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Our mission must be to work with the people of Britain to transfer wealth, power and opportunity to the many from the few. For the first time in a long time we can provide a politics of hope and a politics for the
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Sep 23 2017
The latest quote from Jeremy Corbyn is: “It's without question the Labour party is the party of women's equality, no matter who else might try to claim that mantle. I acknowledge that the Tories have a woman leader, but their policies have actually hurt women a lot.”. It comes from the Corbyn says greater role for grassroots will help him become PM article. You’ll find on this page 401 articles with Jeremy Corbyn quoted on topics such as Britain, European Union and parliament. Jeremy Corbyn has been quoted 583 times in 401 articles.
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Jeremy Corbyn quotes

Sep 11 2017 - Labour Party

We want a relationship which allows us to trade within the single market. Whether that's formal membership - which is only possible, I believe, if you are actually a member of the EU - or whether it's an agreed trading relationship, is open for

Sep 09 2017 - Nepal

We cannot ignore that this is the latest in an increasing number of extreme weather events: from the floods that affected millions in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal to Tropical Storm Harvey and the terrible mudslides in Sierra

Sep 06 2017 - Labour Party

None more so than Stormzy who – instead of signing to a major record label – has used his own label to top the charts and change the face of music in this

Sep 06 2017 - Labour Party

This last year we have seen dramatic political events across the world. And against that backdrop we have seen the emergence of incredible, powerful

Sep 06 2017 - Labour Party

Whether speaking out against racism or supporting the victims of Grenfell, he's remained true to his roots and committed to his values

Sep 06 2017 - Labour Party

He is one of London's most inspiring young men, encouraging his listeners to vote, pray and speak openly about mental

Sep 04 2017 - Labour Party

So I'm going through the process alright? I won't go any further than

Sep 04 2017 - Labour Party

I would say 'where is my lunch?' and they would say 'yours is a special meal', like there is something badly wrong with you and they would bring this thing along. It was usually pretty grim when it got

Sep 04 2017 - Labour Party

I got fed up of going on a plane in the 80s and everyone would get their regulation rubber chicken and whatever with

Sep 04 2017 - Labour Party

It's a fair question. I eat more and more vegan food, and have more and more vegan friends, indeed there are quite a lot of vegan MPs actually - not a lot but there are some. I think what has improved so much is vegetarian and vegan food has got so much better in recent

Sep 04 2017 - McDonald's

Their demands – an end to zero-hours contracts by the end of the year, union recognition and a £10 per hour minimum wage – are just, and should be

Aug 29 2017 - Labour Party

I want to thank Kez for her tireless service to our party and movement, and look forward to campaigning with her in

Aug 27 2017 - Human Rights

I think there has to be an arrangement in the long term with Europe, which is one of tariff-free trade access to Europe, which is protection of the rights and regulations and gains we've made from Europe on workers rights, environment protections and consumer rights, and have continued membership of European institutions, particularly the European court of human rights, but there are many others as

Aug 25 2017 - Labour Party

Invest in the future of all us. Invest in better transport systems; invest in sustainable jobs in new industries; invest in communities; invest in decent housing. You then create the virtuous circle of increasing employment in all those industries and providing a common good for all. You don't cut your way to prosperity: you improve people's lives by investing in the future. If money was found to bail out the banks then surely the money should be available to support and invest in communities all across the

Aug 25 2017 - Labour Party

[If] you cut and destroy public services, they are not there for anybody later on in life. Even the very richest get heart attacks; even the very richest may get cancer; even the very richest homes might catch fire. At that point they need an ambulance service. At that point they need a hospital. At that point they need a fire service. I simply say to the Tory party, think again about the direction you're taking the country

Aug 25 2017 - Labour Party

I'm saying to the government: halt this closure programme, halt the closure of this centre here, don't destroy the 600 jobs that are available here that are important as an economic contributor to this town. Instead think again. Think about the role of government in supporting people. Think again about the punitive way in which you operate your

Aug 20 2017

Many well-off people I speak to, in Islington and around the country, would be quite happy to pay more tax to fund better public services or to pay down our debts. Opinion polls bear this out - better off people are no less likely to support higher

Aug 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

My thoughts are with those killed and injured, and the emergency services working to save

Aug 17 2017 - Labour Party

The fire has raised profound concerns about the way that social housing is provided and managed in this country, and I as well as many survivors worry that without a wider focus, the inquiry will fail to get fully to grips with the causes of the

Aug 16 2017

The work clearly has to be done and I've been listening to Big Ben for many years and I'll certainly miss it, so if we can have ... some kind of playing of Big Ben's sound would be a very good

Aug 16 2017

I have accepted Sarah Champion's resignation and thank her for her work in the shadow cabinet. I look forward to working together in

Aug 16 2017 - Islamophobia

In recent days, the Sun has published statements that incite Islamophobia and stigmatise entire communities. That is wrong, dangerous and must be condemned, as Naz Shah's public letter does in the clearest possible terms. The interests of victims of sexual abuse and the rigorous investigation into the underlying causes of that abuse are damaged by this kind of bigotry and

Aug 16 2017 - Ku Klux Klan

Surely for goodness sake have we not learnt the lessons of what happened in the earlier part of the 20th century, surely we have learned the lessons of the brave people that marched from Selma to Montgomery, there can be no return to those

Aug 16 2017 - Trump Presidency

I hope President Trump will recognise he is the president of the United States. And that includes all of the people of the United

Aug 14 2017 - Mexico

There are stories of his heroism while living in Mexico in exile and then the boat to Cuba, the march to Havana and the revolution in 1959. He managed to bring good quality health services to all the people of Cuba, good quality education to all the people of Cuba and, of course, he had a foreign policy which was global, but particularly important in Southern Africa in supporting Angola against the apartheid

Aug 14 2017 - Labour Party

Yes, I'm spending the summer campaigning around the country, but everywhere I go I make sure I have time to meet and listen to different people and different groups, and I learn a lot by that. It does mean that when we're writing policy documents you think, hang on, this isn't practical, it wouldn't work. Let's do something

Aug 13 2017 - Labour Party

Trump and Kim must immediately wind down the war of rhetoric, as the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has demanded. The risks of an unintended escalation into full-blown conflict are too great for the whole world. We cannot play fast and loose with nuclear weapons and nuclear threats. Our government must press for measured responses to bring the temperature

Aug 13 2017 - Labour Party

Our government must not drag our country into any military action over the Korea crisis, including joint

Aug 13 2017 - Labour Party

There can be no question of blind loyalty to the erratic and belligerent Trump administration. US-led regime-change wars and the threat of more to come have made this crisis more dangerous and difficult to

Aug 11 2017

The idea that anyone can contemplate using nuclear weapons at any stage against anybody is unthinkable. There is no such thing as an isolated nuclear attack. It will kill millions on both sides of the Korean border and, of course, in neighboring

