talks is like a roller coaster. Next Friday there is the possibility that we find an impasse, the possibility that this does not advance, we can't rule that out. We are also analyzing a scenario with no

Jeffrey Halley

The events of this morning have somewhat overshadowed gold's performance in the New York session where gold proceeded directly to go and put in a monster $20 rally from its opening. Trump's negative comments on the NAFTA renegotiation and no tightening signals from Jackson Hole see U.S. dollar selling renew with vigor in New

Ann Harrison

Renegotiating NAFTA and protectionist measures against China will not save

Donald J. Trump

I will be going to Texas as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption. The focus must be life and safety. I will also be going to a wonderful state, Missouri, that I won by a lot in '16. Dem C.M. is opposed to big tax cuts. Republican will win S!feedback

Enrique Pena Nieto

From an economic issue, it is the least important thing we were talking

Nick Marchio

U.S. trade strategy cannot simply be a manufacturing strategy. It's no coincidence that the growing weight of services exports … is rarely, if ever, acknowledged in the Trump administration's 'Made in America'

Robert Lighthizer

I want to be clear that [President Trump] is not interested in a mere tweaking of a few provisions and a couple of updated chapters. We feel that NAFTA has fundamentally failed many, many Americans and needs major

Joe Arpaio

I'll make a prediction. I think he's going to be just fine, OK (APPLAUSE) ... But I won't do it tonight. We will renegotiate NAFTA, or we will terminate NAFTA. I personally don't think you can make a deal without a termination, but we're going to see what happens, OK? ... You're in good hands, I can tell

Art Cashin

Here's the president saying we're not getting along as well as everybody thought and the market's readjusting for that. As good as yesterday's rally looked, it was in many ways a retracement rally. The real winners yesterday were the casualties of the preceding two

Art Cashin

If they truly believed no more NAFTA, it would be far more

Kiran Kowshik - UniCredit Research

For the peso, the market had largely priced out any risk of trade protectionism, which is why you have seen a very strong rally (this year). But with Trump up against the wall, finding it tough to do anything on the likes of tax reform, he is looking for other things to do. So you've seen sanctions against companies in Russia, and now there is more hardline rhetoric on the trade

Kiran Kowshik - UniCredit Research

So this could see the peso come under a bit of pressure as the market assumed there would be no trade

Steven Mnuchin

I think we'll end up probably terminating NAFTA at some

Marc Chandler - Brown Brothers Harriman

I think it's part of the negotiation tactics, and it's scary because the negotiations just

Marc Chandler - Brown Brothers Harriman

This is sort of the rule of thumb. When Trump talks bad about something, you wait for the dip and

Robert Lighthizer

President Trump has been clear from the very beginning that if the NAFTA renegotiation is unsuccessful, he will withdraw from the

Donald J. Trump

Anyway, we started two days ago, Bob Lighthizer. Personally, I don't think we can make a deal, because we have been so badly taken advantage of. They have made such great deals, both of the countries, but in particular, Mexico, that I don't think we can make a deal. So I think we'll end up probably terminating NAFTA at some point, OK?

Michael Taube

The Liberals want to expand Nafta to cover ‘gender rights’ and ‘indigenous rights.’.feedback

Ildefonso Guajardo

National content is not used in any commercial agreement in the world, because it puts too much rigidities to the

Eric Miller

The lack of U.S. clarity represents a risk [for Canada and Mexico], and they are trying to prepare for any

John Masswohl - Canadian Cattlemen's Association

It's hard to imagine how they can do something very substantive and do it very quickly. It's almost as if you can have one or the other. You can have it quick, or you can have it

Laura Dawson

These are orthodox trade law negotiators...none of these guys is going to be

Steve Verheul

I've predicted the end of negotiations many times and I have usually been

Laura Dawson

Then they either have to leave the negotiations or dial back their

Robert Lighthizer

Rules of origin, particularly on autos and auto parts, must require higher NAFTA content and substantial U.S. content. Country of origin should be verified, not '

Deborah Elms

Anyone else thinking about doing a bilateral deal with the U.S. is watching to see what a bilateral with this administration looks

Stewart Beck - Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

We've always had long-term relationships in Asia, but the reality is, our economic focus has always been toward the U.S. The fact that we're beginning to look at Asia in a much more constructive way from a business perspective is really good

Stewart Beck - Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

The challenge has been, historically, certainly over the last five years, a certain reluctance in terms of the Canadian population to engage in a free-trade agreement with

Flavio Volpe

Anytime you say this list or a part of this list has to come from one specific country you're going to hurt all three countries. A car today probably has 25 to 30 percent advanced electronics, software content in it. In 1994, it had zero or 1 percent. Could you address the tracing to help you get to NAFTA compliance level by capturing some of the work that's being done in Silicon Valley or Waterloo, Canada?