Aug 11 2017 - Labour Party

If Theresa May is back from her holiday yet, perhaps she's listening. It would be a really good idea to have another walk, have an epiphany moment while you're walking and come along with a proposal to dissolve parliament and have another election. We're ready for it at any

Aug 10 2017 - Labour Party

Labour would, firstly, properly fund our NHS by putting emergency money in. Secondly we'd lift the pay cap to ensure there are sufficient staff at the NHS to stay there and do the work, and thirdly invest urgently in reinstating the nurse bursary so that we have a good number of nurses for the

Aug 10 2017 - Labour Party

The times to see a doctor are increasing, the times to be treated in A&E departments are increasing, the times to get elective surgery are increasing. We can't go on like this. The NHS is something we all rely on. It's up to government to make sure it's there for everybody all the

Aug 07 2017 - Labour Party

There has to be a dialogue and a process that respects the independence of the judiciary and respects the human rights of all. What I condemn is the violence that's been done by any side and all sides in this. Violence is not going to solve the

Aug 01 2017 - Labour Party

This is not sport. Kroenke should stick to football if he wants to be involved in sport. In my mind 'blood sport' is a contradiction and there should be no place on television or anywhere else for

Aug 01 2017 - Labour Party

I'm appalled at the glorification of killing wild and rare animals on this TV channel. As an Arsenal fan I'm disgusted that Stan Kroenke is involved in such a brutal, unethical and unnecessary

Jul 27 2017 - Homosexuality

Homophobic hate crime must be treated as seriously as hate crime based on race and faith, by being made an aggravated offence. I am proud of the role the Labour party played in these advances, by equalising the age of consent, introducing the Equality Act, equalising adoption laws, and legislating for civil partnerships for same-sex couples. Labour also repealed the deplorable section 28 in

Jul 26 2017 - Israel

There are members of my local branch that now won't speak with me because they know I'm Jewish. This was never the case and only started in the last two years. Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those various self-styled Islamic states or

Jul 25 2017 - Labour Party

The mayor will go as far as the law allows in his new London Plan to ensure rules applying to such spaces are no more onerous than those that apply on publicly owned

Jul 25 2017 - Labour Party

We must reclaim our public spaces from the corporate interests who want to control them. Our country's laws should govern public space, not secretive private rules. City life is made rich and exciting by our varied shared spaces. They should be run in the interests of the many not the

Jul 24 2017

We never said we would completely abolish it because we were unaware of the size of it at the

Jul 23 2017 - Labour Party

It would be a managed thing on the basis of the skills required. What there wouldn't be is whole-scale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe in order to destroy conditions, particularly in the construction industries. You prevent agencies recruiting for jobs like that, you advertise for jobs in the locality first … It would be on the basis on the economic need and skills required. The need for nurses is huge … we have to be sensible about

Jul 23 2017 - Labour Party

We'd also look at a 20-1 ratio between the chief executive and the lowest-paid staff in every public-sector

Jul 23 2017 - Labour Party

The single market is dependent on membership of the EU. What we have said all along is that we want a tariff free trade access to the European market and a partnership with Europe in the future. The two things are inextricably linked so the question then is the kind of trade relationship of the future and we have made it very clear we want a tariff free trade access with the European

Jul 19 2017

We first worked together in the early 1980s defending school meals in Barnet and I last saw her at a Labour national executive

Jul 19 2017

First of all, we want to get rid of student fees

Jul 19 2017 - Terrorism

It is no good Theresa May suppressing a report into the foreign funding of extremist groups. We have to get serious about cutting off the funding to these terror networks, including ISIS here and in the Middle

Jul 19 2017 - Labour Party

Given the prime minister has had to administer a slap-down to her squabbling cabinet, does she think the chancellor is actually talking about her own ministers? The prime minister doesn't seem to have had any problem finding money to pay for the DUP's support. Can I invite the prime minister to take a check with reality on this? I look along that frontbench opposite and I see a cabinet bickering and backbiting while the economy gets weaker and people are pushed further into

Jul 19 2017 - Labour Party

Discrimination has gone on too long. The Gender Recognition Act does not allow trans people to self-identify their gender and forces them to undergo invasive medical tests. This is wrong. Labour recognised this in our manifesto, pledging to update the act. Theresa May told Pink News that 'changes need to be made' but failed to include anything on this in the Conservative

Jul 19 2017 - Northern Ireland

So, I say to her today, Labour will help you keep your promise. Bring forward a bill to update the act and improve trans rights and Labour will back you. You can give your MPs and the DUP a free vote and Labour will make it

Jul 17 2017 - Labour Party

We would be disrespecting the memory of those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire, and putting further lives at risk, if we fail to fully learn these lessons. It is therefore our view that an immediate inquiry into the proximate causes of the Grenfell Tower fire should be supplemented by a longer-term, more wide-ranging inquiry into the underlying causes of what went wrong and the extent to which they are replicated on a national

Jul 17 2017 - Labour Party

There is widespread recognition that Grenfell Tower residents and victims' families deserve rapid answers to these questions, and that any undue delay risks adding to the intolerable levels of suffering they have already

Jul 17 2017 - Labour Party

With this in mind, I urge you to consider broadening the inquiry team to a model more similar to that used in the Macpherson Inquiry, including with representation from those from minority backgrounds, in order to support the judge leading this

Jul 15 2017 - Brexit

We do recognise the results of the referendum of a year

Jul 13 2017 - Labour Party

We had a frank discussion about the process and the situation. We have come out of the meeting very well informed about his methods and his process and we have been able to inform him about our respect for the result of the referendum, our wish to maintain and defend jobs in Britain and have an effective economic relationship with Europe in

Jul 13 2017

This is a government in name only, having to ask other parties to 'clarify and improve' its policies and delaying most Parliamentary business until the

Jul 13 2017 - Labour Party

We are forming an opinion of what the EU wants in this and representing the views of people that voted for us, particularly about the future of jobs in the

Jul 08 2017 - Labour Party

Please leave it, I will talk to you in a moment. Somebody wants to have a chat with me about a couple of things. I'm very happy to do that in a moment. I do talk to

Jul 08 2017 - Labour Party

Unease, that a society can go on in this direction with poverty and inequality alongside very rapidly rising huge individual wealth for a small number of people. I've got good news for the Tories: I know they're living through a nightmare at the moment. I'm somebody, as you're very well aware, that doesn't get involved in personal abuse and would never exploit somebody else's misfortune – so I want to help these Tories out of their nightmare. Feel free, at any time, to resign and we'll have another general

Jul 07 2017 - Labour Party

I haven't been watching it, but I'd advise that Marcel needs a vote. We should give him a vote. He needs a bit of, shall I say,

Jul 07 2017 - Labour Party

Those MPs who are popular with their members, which may well be the vast majority, should have no problem getting reselected. But it's unreasonable to think we as MPs can avoid any

Jul 06 2017 - Terrorism

If Theresa May is serious about cutting off financial and ideological support for terrorism, she should publish the suppressed report on foreign funding of UK-based extremism and have difficult conversations with Saudia Arabia, not hug Saudi and allied Gulf states even

Jul 06 2017 - Labour Party

We believe that education is a public good, that businesses, large and small, prosper when education, skills and training are given laser-like attention by a committed government. We need to encourage the creativity that's there in every child, not suppress

Jul 06 2017 - Labour Party

I think have to have some degree of certainty and confidence for the future. We cannot go [on] with these levels of regional disparity, we cannot go on with the underfunding of so many of our public services and we cannot go on loading every generation with debts of £50,000 or £60,000, which at some point will be so serious there will be a shortage of people to go to university because they simply can't countenance the idea of that level of debt. The result is we all

Jul 06 2017 - Labour Party

We need to ensure that everyone – workers, government and businesses – share in the benefits that new technology can

Jul 06 2017 - Labour Party

There are no short cuts. If we are to create a high-skill, high-wage and high-productivity economy we're going to have to invest more to upgrade our economy for the 21st century. And that will mean businesses paying a bit more tax to invest in education while still maintaining low tax rates by historical and international

Jul 06 2017 - Labour Party

I think we should be prepared to raise to what would still be a lower level than the average of the G7 as a way of investing in our future. I don't see a future for this country of being a sort of low-tax haven on the shores of Europe. I see the future of this country as one that has a close partnership with the European Union, a tariff-free trade access to Europe and a similarity in taxation

Jul 05 2017 - G20

We have to get serious about cutting off the funding to these terror networks, including Isis here and in the Middle East. We will work closely with international partners to tackle this shared global threat, including at the upcoming G20

Jul 05 2017 - Labour Party

The low-pay epidemic is a threat to our economic stability. So can she take some tough choices and instead of offering platitudes, offer some real help, and real support for those in work, young people who deserve better and deserve to be given more optimism rather than greater inequality?feedback

Jul 05 2017 - Labour Party

There is a low-pay epidemic in this country and it has a terrible effect on young people. Those in their 20s will earn £12,500 a year less than the generation that went before them – the first generation to be worse off than the

Jul 05 2017 - Labour Party

I was hoping she was going to say a bit more about NHS staff and their pay during her birthday greetings. After a week of flip-flopping and floundering, we thought we'd got some clarity from Downing Street at last. While we do that, we will always recognise the need to makes those decisions against the need to live within our

Jul 01 2017 - London

Grenfell taught us a message about housing, taught us a message that so many people are frightened of living in tower blocks, frightened of the danger, frightened of the insecurity. That is the face of modern Britain with the Tories. That is the face of modern Britain with austerity. End austerity and invest in the future. Invest in decent

Jul 01 2017

You shouldn't draw easy conclusions from results like this. There is a lot of analysis that is still to be done. But there are some rather obvious things. People under 40 were worried about the future of public services and genuinely wanted a fairer society and they have a government that doesn't really believe in

Jun 30 2017 - Labour Party

To break away like that is politically unhelpful at a time when the entire Labour Party is buzzing because we did far better in the general

Jun 29 2017 - British elections 2017

Labour won support in every region and nation of Britain for our jobs-first Brexit approach and our policies that would transfer wealth, power and opportunity to the many from the

Jun 28 2017 - London

It is plain to see that seven years of cuts to our emergency services has made us less safe. It's time to make a

Jun 28 2017 - Labour Party

I think I can help the prime minister with this issue. When you cut local authority budgets by 40% you end up with fewer building control inspectors. When you cut local authority budgets by 40% we all pay a price in public safety – fewer inspectors, fewer building control inspectors, fewer planning inspectors, we all pay a

Jun 28 2017 - Labour Party

What the tragedy of Grenfell Tower has exposed is the disastrous effects of austerity, this disregard for working class communities, the terrible consequences of deregulation and cutting corners. I urge the prime minister to come up with the resources needed to test and remove cladding, retrofit sprinklers, properly fund the fire service and police, so that all our communities can truly feel safe in own homes. This disaster must be a wake-up

Jun 26 2017 - Article 50

She wanted a landslide and she lost her majority. Now her mandate is in tatters, but the prime minister still insists she's the best person to get a good deal for Britain. The truth is this country needs a new approach to

Jun 26 2017 - Northern Ireland

Where is the money for the Tory-DUP deal coming from? And, will all parts of the U.K. receive the much-needed additional funding that Northern Ireland will get as part of the deal?feedback

Jun 26 2017 - Labour Party

The truth is it is too little, too late. That could have been done and should have been done a year ago when Labour put that very proposal to the House of Commons. But by making an offer only after the negotiations have begun, the prime minister has dragged the issue of EU citizens and families deep into the complex and delicate negotiations of our future trade relations with the European Union, which she herself has been willing to say may result in failure. This isn't a generous offer. This is confirmation the government is prepared to use people as bargaining

Jun 26 2017

The commentariat got it wrong. The elites got it wrong. Politics is about the lives of all of us, and the wonderful campaign that I was involved with, that I was so proud to lead, brought people back into politics because they believed there was something on offer for them. But what was even more inspiring was the number of young people who got involved for the first

Jun 25 2017 - London

This is now a nationwide threat and the Prime Minister needs to get a grip and lead a national response, including convening the Cobra committee to coordinate Government and public

Jun 25 2017 - Labour Party

I voted against the renewal. Everybody knows that because I wanted to go in a different direction. That is the decision that's been taken; I respect that decision going

Jun 24 2017 - Labour Party

I think we should adopt a maxim in life that everyone we meet is unique. Everyone we meet knows something that we don't know, is slightly different to us in some ways. Don't see them as a threat, don't see them as an enemy. See them as a source of knowledge, a source of friendship and a source of

Jun 24 2017 - Labour Party

And if you see that far look at the wall that surrounds this wonderful festival. There's a message on that wall for President Donald Trump, . You know what it says? Build bridges, not

Jun 24 2017 - Labour Party

A general election will come, I hope very soon. We're on it, we're ready for it, we will knock on doors that haven't seen investment for a very long time. We're ready for another election as soon as you are. Let's do it, above all,

Jun 24 2017 - Labour Party

This is a disruptive and worrying time for

Jun 23 2017

You're absolutely right. Yes, the £10 an hour living wage, real living wage, is correct and also should apply to all workers, because I don't think young people eat less than old people - that's my experience

Jun 23 2017 - Labour Party

I appear on the stage to make my speech about football culture and music culture and people started chanting. When you are at the stage, you can't actually hear everything that is going on. Then I'm looking at these guys chanting and I realise they are smiling, so I paused and realised what they were chanting. I was quite moved,