James Rockas

Once Commerce announces a final determination on countervailing and/or anti-dumping duties, a softwood lumber agreement would have to be negotiated under other

Chrystia Freeland

We don't want just any deal and the Americans know that. We want a deal that is good for

Joe Patton

We're still a ways apart. I think the NAFTA is going to go ahead and get started without

Hilla Sferruzza - Meritage

We are cautious due to potentially rising lumber prices that could pressure margins and the continued tight labor

Zoltan van Heyningen

Thus far, everything that we understand that Canada has tabled constitutes an at-or-above market share

Donald J. Trump

It is my privilege to bring NAFTA up to date through renegotiation. It is an honor to deal with both President Pena Nieto and Prime Minister Trudeau, and I believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better. I received calls from the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada asking to renegotiate NAFTA rather than terminate. I agreed...subject to the fact that if we do not reach a fair deal for all, we will then terminate NAFTA. Relationships are good-deal very possible!feedback

Robert Lighthizer

We feel that NAFTA has fundamentally failed many, many Americans and needs major improvement. We cannot ignore the huge trade deficits, the lost manufacturing jobs, the businesses that have closed or moved because of incentives – intended or not – in the current agreement. American politicians have been promising to renegotiate NAFTA for years. Today, President Trump is going to fulfil those

Aaron P. Bernstein

Anytime you say this list or a part of this list has to come from one specific country you're going to hurt all three

John Bozzella

Negotiators should be mindful of this success as they work to modernize the

Carlos Galindo

We need to focus on the internal economy. We're a sweat-shop country, and the whole world knows it. The only thing we're doing is

Ernesto Ladron de Guevara

The great loser in these last 23 years has been Mexico, above all, the small

Caroline Freund - Peterson Institute for International Economics

I think there's been some confusion among people in the Trump administration on what exactly they are. They seem to assume that they're U.S. content requirements, which they're not. They're regional content requirements. It's difficult to imagine how increasing rules of origin would lead to more U.S. content in trade with our NAFTA

Robert Lighthizer

We need to ensure that the huge trade deficits do not continue and we have balance and reciprocity. This should be periodically reviewed. The rules of origin, particularly on autos and auto parts, must require higher NAFTA content and substantial U.S.

Chrystia Freeland

Canada does not view trade surpluses or deficits as a primary measure of whether a trading relationship works. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that our trade with the U.S. is balanced and mutually

Juan Carlos Hartasanchez

For Mexico, the main objective is to continue guaranteeing that Mexico has market access to the United

Jonathan Lieber

I think as the administration struggle to put points on the political scoreboard, there's going to be a lot of focus on the renegotiation of NAFTA as a key indicator to move their agenda

Jonathan Lieber

If they put barriers on Mexican exports, they're going to have members of Congress condemning what they've done. It's going to be hard for them to spin it into a political

Juan Carlos Hartasanchez

If you look at the U.S. objections in detail, they discuss rules of origin by stating that the new rules of origin should be reviewed to guarantee U.S. and North American products. They focus first on the U.S. which would be first thing for bilateral but you're trying to strengthen the region. If they push toward U.S. rules of origin that might complicate the

Jonathan Lieber

I think the likely outcome based on the body language so far is they get a minor rewrite of NAFTA to include some of the TPP-like

Juan Carlos Hartasanchez

If the conversation from the U.S. focuses on trying to reduce that trade deficit, through limiting, or high and unrealistic rules of origination, then we could be in a pretty bad situation. Mexico will have no other alternative than to walk away from the negotiations

Jonathan Lieber

If you can upscale some of the environmental rules you have in Canada and the United States, in Mexico, then suddenly you have a more level playing field for workers in the three

Stephen Powell

Canada can certainly insist on something very big, so can

Chrystia Freeland

Canada absolutely stands very firm in the importance of having such a

Marc Dubé

We certainly knew that with Chapter 19, all of the facts would be addressed by an independent panel…in a more fair

Norihiro Fujito - Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities

It's not that risks on North Korea completely faded, but for now, after a sharp rise on the previous day, investors decided to wait for more catalysts before investing

Tim Ryan

Ultimately you can have huge disruptions in the economy if you don't handle this like an

Robert Lighthizer

Rules of origin, particular on autos and auto content, must require higher NAFTA content and substantial U.S. content. Country of origin should be verified, not deemed. Labor provisions should be included in the agreement and be as strong as possible. The agreement should have effective provisions to guard against currency

Robert Holleyman

The "toughest nut to crack. We know where he wants to make changes to NAFTA. Whether those changes lead up to something that actually reduces the trade deficit with Mexico is wholly