Jun 23 2017 - Labour Party

Thank you for giving me a few minutes. And remember, this election IS. ABOUT. YOU!feedback

Jun 22 2017 - London

This has been a wake-up call for the whole country. Residents of tower blocks all over the country are concerned, worried and frightened for their own safety. What we need is a step change in our attitude towards housing in this

Jun 22 2017 - London

At least 79 people are dead – it is both a tragedy and an outrage because every single one of those deaths could and should have been avoided. The pattern is consistent: Working-class people's voices are ignored, their concerns dismissed by those in

Jun 22 2017 - Northern Ireland

I'll say this about Ulster men and Ulster women, we are no

Jun 22 2017 - Sex

At least 79 people are dead – it is both a tragedy and an outrage because every single one of those deaths could and should have been

Jun 22 2017

We will use every opportunity to vote down government policies that failed to win public support and we will use every opportunity to win support for our

Jun 21 2017

From Cardiff to Canterbury, from Stockton to Kensington, people chose hope over fear, and they sent an unequivocal message that austerity must be brought to an end. Seven years of Conservative rule has left wages falling, inflation rising, the pound falling, personal debt rising and the economy slowing. By no stretch of the imagination could any of that be described as strong or

Jun 19 2017 - London

An attack on a mosque, an attack on a synagogue, an attack on a church, is actually an attack on all of us. We have to protect each other's faith, each other's way of life. That's what makes us a strong society and

Jun 19 2017

I've been in touch with the mosques, police and Islington council regarding the incident. My thoughts are with those and the community affected by this awful

Jun 19 2017 - Islamophobia

As I said here two weeks ago, there has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years – and that means extremism of any kind, including

Jun 18 2017 - British elections 2017

Occupy it, compulsory purchase it, requisition it – there's a lot of things you can

Jun 18 2017 - Labour Party

Every day at Heathrow, planes get delayed. Hundreds of people get stranded at airports all over the

Jun 18 2017 - Labour Party

Somehow or other, it seems to be beyond the wit of the public services to deal with the crisis facing a relatively small number of people in a country of 65

Jun 18 2017 - Labour Party

People with a lot of money but a house, buy a flat, keep it

Jun 18 2017

They have lost control. They seem mesmerised by the gravity of the

Jun 17 2017

I am also very concerned to ensure that this public inquiry is not used to delay any parallel actions which might be taken by interested parties. It is important that justice is served in as comprehensive and timely way

Jun 15 2017 - London

The ward where this fire took place is, I think, the poorest ward in the whole country and properties must be found - requisitioned if necessary - to make sure those residents do get re-housed

Jun 15 2017 - London

It can't be acceptable that in London we have luxury buildings and luxury flats left empty as land banking for the future while the homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live. We have to address these

Jun 15 2017 - London

Every single person that lives in a high rise apartment today is going to be thinking, How safe am I?feedback

Jun 15 2017

We have to get to the bottom of this. The truth has got to come out and it

Jun 15 2017

They're very angry that they have raised concerns about this building, that the Grenfell Action Group raised concerns about this building, that their concerns were not answered, questions they asked were not responded

Jun 15 2017 - London

The truth has got to come out and will come

Jun 15 2017 - London

They're very angry that they have raised concerns about this building, that the Grenfell Action Group raised concerns about this building, that their concerns were not answered, questions they asked were not responded to … There are hundreds of thousands of people living in tower blocks all over this country. Every single person living in a high-rise building will be frightened, will be traumatised, and will be very, very worried. They just said, When you get back to parliament, speak for us, about what we feel, speak for us, and get answers, because we are not going to be treated

Jun 13 2017

We have lost a much-loved colleague, a real talent and a dedicated campaigner for social justice and peace. We have been so busy focusing on creating a legacy for Jo, which is exactly what we want to do, but that has to slow down at some

Jun 13 2017

I've had moments. I've broken down in tears at the traffic lights and I remember sitting on the steps at home at 4 o'clock in the morning just uncontrollably

Jun 13 2017

Jo Cox died doing her public duty at the heart of our democracy, listening to and representing the people she was elected to serve. It is a profoundly important cause for us

Jun 13 2017

But they have actually been quite sporadic and I think I need a bit more time to really understand what's

Jun 13 2017 - Hezbollah

It will be my pleasure and my honor to host an event in parliament, where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking. ... I also invited friends from Hamas to speak as

Jun 13 2017 - NATO

NATO belligerence threatens us

Jun 13 2017 - Single market

The single market is a requirement of EU membership and since we won't be EU members there will have to be an arrangement

Jun 13 2017 - Northern Ireland

We will continue to take the fight to the Tories and I will be out campaigning around the country in Conservative marginals in those extra seats we need to gain to deliver the government for the many that almost 13 million people voted for last

Jun 13 2017 - Northern Ireland

So now the election is over, the next phase of our campaign to win power for the majority has already begun. We must remain in permanent campaign mode on a general election footing. We achieved what we did last Thursday because we were a united party during the campaign and we need to maintain that unity and collective discipline in the weeks and months

Jun 13 2017 - Labour Party

They wanted our parliament to represent them, and deliver change for them. And I am looking forward to this parliament, like no other parliament ever before, to challenge, and hopefully to bring about that

Jun 13 2017 - British elections 2017

I'm sure she will agree with me that democracy is a wondrous thing and can throw up some very unexpected

Jun 13 2017 - British elections 2017

We look forward to this parliament, however short it might be, that we can be the voice for change in our society. More people, particularly young people, than ever before, took part in this recent general election. They took part because they wanted to see things done differently in our

Jun 11 2017 - Northern Ireland

Is it credible that with all the issues facing our country, all the issues of inequality, injustice and the Brexit talks and everything else, that you have a government that cannot actually gain a majority in the House of Commons except by doing a deal with a very socially conservative DUP? Come on, we need something more responsible than

Jun 11 2017 - British elections 2017

I can still be prime minister. This is still

Jun 11 2017 - Labour Party

We didn't have separate messages – one for the old, one for the young, one for the

Jun 11 2017 - British elections 2017

Nearly 13 million people voted for us to do it. That's why I'm here. The enthusiasm was infectious and, of course, it infected me as well. It was great. The fundamental message I was putting forward is that we're strong as a

Jun 11 2017 - Labour Party

We had a message of hope. And that was for everyone. And that ideal is a basic human condition. I've worked as hard as I can over the last seven weeks. I know we can do

Jun 11 2017 - Labour Party

The enthusiasm was infectious and, of course, it infected me as well. It was great. The fundamental message I was putting forward is that we're strong as a

Jun 11 2017 - Inequality

We have got a mandate to deal with issues of poverty, justice and inequality in Britain. We want to end austerity and invest in this country and that's what we're going to