Chrystia Freeland

Canada will uphold and preserve the elements in NAFTA that Canadians deem key to our national interest -- including a process to ensure anti-dumping and countervailing duties are only applied fairly when truly warranted. Our government will be equally

Javier Palomarez

The average American doesn't recognize that 95 percent of the global market exists outside of the United States. And that when you look at all the corporations or companies that engage in foreign trade in this country, 98 percent of them are considered medium to small size

Javier Palomarez

We don't believe, we never have, that NAFTA should be torn up and thrown out. That makes no sense

Javier Palomarez

We are very focused on the notion that Canada and Mexico are our number 1 and number 3 trade partners, and we should treat them

Chrystia Freeland

In all these discussions, we will come to the table with goodwill, and Canada's characteristic ability and willingness to seek compromise and find win-win solutions. But we are committed to a good deal, not just any deal. That will be our bottom

Ed Brzytwa - Information Technology Industry Council

We're fairly confident the issues we identified will be addressed in the

Paul Lauritzen - Nafta

If we get into a trade war, that could significantly impact our U.S. production. It just seems like the Trump guys are so focused on meeting campaign promises that they have failed to understand the reality of manufacturing and the global supply

Swati Dhingra

Altering Nafta could fundamentally change the production of the economy – for the U.S., as well as for Mexico – and that will be very disruptive. Many of the policies being proposed could end up hurting the people who are being left

Auggie Tantillo

We strongly support President Trump's intention to reopen Nafta, and agree that it can be updated and improved to significantly enhance U.S. textile production, exports and

Jamie Hillegonds

It's very difficult to develop a global sourcing strategy based on Trump's day-to-day whims about what he wants to

Chrystia Freeland

American partners have been listening. Today, they understand ... that our relationship, the greatest economic partnership in the world, is balanced and mutually

Nelson W. Cunningham

A poorly reworked agreement would be a gift to

Chrystia Freeland

There are too many communities in our prosperous nation where people do not feel prosperous, where they instead feel left behind by an economy that is increasingly divided between the wealthy 1 percent at the very top, and everyone

Chrystia Freeland

We've explained to our southern friends, at every opportunity, that Canada is the largest export market for two thirds of U.S. states, and America's biggest overall customer – by far. Indeed, Canada buys more from the U.S. than China, the U.K. and Japan combined. If we don't act now, Canadians may lose faith in the open society, in immigration and in free trade – just as many have across the Western industrialized

Chrystia Freeland

Our approach in these talks will be in keeping with our national character; hard-working, fact-based, cordial, animated by the spirit of good will and the pursuit of compromise. We also know that there is no contradiction between being polite, and being strong. It is no accident that hockey is our national

Laura Dawson

It may be an opportunity for creative rule making. If a trade agreement is going to have longevity, it needs to reflect the broader public values and not just be a way to ease the trade of

Tracey Ramsey

How confident can you be that the Americans will even include the words 'climate change' when they pulled out of what happened in Paris? They have a president who claims that climate change is a Chinese

Caroline Freund - Peterson Institute for International Economics

The Trump administration has framed their NAFTA negotiating goals around decreasing the trade deficit with Mexico. If they don't touch vehicles, there's no other way of getting at exactly what they

Donald Norcross

Those trade agreements, we're still paying a price on

Larry Herman

One tweet from the president can upset a lot of the U.S. negotiating

Brian Topp

I do think it is smart for the government to cast a wide net and to listen widely, and that's what I hope they

Justin Trudeau

Free trade has worked. Its working now. If anything, we'd like a thinner border for trade, not a thicker

Larry Herman

Canadians should be prepared for tough, difficult and rather unpleasant negotiations. I don't think there's any basis for

Caroline Freund - Peterson Institute for International Economics

If you really want to do a full-blown modernization of NAFTA, it's going to take a lot more than six months. Ultimately I think they're going to get bogged down in all these details and pick two to three things and have a smaller

Donald J. Trump

We have received a dossier that North Korea may be about to unleash a Godzilla, or possibly a Rodan on US naval warships in the Pacific Ocean. The American people will not stand idly by and allow a dictator such as Kim Jon-un to threaten our way of life with a massive, city-stomping, fire breathing lizard creature, okay? Everybody, we need to concentrate all our attention on this. The entire west coast is at risk… have you seen the size of these things? Huge. Trust

Horacio Chavez - Kia

For finished products there would be an additional impact of 2.5 percent that, undoubtedly, would be reflected in a price increase. But it seems to me a tax that is still

Horacio Chavez - Kia

We knew that Forte has good demand in the United States, but Rio is the vehicle that sells better in Latin