Jun 11 2017 - Labour Party

There's been one or two difficulties at times with the parliamentary party but let's put that behind us. The party came together around a brilliant manifesto and came together for a result that you and many others never expected. Do you know what? It's

Jun 11 2017

I'm not going to appoint the shadow cabinet here on the programme. Yes, of course we are going to reach out, ever since I became leader I had reached

Jun 11 2017 - Brexit

We will put forward a position in which we negotiate tariff-free access to the European market and legislate after

Jun 11 2017 - Brexit

We cannot go on with a period of great instability. We have a programme, we have support and we're ready to fight another election campaign as soon as may be, because we want to be able to serve the people of this country on the agenda we put forward, which is transformative and has gained amazing levels of support. Look at me, I've got youth on my

Jun 11 2017 - Brexit

We are ready and able to put forward a serious programme which has great support in this country. We are going to put down a substantial amendment to the Queen's speech which will be the main points of our manifesto so we will invite the House to consider all the issues we've put forward – jobs-first Brexit, policies for young people and on

Jun 10 2017

I will never apologise for my view, which is yes, you've got to of course inspire people, absolutely, and we haven't done that well enough in the

Jun 10 2017 - Labour Party

The media and many of us don't understand the views of young people. They were turned off by the way politics was being conducted. We have to – and must – change

Jun 09 2017 - Brexit

The arguments the Conservative Party put forward in this election have lost, and we need to

Jun 09 2017

If there is a message from tonight's results, it's this: the prime minister called this election because she wanted a mandate. Well, the mandate she's got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence. I would have thought that's enough to go, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this

Jun 09 2017 - Labour Party

Politics has changed. Politics is not going back into the box where it was

Jun 09 2017 - Labour Party

I want to be in government so that we can conquer the housing crisis in Britain. I want to be in government so that people get a real chance in

Jun 09 2017 - Labour Party

We put forward our policies – strong and hopeful policies – and have gained an amazing response from the public. I think it's pretty clear who won this election. We're ready to serve the people who have given their trust to us. My party has had a huge increase in its vote, gained seats all over the country, in every region of this country and in Scotland and Wales. I think everyone in the Labour party, and everyone who supported the Labour party yesterday – young people, old people, everyone in between – I think they should be very proud of what we have

Jun 09 2017 - British elections 2017

You know they said that if Labour fought this General Election on a progressive manifesto, we would be swept away by a Conservative

Jun 09 2017 - Scottish independence

And yet the British people have looked past that, and in Hackney, they have supported our positive Labour campaign addressing the issues that concern people in Hackney. We formed a positive campaign here in Hackney and we have been

Jun 08 2017 - British elections 2017

Whatever the final result, we have already changed the face of British

Jun 08 2017 - London

It is the strength of our communities that gets us through these awful times as London Mayor Sadiq Khan recognized, but which the current occupant in the White House has neither the grace nor the sense to

Jun 08 2017 - Syria conflict

The new U.S. president seems determined to add to the dangers by recklessly escalating the confrontation with North Korea, unilaterally launching missile strikes on Syria, opposing President Obama's nuclear arms deal with Iran, and backing a new nuclear arms race. We will not be afraid to speak our mind. Pandering to an erratic Trump administration will not deliver stability. Britain deserves better than simply outsourcing our country's security and prosperity to the whims of the Trump White

Jun 08 2017 - London

As we prepare for government, we have already changed the debate and given people hope. Hope that it doesn't have to be like this; that inequality can be tackled; that austerity can be ended; that you can stand up to the elites and the cynics. This is the new center

Jun 08 2017 - Labour Party

I want to go on representing them and go on learning from them in Parliament, but above all, I want to see tomorrow the cynical way in which this election was called turned on its

Jun 08 2017 - Inequality

We have already changed the debate and given people hope. Hope that it doesn't have to be like this, that inequality can be tackled, that austerity can be ended, that you can stand up to the elites and the cynics. This is the new

Jun 08 2017

Thank you all very much for coming here today. It's a day of our democracy. I've just voted, and I'm very proud of our

Jun 07 2017 - Brexit

The choice is quite simple. Five more years of a Tory government, five more years of austerity, five more years of cuts. Or something

Jun 07 2017 - London

We won't defeat terrorists by ripping up our basic rights and our democracy. They underestimated the good sense of ordinary people, ordinary people all over

Jun 07 2017 - Scottish referendum

The priority is the election of a Labour government... I do not see the urgency or the need for an independence

Jun 07 2017 - Human Rights

We have to protect our basic freedoms, our basic democracy and our human rights. We are signed up to the European convention on human rights. Our Human Rights Act protects our

Jun 07 2017 - Labour Party

Of course Diane is somebody that works extremely hard and represents her community very well and I have to say has received totally unfair levels of attack and abuse not just recently – over many years. I'll be talking to her later on today – she's not well at the

Jun 06 2017 - British elections 2017

There's been calls made by many responsible people on this who are very worried she was at the Home Office for all this time, presided over these cuts in police numbers and now is saying that we have a problem. Yes, we do have a problem, we shouldn't have cut the police

Jun 06 2017

It's just a fact that over the last seven years, we as a city have lost £600 million ($774 million) from our budgets. We have had to close police stations, sell police buildings, and we've lost thousands of police

Jun 06 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

With Angela Merkel, we can discuss football and Brexit. I want to say to her that I like the German fanbase model [of running football clubs]. Then I'll invite her to come and watch

Jun 05 2017 - Labour Party

There's an election on Thursday, that's the chance. We're calling for a restoration of police numbers, and there's a call being made for her to go, because of what she's done on the police

Jun 05 2017 - Afghanistan

We should be slightly cautious about announcing that we will start to deal with people on the basis of a general view that they have expressed. We are living with the consequences of the war on terror of 2001, and if we continue to try to create legal obstacles and make value judgments about people without considering the overall policy we are following, we will return to legislation such as this again and again, year after

Jun 05 2017 - Saudi Arabia

That is why it would be completely wrong to postpone next Thursday's vote, or to suspend our campaigning any

Jun 05 2017 - London

You cannot protect the public on the

Jun 05 2017 - Terrorism

You cannot protect the public on the cheap the police and security services must get the resources they need, not 20,000 police cuts. Yes, we do need to have some difficult conversations, starting with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that have funded and fueled extremist ideology. It is no good Theresa May suppressing a report into the foreign funding of extremist

Jun 05 2017 - British elections 2017

Yes, we do need to have some difficult conversations, starting with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that have funded and fuelled extremist

Jun 04 2017 - Islamophobia

They want their violence to overwhelm our right to vote in a fair and peaceful election and to go about our lives