Ildefonso Guajardo

If we continue negotiations (longer) they will be part of the debate in the campaign. And you know how it is, when you politicize things, it is not the best ingredient to get things

Ildefonso Guajardo

In itself, this is a very clear message that we are looking for alternative sources for unforeseen

Ildefonso Guajardo

I will assign a 60 percent probability that we will be able to conclude this process on

Ildefonso Guajardo

That would be a different level of ambition. If the United States can't agree about the essence of immigration reform, it would be (unrealistic) to hope that NAFTA enters into the immigration

Donald J. Trump

Canada, what they've done to our dairy farmworkers is a disgrace. We can't let Canada or anybody else take advantage and do what they did to our workers and to our farmers … included in there is lumber, timber and energy. So we're going to have to get to the negotiating table with Canada very, very

Federico Estévez

Canada was getting a free ride. All of the fire was headed south of the US border – so Canada was getting off

Federico Estévez

I think Trump understood something basic, which is that the US will not be able to tweak Nafta or rework it unless it splits up Canada and Mexico and makes Canada squirm just as well. You want to open up some battlefronts – and that's what he's effectively done, to the surprise of

Carlos Heredia

I've not read the national interests of Mexico spelled out. There hasn't been any sort of open consultation – the online consultation is sort of a joke – but there's nothing saying, We are going to represent the national interest of Mexico, not just the top echelons of business and

Reggie Brown

We are basically an industry under assault. We have family farmers being forced out of business by unfair trade

Floyd Gaibler - US Grains Council

We hope that whatever negotiations are conducted here that agriculture doesn't end up being caught up as a retaliation

Jeff Kleintop

We don't need to have one but it wouldn't surprise me if we did have a pullback. There's still people looking to buy in on the dips, and people have a lot of cash. I would think it would be fairly short-lived. We've got the hurricane season picking up in August. That could influence oil prices and it looks like it could be a more aggressive season this year. We've also got ... really the first substantive NAFTA meeting on Aug. 17 through the

Don Walker - Magna International

I look at NAFTA as a trading partner. We need to make sure we keep it solid, we keep it competitive, because it's Asia, it's Europe that are really competing, and NAFTA has to be competitive. So I think fair trade is good, I think fair trade in the rest of the world is good, and from what I see, and they can tweak it, but it already works pretty efficiently. We've just got to make sure they don't do something to damage the effectiveness of all three countries working

Don Walker - Magna International

I actually think one of the reasons our stock price is underpriced right now is because there's concern with

Ildefonso Guajardo

The majority of recent controversies (with the United States) ... we have won them all in the WTO, which has been for us, a much more efficient mechanism than Chapter 19 of

Lance Fritz - Union Pacific

What makes most sense to us is elements (of Lighthizer's priorities) focusing on the streamlining of freight across the

Lance Fritz - Union Pacific

It was a very reasonable document. From our perspective, he (Lighthizer) hit all of the elements that we've heard from the administration and they make

Robert Lighthizer

President Trump continues to fulfill his promise to renegotiate NAFTA to get a much better deal for all Americans. Too many Americans have been hurt by closed factories, exported jobs, and broken political promises. Under President Trump's leadership, USTR will negotiate a fair deal. We will seek to address America's persistent trade imbalances, break down trade barriers, and give Americans new opportunities to grow their exports. President Trump is reclaiming American prosperity and making our country great

Geronimo Gutierrez

That is not wise ... because it becomes a Christmas tree, everybody wants to hang something onto the Christmas

Geronimo Gutierrez

Investment decisions throughout North America have been, to the best of my knowledge, postponed because of

Geronimo Gutierrez

In all honesty, I can't say that risk has been completely dismissed. No one would sit down and negotiate under a strong threat that at any time he would pull

Ron Wyden

The administration is planning to come to the table with watered down versions of TPP

David MacNaughton

There are many things that [the U.S.] raised that we … take quite a different position. We think it's critical to have some kind of a dispute resolution mechanism incorporated. It was in 1994 and continues to be today and whether or not that dispute resolution mechanism can be improved or modernized, I think we're up for discussion around that. But there needs to be some kind of a dispute resolution mechanism as part of the

Xavier Mosquet - Boston Consulting Group

Vitality in the motor vehicle sector hinges on a globally integrated supply chain. By introducing new tariffs, a border tax and a retreat from NAFTA would greatly impede the industry's relatively smooth and cost-effective flow of goods across borders in North America and around the

Fred Bergsten - Peterson Institute for International Economics

If the current president of Mexico were to capitulate in any major way to Trump's unreasonable demands, then it would be a huge bonanza for Lopez

Ildefonso Guajardo

What is positive is that (the United States) themselves paraphrased that they won't reintroduce quotas or tariffs during this process (of renegotiation). This will all have to be subject to the three sides being in agreement in the

Ildefonso Guajardo

What I have said insistently in my conversations with my colleagues is that we're delighted to review trade balances provided that we focus on how to improve them by expanding commerce, not by reducing

Phil Levy

There's no detail. There's nothing in there where you could say, this is how we get rid of the trade

Rosa DeLauro

People are very concerned about what the direction of NAFTA is. We'll see if they have listened and if they maintained their campaign promises, and if not we'll go into the same mode we did with TPP and defeat

C. Fred Bergsten

Half a dozen major U.S. industries have integrated across North America and their whole business model would be

Andy Shoyer

The TPP, which has been demonized by President Trump, was essentially the renegotiation of

Ron Wyden

It is surprising that in key areas the Trump administration is seeking outcomes that were achieved in the T.P.P., which the president said was a bad

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

It is very consistent with the president's stance on liking trade barriers, liking protectionism. This makes Nafta in many respects less of a free-trade

Donald J. Trump

It is my privilege to bring Nafta up-to-date through renegotiation. I believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and

Richard L. Trumka - AFL-CIO

We will do everything we can to make this a good agreement and to hold the president at this word and make sure we get a renegotiation. If it comes out that it is not a good deal, no deal is better than a bad

Fred Bergsten - Peterson Institute for International Economics

We're talking about an imbalance of US$60 billion and there is no way under the sun that Mexico can eliminate that or even make a big dent in that without doing some really massive uneconomic distortion of trade

Ron Wyden

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to rewrite NAFTA. Trump can't squander this

Ron Wyden

Donald Trump promised to get a better deal than TPP, and Americans are going to be deeply disappointed if he doesn't follow through on NAFTA

Justin Trudeau

Canada is the U.S.'s biggest, best customer by far. No one even comes

Justin Trudeau

Sometimes getting it right means refusing to take the politically tempting shortcuts. More trade barriers, more local content provisions, more preferential access for homegrown players and government procurement, for example, does not help working families over the long term or even the midterm. Canada doesn't want to go there. If anything, we'd like a thinner border for trade, not a thicker one. To boil this down to one point: Canada is the [America's] biggest, best customer – by

Justin Trudeau

NAFTA isn't perfect. No such agreement ever is. We think it should be updated and modernized as it has been a dozen times over the past quarter century. And I have every expectation that it will be to benefit working people in all three

Justin Trudeau

We reach out, we think and we plan, and we thought this would be a great opportunity to step up our engagement with all

Pete McClymont

If the President wants to renegotiate that agreement with our neighbors and partners in Mexico and Canada, please leave the ag(riculture) portion of that discussion

Joe Schuele

Perhaps some other sectors of our economy are given better terms and in exchange for that agriculture tariffs would be

Justin Trudeau

Policies "kill growth. And that hurts the very workers these measures are nominally intended to protect. Once we travel down that road, it can quickly become a cycle of tit-for-tat, a race to the bottom, where all sides lose. If anything, we would like a thinner border, not a thicker

Daryl Haack

I think President Trump is a negotiator. I think he runs bluffs. A lot of negotiators will do

Andres Rozental

As the U.S.'s second biggest market, it's clear we can hit back. (Services are worth) more and more every

Jaime Serra

If we integrate further and make Mexico more competitive versus China ... even if our exports rise, U.S. jobs will rise, because when we export (to the United States), they're exporting too (via U.S. content).feedback

Joe Donnelly

What you're seeing with Carrier is what I call free riders. What they do because of the trade agreement NAFTA, is they ship jobs to Mexico for US$3 an hour, and so they get the benefit of the absolute lowest wages they can find, and then turn around to ship the products back into the United States. I have been fighting alongside these workers for years, arguing that we have an obligation to ensure that federal policies are designed to benefit the U.S. economy, and that we encourage investment in the foundation of our economy – American workers, their families and our

Donald J. Trump

The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers of jobs and companies

Donald J. Trump

We're negotiating NAFTA and some other things with Mexico and we'll see how it all turns out, but I think that we've made very good

Donald J. Trump

Four: I'm going tell our NAFTA partners that I intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for our workers. And I don't mean just a little bit better, I mean a lot better. If they do not agree to a renegotiation, then I will submit notice under Article 2205 of the NAFTA agreement that America intends to withdraw from the

Richard Gold

This takes an irritant off the table, which simplifies NAFTA

Lance Jungmeyer

Now you go to the store and you get whatever you want. But in the meantime, when you have a threat, or even the possibility of a threat, of shutting down trade, that creates a real concern in people's lives. They certainly are very worried about what next year looks