Jun 04 2017 - British elections 2017

We do need to have some difficult conversations, starting with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states who have funded and fuelled extremist ideology. It is no good Theresa May suppressing a report into the foreign funding of extremist groups, we have to get serious about cutting off their funding to these terror networks, including ISIS, here and in the Middle

Jun 04 2017 - Terrorism

There will be more police on the streets. That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children. But we must be brave enough to admit the war on terror is simply not working. We need a smarter way to reduce the threat from countries that nurture terrorists and generate

Jun 04 2017 - London

I ... hope we reflect on the need to have sufficient police officers on our streets but also sufficient intelligence to look at the terrorist threat but in response, as in Manchester, all communities must come

Jun 04 2017 - British elections 2017

I will take whatever action is necessary and effective to protect the security of our people and our country. That includes full authority for the police to use whatever force is necessary to protect and save life as they did last

Jun 04 2017 - Terrorism

Brutal and shocking incidents reported in London. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Thank you to the emergency

Jun 04 2017 - London

We won't be campaigning nationally during today, but we'll be resuming later on. I think it's important to give a message that democracy must prevail. If we allow these attacks to disrupt our democratic process then we will all

Jun 03 2017 - Brexit

We're very clear on Brexit. A referendum took place. A decision was reached. We're leaving the European Union. We have a great team. We have a great team of very experienced people. Keir Starmer (Labour's Brexit spokesman) is one of the leading lawyers of this country. I think I can trust Keir Starmer with negotiations more than some other people who are undertaking those

Jun 03 2017 - Wiretapping

We will protect the people of this country from any threat that they face anywhere in the world. We will invest properly in our police service, we will invest properly in our armed services – the numbers in the armed services have gone down, the navy are crying out for more ships, the air force are crying out for more surveillance aircraft. We would fund them properly to achieve all of

Jun 03 2017 - Labour Party

What happened in Manchester was dreadful beyond belief. The way you deal with that is putting more police on the streets: we will put 10,000 more police on the streets, the Conservatives are taking 20,000 off the streets. We will fund the security services to monitor people and protect them, but also our strategy is to bring communities together. If we did use it, millions are going to die. You have to think these things through. I will decide on the circumstances at the

Jun 03 2017

We have lost a much-loved colleague, a real talent and a dedicated campaigner for social justice and peace. I told them that Jo was gone but that she lived on in our hearts and heads. I am maybe 20% down the road of dealing with it. There are still things every day that make it bite

Jun 03 2017

The idea of anyone ever using a nuclear weapon anywhere in the world is utterly appalling and

Jun 02 2017

I would view the idea of using a nuclear weapon as something resulting in a failure of the whole world's diplomatic system. There has to be no first use. There has to be a process of engagement to bring about ultimately global nuclear disarmament … You cannot countenance a world in which we could all be destroyed by nuclear war. There are many big companies that could well afford to pay it and shouldn't be just paying the minimum wage. I'm not going to stop you working, it's

Jun 02 2017 - Facebook

Look, bombing is wrong, all bombing is wrong, of course I condemn

Jun 02 2017 - Brexit

I appeal to the American people, think about the consequences to the entire planet and your economy of what you're doing. Would I meet and host Donald Trump in Downing Street? Yes. Would I talk to him? Yes. Would I be polite? Absolutely. And I'd offer him some Yorkshire tea. Given the chance to present a united front with our international partners, she has instead opted for silence and subservience to Donald Trump. It is a dereliction of her duty both to our country and to our planet. That is not the type of leadership Britain needs to negotiate

Jun 02 2017 - Biodiversity

It is a very sad day when the president of the US is trying to get off the bus that has taken so long for all of us to persuade others to get on. So I will give him that Yorkshire tea. I will persuade him the very best I can. I am very keen we will do everything we can not just to protect but to enhance biodiversity. We will not be promoting GM crops. We will not be polluting

Jun 01 2017 - British elections 2017

That would mean slapping tariffs on the goods we export – an extra 10 percent on cars – with the risk that key manufacturers would leave for the European mainland, taking skilled jobs with

Jun 01 2017

Our determination is that those who produce the wealth of this country, should benefit from the wealth of this country. What we've seen is a massive gap growing between those that work and those at the top, it's times 186 [wage differential] between those on the shop floor and those in the boardroom. That has to change and we will ensure it

Jun 01 2017 - Labour Party

The cynics have started this election saying nothing will change, but you know what has happened? Thousands and thousands and thousands of people are coming to our campaign offices and have gone out there door-knocking and donating small sums of money. There's a movement out there that wants something very

Jun 01 2017 - Labour Party

We are not doing deals, we are not doing coalitions, we are not doing any of these things. We are fighting to win this election. Britain is leaving the EU, but let's be clear, there is no such thing as 'no deal'. If we leave without a positive agreement because we have needlessly alienated everyone, we still have to trade with the EU. But on what terms?feedback

Jun 01 2017 - British elections 2017

We know the three Tories in whose hands Theresa May has placed our national future – David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox. Now, you know I don't do personal attacks, so let me just say that in Labour's Brexit team, there is no one who has fibbed to the British people about spending an extra £350m a week on the NHS because of Brexit, and nobody who has promised to use Brexit to slash workers' rights or slash tax for big corporations in a continental race to the

Jun 01 2017 - Scottish independence

Labour will take Britain's railways back into public control and put more money into people's pockets by capping fares. This will save commuters £1,014 on their rail season tickets over the next parliament, as part of our plan to promote services for the many, not the

Jun 01 2017 - Labour Party

I think they're engaged because our manifesto offers them hope. It offers them hope that their schools will be properly funded, that their youth clubs will be properly funded, that they'll get maintenance grants, they'll get an opportunity to go to university without incurring massive debts at the end of

Jun 01 2017 - Labour Party

There is a block of those that currently have a massive debt, and I'm looking at ways that we could reduce that, ameliorate that, lengthen the period of paying it off, or some other means of reducing that debt

Jun 01 2017 - Labour Party

You'd better ask me on June 9th. I don't have the simple answer for it at this stage - I don't think anybody would expect me to, because this election was called unexpectedly, we had two weeks to prepare all of this - but I'm very well aware of that

May 31 2017 - London

I invite her to go to Cambridge and debate her policies, debate their record, debate their plans, debate their proposals and let the public make up their

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

I have never been afraid of a debate in my life. Labour's campaign has been about taking our policies to people across the country and listening to the concerns of

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

The Tories have been conducting a stage-managed arms-length campaign and have treated the public with

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

I have to go now, because I am going to Cambridge to get ready for the debate, because there is no hiding

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

How ridiculous is that? Come on, prime minister, come and have a chat, come and have a debate. I can be ever so polite, but there are a number of questions I want to put to

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

I think it's totally inappropriate to describe anyone as naked. Even

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

Refusing to join me in Cambridge tonight would be another sign of Theresa May's weakness, not