Raul Urteaga Trani - Nafta

We have to send a signal to policy makers in Washington, and emphasize that we are not sitting

David MacNaughton

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that at some point, if they keep doing things that harm Canadian companies, that it's going to be difficult for us to resist doing the

Ralph Goodale

When the relationship is without any great problems, people tend to go to sleep on both sides. Our trade will do better, and our relationship will do better, the more vigorous and outgoing we are. They are so big I think it will be a long time before we have overdone

Dan Ujczo

I don't think companies will see a NAFTA win unless we address

Chrystia Freeland

If you're an American official or legislator, it's been hard to avoid a

Rick Perry

I see this as an opportunity to allow an American natural resource to help bolster both countries' economies. The overall goal of the Trump administration is to sell what Americans make to bolster this economy. If you are selling it to a partner, a neighbor, even

Carlos Pascual - IHS

But the first screams that would go up if the U.S. were to cut off natural gas shipments to Mexico would come from the oil and gas producers in

Matt Blunt

It could make us less competitive as compared to our international peers and affect our ability to export. It could deny us access to supply chains which would drive up costs and could affect sales and ultimately employment within the

Lance Fritz - Union Pacific

In our perspective, we think there is a ripe opportunity to modernize NAFTA. Especially with things like e-commerce and intellectual property, and a couple other items. I think Canada, the United States and Mexico all realize [the need to modernize], and what we hear from the current administration is actually pretty logical in terms of how they are going to address those

Lance Fritz - Union Pacific

Amtrak doesn't have a steady reliable funding source. Their ticket revenue doesn't cover it, the subsidy from the government is always in question and in jeopardy, so they have a pretty heavy lift in terms of solidifying a cash stream. I have all the confidence in [Amtrak CEO] Wick [Moorman], I know him well, and he's identified the challenges in terms of capital investment. So now it's a matter that if the country values Amtrak, it has to step up and support

Kevin Book - ClearView Energy Partners

In the context of an escalating trade war, a cutoff of gas by one side or the other is

Jose Antonio Gonzalez - Pemex

Trade is a win-win, especially in energy. In the case of Mexico and United States it is clearly

Rick Perry

Everybody in the private sector is going to look after their interests and their stockholders' interests. I get that, and that's fine and good. The Trump administration is going to make decisions on how to sell American products, create American jobs, and if that helps bolster the relationship with Mexico and Canada in a North America energy strategy, then there is a lot of reason to

Kelcy Warren - Energy Transfer Partners

Rick Perry is a really good friend of mine and he is a bright guy. He understands the energy business quite well, and it gives me great comfort that he is in that

Wilbur Ross

So, I don't know whether we'll be able to do that. But we're certainly mindful of the calendar and the fact that the calendar is fundamentally not our

Donald J. Trump

I think NAFTA has been a catastrophic trade deal for the United

Brian Mulroney

What we should do is what we've been doing: We keep our heads down and our mouths shut. We're not some pushover little country. Hell, the Americans should be more fearful of us than

Brian Mulroney

What we should do is what we've been doing: We keep our heads down and our mouths shut. Don't take the bait. We deal with this at the negotiating

Brian Mulroney

As you know, whatever Donald Trump thinks in the White House, so does everyone else. We should keep our heads down, our mouths shut and deal with this at the negotiating table. Don't take the bait. It's at the bargaining table where we can make our comments, caustic or

Robert J. Samuelson

The idea that Canada and Mexico are going to offer us vast new markets — without corresponding U.S. concessions — seems to be wishful

John Murphy

The chamber supports this effort to modernize the NAFTA, taking into account technological, economic, and other changes in the U.S., North American, and global economies in recent

Angela Merkel

I hope these talks are a big success. And I'd like to offer thanks that the interests of German companies are also being taken into

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

If you look at Indiana's economy, it makes sense that Pence would develop a pro-trade stance. Slightly more than half of the state's metro areas have exports accounting for more than 10 percent of gross metro product. Moreover, Indiana's automotive industry, which helped power the state's strong recovery after the Great Recession, relies on a seamless North American supply chain, provided for under NAFTA. Therefore, I assume that he would hesitate to create any NAFTA-related uncertainty, based on his experience in

Hung Tran

Looking back at the first five months of the year, it is clear that near-term threats of trade conflict have subsided significantly. All the threat of naming China as currency manipulators, the increase in tariffs, abandonment of NAFTA did not come to pass. Assuming ongoing improvement in global and EM growth and a gradual, well-communicated path of Fed tightening through 2018, we are now a bit more optimistic on EM capital

Eswar Prasad - The Brookings Institution

Conducting the negotiation on sugar trade against the background of a broader renegotiation of Nafta gave the United States significant bargaining leverage. A ratcheting-up of trade tensions could well have poisoned the broader negotiations, an outcome that Mexico clearly wanted to

Juan Cortina Gallardo

We definitely gave up a lot. Besides it making sense for the Mexican industry to sign the agreements, it also makes sense for Mexico to finish the agreement in a successful manner because of

Mark Recker

It's up to us to explain why trade is important. And I think they're reacting to that

Mark Recker

The perception of changes hurts the market. Once you lose a market, it's very difficult to get that market back. Food is national security to them, and we need to take it very seriously. We're working with our senators and other organizations to let the administration

Daniel Pearson - Cato Institute

If it had melted down, the NAFTA conversation would have been more difficult. The fact that an agreement could be reached on a sensitive topic like (sugar) bodes well for dealing with sensitive talks in

Pedro Ocampo

All companies want to reach the final consumer because that's where you get the best price. So it's only fair that (Mexican) companies also sell their sugar to final

Narciso Hernandez

We don't believe anything the PRI says anymore. We just don'

John Bode - Corn Refiners Association

From our perspective, if we meet our sugar import needs from elsewhere, we don't gain any jobs, but if we lose our corn syrup market in Mexico – that's

Andrew I. Rudman - ManattJones Global Strategies

If you cave on sugar if you're Mexico, then what does that say about what you're going to do in Nafta negotiations?feedback

Adam Putnam

Unfortunately, the current trade environment created under NAFTA is anything but a fair and level playing field for Florida's

Ramon Paz

Our first strategy is to continue shipping to the U.S. market. Our second strategy is diversify – and we are working on that too. There is no harm for the California producers but benefits actually. Imports of avocados from Mexico have increased demand in such a way that nowadays California producers sell all they can

Tom LaFaille

Canada maintains discriminatory and burdensome nontariff trade barriers impeding U.S. wine

Christopher Thornberg - Beacon Economics

Canada is by far and away the bigger partner. We actually import more from Mexico than we

Annemarie Pender

We believe the NAFTA rule of origin, which establishes the highest threshold of any free trade agreement the U.S. has ever negotiated, should remain

Eduardo Solis

Our position is that the trade agreement has been a success, and we shouldn't be touching something as important as the rules of origin. In terms of access to markets and rules of origin, what we have is a shared position. We need to remain cautious and at the same time prepare the data that shows why NAFTA has been a success for the three

Deborah Elms

For countries like Chile, they live in a difficult

Ildefonso Guajardo

It is in the best interest of Mexico to be linked to the Asian economies. We are now creating a new membership…in order to not waste the negotiating capital we have invested in

Todd McClay

I've formally written to the Pacific Alliance members requesting that New Zealand become an associate member. We see South America, along with Mercosur, with Europe, with Asia, our relations with the U.S. as very important to New Zealand trade

Paulina Nazal Aranda - Pacific Alliance

It's well known that New Zealand and Australia are in the top list for us to initiate this kind of

Wesley Spurlock - National Corn Growers Association

Mr. President, America's corn farmers helped elect you. Withdrawing from NAFTA would be disastrous for American

Wilbur Ross

The way were going to go away about is product by product, country by

Luis Videgaray

We understand that this is a 25-year-old agreement, when it was negotiated. The world has changed, we've learned a lot, and we can make it better. We can make this a negotiation that is good for the three parties involved, certainly, under a win-win

Steve Censky - American Soybean Association

The trade agreements that we've had have been very beneficial. We need to take care not to blow the significant gains that agriculture has

Sonny Perdue

I tried to demonstrate to him that in the agricultural market, sometimes words like 'withdraw' or 'terminate' can have a major impact on

Aaron Lehman

You don't start off trade negotiations ... by picking fights with your trade partners that are completely

Robert Lighthizer

As a starting point for negotiations, we should build on what has worked in NAFTA and change and improve what has not. If renegotiations result in a fairer deal for American workers there is value in making the transition to a modernized NAFTA as seamless as possible. As the president has said, we are going to give renegotiation a good strong

Robert Lighthizer

We note that Nafta was renegotiated 25 years ago, and while our economy and businesses have changed considerably over that period, Nafta has not. Big isn't a good enough word.