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

What you have been reading is a document that was being discussed between researchers in our teams, as happens every day of the week in every party and all around parliament. Our policy is in our manifesto, that is the policy that we will be carrying forward. I would have thought that under a managed migration system it certainly would not go up any more. It would probably – I don't want to be held to this – probably come down. It is a

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

I certainly wouldn't use language like that myself. I think it's totally inappropriate to describe anyone as naked. Even me. This is about our future. It is about health, it is about education. But in this election our party is putting forwards something positive, confident, hopeful and optimistic for the people of Britain, for this country. We're not threatening another five years of cuts, loss of jobs and low wages. That's the difference between us and the

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

The future of our national health service and our schools are at stake in this election. The state that the Conservatives have left our NHS and children's schools in is anything but strong and

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

Another five years of the Conservatives would be disastrous for our public services. If they carry on as they are now, then by 2022 there could be 5.5 million people on the NHS England waiting lists, 1.5 million more people with unmet care needs and 650,000 pupils crammed into primary classes of over

May 30 2017 - Champions League

The league wins, the cup wins. Until this season, the 20 years in the Champions League, I think he's a guy that's brought the club forward to a world status and we should recognise

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

A few months later, me and my boys and some other kids, I'd taken them to the park and we're going home. We're driving along Highbury Hill and Arsene Wenger is walking to the stadium carrying a box, and so we

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

He put the box down and he just chatted to them about football. This is a man who is

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

I didn't have the exact figure in front of me so I wasn't able to answer that question, for which obviously, I

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

Wenger came to the club in 1996, and he wasn't particularly well known – he managed Grampus Eight before. Arsenal recruited him the year before and said 'Will you come and manage Arsenal?'. What an amazing opportunity for any manager anywhere in the world, and you know what he said? 'Yes, but I must finish my contract with Grampus Eight

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

I get really fed up with these people – Arsenal concede a corner in the first five minutes of a game, and somebody says 'Wenger Out!'. Hang on a minute. It's a corner, it's five minutes into the game, get over it! I'm with Arsene Wenger. What an amazing opportunity for any manager anywhere in the world, and you know what he said? 'Yes, but I must finish my contract with Grampus Eight

May 30 2017

To me, leadership is as much about using this [pointing to his ear] as using this [pointing to his mouth]. There is nothing in there [about getting rid of the monarchy] because we are not going to do

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

I don't think I am the vice president of the

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

I did everything and I do everything that I possibly can [to stop the abuse]. Abuse of any sort is totally and absolutely unacceptable. I met Angela and all the women who wrote to me and pointed out what our procedures were, pointed out what the policies of the party

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

It will cost a lot to do so, the point I'm trying to make is we'll make it universal to make sure every child gets it and those who get free places will continue to do it and we'll collect the money through taxation, mainly corporate taxation. Can I give you the exact figure in a moment? Can we come back to that in a moment? I want to give you an accurate figure. It does sound correct and the importance of restoring Sure Start is that this Conservative government has actually cut Sure Start … and damaged a lot of children's

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

Of course [childcare] is not just a women's issue, it affects all of our children. My mother was a science teacher and this is something she impressed upon me very robustly about the skills of girls in science subjects. I think it's saying to girls 'you can do anything', getting that message

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

Erm, it will cost erm. It will obviously cost a lot to do so, we accept that. Yes, I do. We'll - it does cost a lot to do it. The point I'm trying to make is that we'll make it universal so that we are in a position to make sure that every child gets it and those that can at the moment get free places will continue to get them, those that have to pay won't and we'll collect the money through taxation, mainly through corporate taxation. Can I give you the exact figure in a moment please? Not at all. All of our manifesto is fully costed and

May 29 2017 - Inequality

It's a simple choice before the country in this election. The Labour way of working for the good of the entire community, or the Tory way perpetuating the grotesque level of inequality that already exists within our

May 29 2017 - Labour Party

I'm no dictator, . The choice is clearly there: this manifesto, investing for the future, taxing more – a bit for the corporation tax and the wealthiest; 95% would pay no more. Or you can go down the road of continuing austerity and an ever widening gap between the richest and the poorest in

May 28 2017 - Northern Ireland

Diane's hairstyle is a matter for Diane. Diane is our home affairs spokesperson and I'm looking to appoint our shadow

May 27 2017 - Labour Party

Under these circumstances, it is no surprise we are not nurturing the talent that we all know exists within the beautiful

May 27 2017 - Labour Party

Too often, youth football teams cannot find pitches to play on and when they do they are expensive and the facilities are not fit for

May 27 2017

It means upholding and enforcing our individual rights, promoting community relations, supporting our emergency services, tackling and preventing crime and protecting us from danger, including threats of terror and

May 27 2017 - Labour Party

This will ensure the footballing talent of young girls and boys is harnessed, and football is a game for the many, not the

May 27 2017 - Labour Party

To address this lack of funding and lack of facilities, Labour in government will ensure that 5% of domestic and international TV rights money is diverted to the grassroots

May 27 2017 - Labour Party

Millions of football fans across the country, including myself, are eagerly awaiting kick-off this evening at Wembley. Despite the game we all love receiving lucrative domestic and international TV deals, the grassroots game has been shamefully starved of funding over recent

May 27 2017 - Immigration

I never met the IRA. I obviously did meet people from Sinn Féin as indeed I met people from other organisations, and I always made the point that there had to be a dialogue and a peace

May 26 2017 - Human Rights

I want to work within Nato to promote a human rights democracy and under a Labour government that's exactly what we'd be

May 26 2017 - Human Rights

I didn't support the IRA. I don't support the IRA. What I want everywhere is a peace process. What I want everywhere is decency and human

May 26 2017

It probably generated more support for those who wish to commit those acts than anything else, because it criminalised large numbers of people who had committed no criminal

May 26 2017 - NATO

Manchester was a consequence of one person going into a music event and killing a very large number of people. There can be no defensive whatsoever of that. I do not in any way change that view. That is just a vile, horrible event ... I made the point that if we are to have a secure future we have got to look at ungoverned spaces around the world and the consequences of our wars and interventions. It is not just me as I said. It's MI5, the foreign affairs committee. No. What I've done – no, no ... Nato exists. It was a product initially of the Atlantic Charter in 1942, it then became .feedback

May 26 2017 - Libya

The attack on Manchester was shocking, appalling indefensible wrong in every possible way. The parallel I was drawing this morning was a number of people ever since the interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan have drawn attention to the links with foreign policy, including Boris Johnson in 2005, two former heads of MI5, and of course the foreign affairs select committee. The point I was making was we have to make our streets secure, our population secure. Any sensible government has got to look at what's happened in Libya, a huge ungoverned space and apparently a source of support for