Tom Donahue - US Chamber of Commerce

If we all do our jobs well, the result will be a stronger agreement that spurs economic growth and job creation, not just in the United States, but across North

Robert Lighthizer

I would note that many of these negotiations will be bilateral and many of the issues are bilateral, but our hope is that we will end up with a structure that is similar to what we have now. If that proves to be impossible, we will move in another direction. We should build on what has worked in NAFTA, but change and improve what has

Wilbur Ross

Since the signing of NAFTA, we have seen our manufacturing industry decimated, factories shuttered, and countless workers left jobless. President Trump is going to change that. I look forward working with the President, Ambassador Lighthizer, and our counterparts from Mexico and Canada, to find a solution that is both fair and beneficial for all

Nancy Pelosi

The president's vague NAFTA letter is a stark contrast with the aggressive promises he made to hard-working families during the campaign. For all his rhetoric, President Trump looks to be sorely disappointing American workers on

Kevin Brady

We look forward to working with the administration to strengthen the agreement in a seamless way and ensure that we retain the current benefits for American workers, farmers and

Chrystia Freeland

We are at an important juncture that offers us an opportunity to determine how we can best align Nafta to new realities – and integrate progressive, free and fair approaches to trade and investment. We are steadfastly committed to free trade in the North American region and to ensuring that the benefits of trade are enjoyed by all

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

Donald Trump promised that he'd fix Nafta on his first day in office. One hundred and nineteen days later, he has managed to send Congress a two-page letter that fails to include any real plan to fix a deal that has undermined environmental protections, eliminated jobs, undercut wages, polluted our air and water, and fueled climate

Robert Lighthizer

Today, President Trump fulfilled one of his key promises to the American people. For years, politicians have called for the renegotiation of this agreement, but President Trump is the first to follow through with that promise. Moreover, establishing effective implementation and aggressive enforcement of the commitments made by our trading partners under our trade agreements is vital to the success of those agreements and should be improved in the context of

Frederic Garcia

There was a moment where the probability, or the perception that NAFTA would end, was very strong. But today I think there's an awareness that it will continue. The big worry that the deal could come to an end is an issue that's behind us. As far as the U.S. firms in the CEEG go, from the first day of the new U.S. administration they've stated their great interest to continue operating in Mexico (and) their great interest to continue investing in

Charles Grassley

It sounds to me like it's going to be trilateral unless there's problems that come up with that sort of machinery, then of course they would do it

Emily Schillinger - Brady

Chairman Brady is looking forward to meeting with Ambassador Lighthizer this week with our committee members and HAGON members. These conversations will be an important opportunity to discuss the NAFTA process and other

Julia Lawless

The meetings will give members the opportunity to meet directly with Ambassador Lighthizer and discuss how Congress can work with the administration to advance a strong pro-growth trade agenda, including ideas to modernize

Robert Lighthizer

I am grateful to have been asked by the President to serve him on this very important issue of international trade. I further believe that when my grandchildren, who are here today, talk to their grandchildren, they will say that President Trump permanently reversed the dangerous trajectory of American trade, put America first, made our farmers, ranchers, and workers richer, and the country safer. And I hope I can make some small contribution to that

Ben Sasse
John McCain

Unfortunately, your confirmation process has failed to reassure us that you understand the North American Free Trade Agreement's (NAFTA) positive economic benefits to our respective States and the nation as a

Jack Ablin

I'm concerned that small caps are not doing anything. It's an indictment or skepticism this policy will occur. I think people are starting to discount what Trump says. Why is Mexico outperforming the U.S. so much with all this talk about a wall and NAFTA? Why are municipal bonds keeping pace with taxable bonds. I thought they were supposed to go down with tax

Ildefonso Guajardo

The precondition to negotiating NAFTA is that we can't go back to the

Ildefonso Guajardo

We will use (the China visit) geopolitically as strategic leverage. It sends the signal that we have many alternatives. We all know that China is not a free trader, that's the reality. If NAFTA disappears, I can export cars (to the United States) paying 2.5 percent tariffs. If they want to export yellow corn to me, I can raise tariffs to inaccessible levels. But to make that strategy credible, I have to broaden our agreements with Brazil and

Orrin Hatch

I told Mr. Lighthizer there are definitely opportunities to update and improve Nafta, but it is important that the administration follow the spirit of the Hippocratic oath: First do no

Rafael Camarena - Santander

Consumer confidence is recovering after the January shock. It's a temporary

Bill Adams - Ibc

If financial markets get tired of thinking about trade policy as it relates to the

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

The Mexican economy has its problems, but it has arguably been the best-performing Latin American economy in recent years. It has become less dependent on the ups and downs in oil prices, and more integrated into the global supply chain. Given its young population, Mexico has a bright economic future, particularly if it is able to address its problem with crime and

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

Those apparel, textile and light manufacturing jobs will simply go to other lower-cost producers in other parts of the

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

Even if NAFTA should be changed in favor of the U.S., it is very unlikely that this will mean that the jobs the U.S. lost to Mexico in the decade after NAFTA was passed will ever come back to the