May 26 2017 - Labour Party

This manifesto has been agreed by everyone in our party. This manifesto has enormous levels of public support. This manifesto has been campaigned for day in day out on the streets of this country, and do you know what, people like the contents of it because it offers them hope. It offers them

May 26 2017 - Northern Ireland

I voted against the renewal, everybody knows that, because I wanted to go in a different direction. That decision has been taken, I respect that decision. It's there in the programme, it's there in the manifesto, it will be carried out ... It's the position we are adopting as a party and we will take into government. I want to achieve a nuclear-free world through multilateral disarmament, through the nuclear non-proliferation

May 26 2017 - Libya

We must be brave enough to admit the 'war on terror' is simply not

May 26 2017 - Labour Party

That is my commitment to our armed services. This is my commitment to our country. I want the solidarity, humanity and compassion that we have seen on the streets of Manchester this week to be the values that guide our government. There can be no love of country if there is neglect or disregard for its

May 26 2017

So, I would like to take a moment to speak to our soldiers on the streets of Britain. You are doing your duty as you have done so many times before. I want to assure you that, under my leadership, you will only be deployed abroad when there is a clear need and only when there is a plan and you have the resources to do your job to secure an outcome that delivers lasting

May 25 2017 - Terrorism

We must be brave enough to admit the 'war on terror' is simply not working. We need a smarter way to reduce the threat from countries that nurture terrorists and generate

May 24 2017

But we can't allow these terrorists to disrupt our democracy and for that reason I hope that national campaigning can begin again shortly and we just continue with local activity until

May 24 2017

There's a balance to strike between honouring the victims of this terrible attack and continuing with our daily

May 23 2017 - British elections 2017

My thoughts are with families and friends of those who have died and been injured. Today the whole country will grieve for the people who have lost their lives. I would like to pay tribute to the emergency services for their bravery and professionalism in dealing with last night's appalling

May 23 2017 - British elections 2017

I have spoken with the Prime Minister and we have agreed that that all national campaigning in the general election will be suspended until further

May 22 2017 - Northern Ireland

I condemn all acts of violence in Northern Ireland from wherever they came. I think we should recognise that peace was achieved by a lot of bravery both in the unionist community and the nationalist community, people that walked a very difficult extra mile when they were under pressure from their communities not to do so. Both republicans and unionists walked that extra mile and brought us the Good Friday agreement and we should use this election as thanking those that brought about the Good Friday

May 22 2017

They haven't explained to the millions of people, who are desperately worried at the moment about what kind of care they are going to get in the future, desperately worried for children as well about how their parents are going to be looked

May 22 2017 - Labour Party

Art is not an afterthought to what elections are fought

May 22 2017 - Labour Party

Inside every one of us, is a poet, a writer, a singer of songs, an

May 22 2017 - Brexit

The arts pupil premium will allow every primary school child the chance to learn an instrument, take part in drama and dance and have regular access to a theatre, gallery or museum. Labour will deliver a creative future for all and culture for the many, not the few. We want to unleash the potential of every young person not just through education but also through culture. In every one of us there is a poet, a writer, a singer of songs, an artist. But too few of us fulfil our artistic

May 22 2017 - Brexit

We will end austerity to boost creativity. What we have proposed here today in Hull is something that will absolutely transform the cultural landscape of this country in exactly the same way [as] the 1960s Labour government led by Harold Wilson and that fantastic minister for the arts Jenny Lee, who transformed whole ideas and notions and culture and involvement of everybody. There is creativity in us

May 22 2017 - Brexit

Artistic careers shouldn't be restricted to those who go to the most expensive schools. That's why Labour's policies are so important to make sure children have the opportunity to study artistic subjects in schools and build up our cultural

May 22 2017 - Northern Ireland

The Labour government of 1997 helped bring in the historic Good Friday agreement, the basis of which was a recognition of the differing cultural histories and values of Northern Ireland. It stood the test of time and it's still there. We have a devolved administration. We should recognise that that peace was achieved by a lot of bravery both in the unionist and in the nationalist

May 22 2017 - Northern Ireland

I condemn all acts of violence in Northern Ireland wherever they came. I spent the whole of the 1980s representing constituencies with large numbers of Irish people in them. We wanted peace, we wanted justice, we wanted a solution. The first ceasefire helped to bring about those talks which represented all sections of the community of Northern

May 21 2017

No, I think what you have to say is all bombing has to be condemned. Look, bombing is wrong, of course all bombing is wrong, of course I condemn it. No, I think what you have to say is all bombing has to be condemned and you have to bring about a peace process. There were Loyalist bombs as well. I condemn all the bombing by both the Loyalists and the IRA. I don't quite know what point you are trying to make here. Those of us who wanted peace in Ireland worked very hard for

May 21 2017

Theresa May and the Conservatives won't stand up for pensioners, their only concern is their billionaire

May 21 2017

Bombing is wrong, of course all bombing is wrong and of course I condemn it … I think what you have to say is all bombing has to be condemned and you have to bring about a peace process. In the 1980s, Britain was looking for a military solution in Ireland. It clearly was never going to work. Ask anyone in the British army at that

May 21 2017 - Immigration

Freedom of movement obviously ends when you leave the European Union because it's a condition of the membership. I want there to be fair immigration based on the needs of our society. That is the proper way of approaching it. I want us to have a society that works and I cannot get into a numbers game because I don't think it works. And there were loyalist bombs as well, which you haven't mentioned. I condemn all the bombing by the both loyalists and the

May 20 2017 - Multilateralism

Included in our manifesto is absolute commitment which is given by the party and given by me that we will also pursue multilateral disarmament through the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and that is a position that has been held for a long time by the party. It is clear what is said in the

May 19 2017

I'm happy to commemorate all those who died fighting for an independent

May 19 2017

I condemn what was done by the British Army as well as the other

May 19 2017

On each occasion it has been very clear to me the police officers who've stopped me know exactly who I am and exactly why I am

May 18 2017 - Trump administration

Britain deserves better than simply outsourcing our country's security and prosperity to the whims of the Trump White House. So no more hand holding with Donald Trump. Waiting to see which way the wind blows in Washington isn't s.trong leadership. And pandering to an erratic Trump administration will not deliver

May 18 2017

He stood up for Wales, its people's future and its public

May 18 2017 - British elections 2017

Theresa May, why not debate me? The public deserves to see a debate between the only two people who could form the next

May 17 2017

Tonight, we've lost a good friend, a great man and, above all, a giant of the Welsh labour movement. So much was achieved in his nearly 10 years in post, making a real success of devolution and laying the foundations for what the Welsh government is accomplishing today. I first met Rhodri in 1987 on his election to parliament and we became good friends. Our thoughts are with his wife, Julie, and the rest of the family. They can be truly proud of Rhodri's enormous

May 17 2017 - Labour Party

Vote Corbyn! Vote

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